Ok, that sounds reassuring. So Kat already has a plan on how to
1) save Danni
2) not use D
3) defat Bloody Mary
4) be nice
5) allow Danny to fight for a while because that’s the whole point for the fake attack.
That looks like a really large burden on her shoulders, but she does make it sound quite doable. I’m curious on how it will turn out. 🙂


Well, I’m guessing that Danni’s fight will give Kat the time she needs to whip up some powerful Erbana magic and save the group. Danni just has to hold out for a minute or two.


Hm, I think there is something like a leveling system here,… but maybe she can cast a basic spell like this:

If an Erbana can’t let anyone die, while not being able to fight, they must have something like that from the very beginning. I mean, she already did something similar in the tutorial.


She can do it. I mean, Danni is best friends with the (pretty much) Goddess of Cyberspace. I don’t think that Kat means to let Danni get killed at all.


Poor D, just wants to be helpful.


I wish there was a like button in these comments. “Poor Giant Evil Cyber Dragon, he just wants to help.”


I just love D so much. He’s just a cute little attack puppy… that’s more like an attack dragon… but to Kleya, he’s just her cute little puppy. Always trying to help out his master.

Speaking of D, didn’t Kleya send him on a mission to check up on Danni? I don’t recall anything going horribly wrong (right?) from that.

kit ramos

I aggree with you on D.

and I was wondering that too, what did come of that?


I, for one, liked it. With the other hack effect it felt like Kleya completely broke away from the rest of the virtual reality to focus on her “Hacker Vision.” This feels more like a subtle overlay where she’s focused on everybody else, but has to give D enough attention to tell him “No.”

D must be super bored with Kleya trying so hard not to use her pet viral doom dragon.


Based on D’s facial expression in the second panel, he looks really discontent that Kleya denied him. I imagine you’re right. It may even be possible that he starts ignoring Kleya? Would be interesting.

Dragon Master

D almost seems to be pouty to me in the second panel. The feel I get is that he wanted to EAT Jane, and is now upset he can’t.


I concur.


I concur as well. The new effect looked pretty good.


Aneeka, I concur with Rooker,
looks good 🙂
looks overlayed

Dragon Master

Yeah I liked the new style as well, and I agree with you about the feel of it.


These comments are starting to look like

Alexander The 1st

Oh wow – if the countryside happens to be uninhabited, this is starting to see Jane losing her leader control – 3 of the 5 teammates are actively choosing an option *not* optimal for her Morto alignment.

Granted, Danni’s aiming to go non-Villain alignment in the future, which would make the team more Hero than Villain, but…I smell a mutiny brewing.


I think a less inhabited area actually is ideal for morto. In the same way that Saisuke needs to avoid being given quests he doesn’t like, a morto should avoid getting into contact with people who they don’t want to kill. Wiping out an entire town is great for your alignment, but trying to wipe out an entire town when you’re still level one is a great way to get yourself killed.


so we have a erbana protecting a morto maybe turning something else and a demoli protecting a cardista both from a morto, i forsee this forest being demolished and regrown in rapid sucession


Love this comic. Your characters are awesome! I love their expressions! Especially Kat’s. Always so dramatic and true to her feelings as a serious character. She’s one of a kind! Keep up the good work!!


I love Brandon’s expression in panel 5. That’s a look that says “if I see you in the real world, you are so dead”


I think you have done a great job of turning the pacifist into an aggressive player, and the mass killer into someone sympathetic.

That requires skill.

Not sure how much Kat can do for Danny long term without cheating though… Maybe she will end up making a deal with her city, more materials in return for unlimited danny play time?


When she said “No, D. I’m fine” I’ve accidentally read “No, dad, I’m fine”. I know it’s because of what I read before opening this page, but it might have been a “sign from above” 😀

You could be very well right. If D is her father, it allows a lot of connections near instantly. I cannot recall where or how her father died, so I don’t think it’s been revealed: SO: Her father’s AI is very much like her own. IF D is her father, it explains why he always wants to help, and why both she and he went crazy against the world. Especially since we still dont know WHY. It would explain why his name is D. It would also be REALLY funny that his AI is over the forest anyway. It would… Read more »
Suzy Kingsley

I love the new hacking art style you’ve got going there! I really hope you keep it, it looks super good.


Just got up to date and I’m feeling the burn. Things are getting very interesting. Thank you for creating such a wonderful comic!


Heh, in this context D seems more like an “inner Demon” rather than “virus Dragon.”

I love this comic so much. Came for the story, stayed for the story, partook of the improved art as time passed (it’s been a pleasure watching your art style develop, unless you were always this good and chose to make it more simplistic for the story, in which case it was still a pleasure to read). The only thing I hate… Is the wait between pages. x_x (Although, truth be told, I’d hate the wait even if the only wait was clicking next. I’m just an impatient person 😛 ) Oh, and I’m always amazed at the difference between… Read more »

I am kind of glad she told D no, his attempts to ‘help’ tend to be a bit of the top and drastic, and this situation looks like it requires a bit more fitness and subtlety. Lets face it, D is so far about as subtle as a main battle tank.


For what it is worth, I do not like the new style, it makes it less obvious that D is an AI.


Hi Aneeka,
I enjoyed stumbling across you at Phoenix Comicon 2015. 🙂 Thanks for coming.

Turns out I was still back on Page 397. I like to save up several posts and read through in binges. So I never saw the message on Page 399 where you announced you were coming to Phoenix. Till just now.

Hey! Philadelphia! Aneeka’s headed your way next. You should go meet her. If for no other reason than she’s cute. 😉 Really. I have pictures.


Whoops, I mis-read the dates. Sorry Phily, Aneeka was there May 7-10. You already missed out. 🙁