Ethan Mitchell

Xanatos Speed Chess anyone?


I think we are about to see some seriously bad*ss Erbana


Yup – hardly anyone’s played that alignment during the past few years (courtesy of The Virus), so while it’s considered “boring” and pacifistic, there must be some tricks available to the alignment to have made it worth considering playing before The Ending. We’ve already discovered one – the plant that tames the NPC wolf-thingies in the alignment bit of the tutorial.

I’d imagine that if Items are available to collect, then whereas most alignments would choose something offensive, Erbana would choose a shield (either physical or a shield spell).


I like to call it, Every group needs a Healer and no doubt some of the other classes might have healing abilities, Erbana would have been the defacto healer.


I see that there is a program attached to her arm in the last panel.


Huh? Is that Jake/Bandit counterhacking to prevent Kleya from doing something she might regret?


My guess would be Paddy or Sandra actually.
Nothing could be worse for Danny then getting help from Kleya right now. So they make certain that Danny and Mary spawn seperate from the rest.


Determined Kleya is awesome Kleya.
Also, FOIST!



Kessy Athena

Actually, it sounds to me like Danni might be depressed. Which wouldn’t be surprising, considering her situation.

I also love panel 2. Actually I love Kat and Danni’s whole interaction on this page and last. You can really see how Kat’s come to care about Danni as a person, not just as a damsel in distress who needs heroing.


No, I prefer to think of Kley as determined.


No, Kleya isn’t arrogant, overconfident, nor optimistic. Kleya is skilled, experienced, and motivated. Much, much bigger problem… for everyone in her way.

kit ramos

That I totally agree with.
There’s several examples to show she’s not really an optimist, and overconfidence would mean she thinks she can do way more then she can, and so far she’s been able to rise to every challenge and it sounds like she’s got plenty more experience and tricks up her sleeves that she hasn’t even begun to pull out yet. So it’s not over confident if you really can do it.


Oops, looks like they will be vorping to different locations.


I’m afraid so.


ARRRRGH, I am writhing in excitement! I can’t wait to see what she does or how this goes down! So much anticipation!


Oh man, is that Jake trying to pull Kleya away!? >:(


No, most likely not. If you look at panel 1 from the previous page, you can see everyone’s forearms except for Danni. Bandit has some weird stuff around his wrists. This is most likely Kat holding on to Danni.


Nope – look at panel 4 immediately above – Kleya’s still holding onto Danni’s arm (as already mentioned by several people below).


That looks to me like a close up of Kleya holding Danni’s arm (you can see the costumes) in code view and some tags connected to Danni for some reason.


My guess is it’s a little bit of code that D attached to her based on Kleyas loose instructions


Looks like it’s highlighting where Kat’s grabbing Danni. Maybe the upload is having trouble with contact between avatars mid-upload?


people pay attention to the sketch of panel six…. now compare it to panel four. and there you go. that’s not Jake. now that we took care of that misunderstanding… I cant wait to see how this plays out! love this comic so much! 😀


Exactly what I wanted to say, Bro


Optimism and confidence are irrelevant.

She simply refuses to consider failure as as a possibility.


Escape from Jane DENIED!!!


Recommend panel 2 as a wallpaper to be delivered to all the Emo people out there.

Karen Lynn

Everybody dies.

Every *thing* dies or breaks.

When the sun will die.

It’s only a matter of time.



Except cockroaches. They’ll evolve to outlast the sun.