Had to look up where that nursery rhyme came from… so sorry didn’t know where it came from.
Although where does Jane make these up? It’s hard enough for me to replace a few words, let alone most of the rhyme!

Ethan Mitchell

I see a scythe not a saw
Still no tandem for Jane
She can’t stand a draw.

Siva Smith

I don’t believe she’s truly about
Nursey rhymes she twists to suit her mood.
Somebody here understands without
Ascribing to her desire crude:
Nothing but the blood of all her friends.
Equally one must consider well
Just what happened to her little ones.
Anyone may yet guess why she fell,
None have even asked, daughters or sons?
Eventually we’ll see how this ends.


Ok, now I hate Jane. Didn’t she get banned for killing her previous entire party? I think it’s time for another petition.


I can’t help but love Jane. She’s such an interesting character. Little flickers here and there suggest that she’s more than just a death-loving psycho. (Not that she isn’t one, just that she isn’t entirely one. XD!) I love the nursery rhyme theme with her too. I can’t wait to see where her character is taken!


I understand your point. I guess I’d just prefer her to be more creepy and scary, but less brutal. Like those girls from When they cry Higurashi (episode 3 and 4 anyway).


Higurashi! <3

I couldn't find the original rhyme but I do like Jane's style a lot and want to see more of her. She should be interested in getting a better Morto score anyway.


Yes, I love creepy characters. ^^

Oh the original can be found in various places in this comment section. For me it was even worse, i.e. I didn’t even know what “nursery” means. I am German and was thinking it had something to do with nurses or nursing, i.e. some kind of healing poem. Until I looked it up on Leo.

Yeah, I can see what you mean. ^_^ I think I like variety. It’s nice to see different types of characters, you know? (I do have the tendency to like vicious characters, just because they tend to be more interesting – as long as they have clever back stories in some way or another.) I like the creepy type, but there’s something about a character who you have to watch in case they do something like literally try to stab another in the back. Jane is fun because you *know* she’ll do it if she feels like. It’s just watching… Read more »

Disturbingly and strangely it’s her morbidity that I kinda like. She’s so…straightforwardly obtuse about it, it’s oddly fascinating.

I mean, if I ever met her for real I’d probably be running the h*** away, and actually seeing her handiwork isn’t exactly something I’m particularly interested, but in a spot like that….it’s amusing.


Jane trying to kill party members and being frustrated by Kat sets up a great story line with constant tension. By not allowing Jane to kill, Kat also saves Jane from being banned from the game.

I think those matching smiles in panels 4 and 5 are a private understanding being forged.

Kessy Athena

Of course, if you want to be a hero, having a villain arch-nemesis is very helpful.


Jane and Kat know what’s going down. That attack was just a confirmation by Jane of where the status quo is for the moment. But it will change, oh yes. >:D And I am loving this comic.


This was addressed pretty much the first time they were in Sandra’s city-room, when the Dude was cowering away from Jane, and was talking about her having a weapon. Jane cannot harm anyone. But she CAN make a threat severe enough to cause the target serious mental/emotional distress.


Clever, Clever Jane. I do believe the *boring* Erbana and Morto routes have just shown why they aren’t going to be boring in combination.


I did recognize this rhyme from my younger days. I even recited it while riding a see saw (remember those?).

See Saw Margery Daw,
Johnny shall have a new master;
Johnny shall earn but a penny a day,
Because he can’t work any faster.

Lady Philyra

That’s the version I remember too.

Herald of the Vile

It’s not Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary?

Herald of the Vile

Because if so, I am not a smart man for just realizing the character is making a Lady Jane Grey reference.

Herald of the Vile

Nvrmnd, its: See Saw Margery Daw.
Which I only ever heard twice as a kid

Kessy Athena

And I’ll bet that Kat hasn’t even realized yet that she was just being heroic. ^_^

Afraid I don’t know it, no.


:). Yes, that was a properly good act, saving another from harm.


Not only was it heroic, she also demonstrated quick reflexes which means, she is not going to be as defenseless as people might think.

Zak T Duck

A very apt choice of nursery rhyme considering Morto and Erbana are opposite ends of the seesaw. Then of course there’s Kat’s personal balancing act…


This one?

See Saw Margery Daw,
Jacky shall have a new master;
Jacky shall earn but a penny a day,
Because he can’t work any faster

I didn’t know it offhand, but a little Googling lead me to: See Saw Margery Daw, Jacky shall have a new master; Jacky shall earn but a penny a day, Because he can’t work any faster. After reading the webcomic Jack, I feel like the rhyme is even more appropriate here. By the way, I’ve really been enjoying this comic, but I don’t think I’ve commented before. I really like this world you’ve invented. I think that Mina’s sister’s plight really brings home exactly how bad the world is and how the people who “plug in” just try to forget… Read more »

Oh look at that! They’re bonding!


Kat and Danni, or Jane and her teammates/victims?

The one who may only be named under very specific circumstances
The one who may only be named under very specific circumstances

perhaps killianti means kat and jane?


I really love Dani’s pose here.
She’s clearly losing her balance, but it’s still like “Oh, I could turn this into a pirouette any moment I like!” XD


Anyone know that nursery rhyme? I don’t think it’s a common one…

If by “that nursery rhyme” you mean “how to use Google”, then yes; I know that nursery rhyme.


Thank you for looking that up for me!


Is this what Jake meant by “It might work this time”?
A Morto constantly trying to kill the party while an Erbana constantly working to keep them safe.
Would lead to some interesting inter-party conflicts that would result in ratings.


Intra-party conflict. Inter- is between groups, Intra- is within a group (or other thing, so Intrastellar communication would be within the solar system, while interstellar communication is between solar systems)

Sorry, was torn between “It’s clear what Shu means” and “words have meanings dangit!”


Ignore word meanings to your own peril. (Especially if Jane’s around.)



Careful, careful…


“…to your own peril” works as well…mwahahahah… It’s just more self-inflicted than “at.”


Yes, words have meaning. As a professional wordsmith/author, I agree. Bwahahahahahah!

…I am really looking forward to finding out more about Jane, even if I “don’t like her much.” She’s a very intriguing, mysterious character, and she must be quite brilliant, to pull off all those rhymes so extemporaneously/spontaneously.


Yes, you do need to be a genius to do constant rhyming. In this case, though, I find it possible that she thought that rhyme up some time ago, maybe even right around when she created Jane.


What is killing Danni supposed to accomplish here? Assuming the avatars can be hurt/killed on this server: Throw Danni out of the group? If not, intimidate Danni? Make Jane seem to be completely mad? Force Danni to change alignments? It doesn’t seem like you can change alignments that fast. Also Danni stated already her wish to change her alignment.

Let’s see if next page provides more insight.


she can’t kill her here I think. I’m pretty sure this is just a demonstration.
of course, Jane being Jane, she probably won’t admit to what she’s doing.


I thought it sounded familiar, but I didn’t remember it until I clicked the link provided by Killianti.

Kudos to Jane for keeping the creepy going…. Though I don’t think she’s supposed to be able to kill anyone in the test server.


I don’t think it’s been covered yet how death works in The Game? Is it only mildly inconvenient where you respawn at the last checkpoint, or are there fairly steep penalties to add more tension (I’m personally a big fan of rougelike permadeath myself).

Just wondering how much of a liability Janes propensity to murder her teamates at the slightest provocation will be ingame.


Aaaaand here we have an example of how having a Morto and an Erbana on a team will be anything but boring.


I love the look on Jane’s face in panel four. “What? No killing? You mean I actually have to work at it?”

I wish we could have seen the Dude’s face, he’s gotta be freaking OUT.


I’m sure he’ll freak out next page.


I really like jane!
and i’m thinking that a rivalry between the morto jane and the Erbana kat will be quite interesting, as kat isn’t the type to be walked all over by someone more(less) evil than her.


And Kat will find unexpected ways to thwart Jane without inflicting HP damage, preserving both viewer interest and her Erbana rating.


Look at those smiles! Kat/Jane newest ship. :3 :3 :3

Alexander The 1st

The Mortbana shipping?


Um… Jane is way older than Kat and probably taken. She has kids, remember?


Shippers never care about such trivial details, especially when it’s a lesbian shipping.

But I really don’t want to see something like that.


Me neither. It’s really disturbing, for several reasons.


This page is great! The action in the third panel, the feelings in the central sequence, the threatening in the last panel, all them amazingly done. The illumination worked so well, and all the page is excellent drawn.

You really reached new highs with this one Aneeka, I like it a lot.


Don’t forget to vote in the ComicMix Tournament. NAV just overcame the last year champion in the previous round, and now is against another popular one. It is doing well so far but there will be the paid votes playing in later, the biggest advantage is necessary.

Help Aneeka to go even further and get more exposure and more readers and more backers and… well you got the point I guess.



And we have made it to the Elite Eight. They say that the voting ends on 30th of May, but I think that is a typo and they mean Thursday the 30th of April (i.e. tomorrow).


Aww, look at those smiles, clearly their all friends here. Their just horsing around a bit. 🙂


It appears the RSS feed is broken. Last entry there is page 386.
Totally did not realise new comics were up until just about now.


What nursery rhyme? What’s going on? Did Jane just try to digitally murder someone!? She mustn’t be verry smart then…(jk)


In my offence, I wouldn’t really know what to search for when it comes to this riddle.
creepy nursery rhyme?
Bloody Marry nursery rhyme?
La llorona?

I am wondering if there are any headhunters among the Game players out there. I expect some of the groups in the Game lose members for various reasons, which means they can’t go on decently challenging quests anymore. So in order to not lose viewers, they need to find new party members to be strong eough. Therefore it stands to reason that whenever a tournament happens, they are all watching those new guys closely for any party member who might be willing to leave. I think it’s likely that just throwing together the Top 5 results in conflict, so it… Read more »

Hrm, does she have the Monado? 😛


I am really liking where this is going, really REALLY liking, where this is going.

Jane and Kleya continually working aganist each other, as Jane tries to kill everyone, and Kleya works to save them.

This rivalry will both work greatly in favour of the teams popularity, and help Kleya stay the Hero, and keep her mind off of her doubts as she will have to continually stay one step ahead of Jane. The real test will come when Jane manages to kill someone, and being genre savy, it’ll probably be Danni.


majory daw
jack will have a new master
and he will be paid a penny a day
because he cannot work no faster