“And Then . . .” O_O *gripping tip of the chair bitting lip*


*Sharp cracking sound*


Is there a Facebook page for Not A Villain?


Noooo! Don’t give me an “and then”! That means something horrible happens!…Which I guess did.. 🙁


And then… Kleya!


I’m willing to bet that Kleya had nothing to do with this. The way her fans were wondering about her retiring so soon, I think she had a paralyzing accident years before Kleya started blowing everything up. If the end were responsible, nobody would be wondering; they’d just assume that the end messed her up.


I am loving the way how Danni’s character is unfurling and revealing her past. I think she is, in her own way, as wounded as Kleya. Not the same physical wounds, nowhere near the same bodycount, but…both broken while chasing what they love to do.


Well put.

kit ramos
I do agree for both of them when they where using their talents where the only time they felt like weren’t rejects. so they kept it up as much as they could, which lead to them wanting to push the boundaries more and more to get more positive attention that they can’t seem to get any other way. this is going to make any one a pro at it. But that constant push to keep outdoing yourself to keep the praise coming also has a dark side. overdoing it, far to tempting of a thing to fall prey to as… Read more »

Well of course she had plenty of practice, she danced all the time!


Practicing is not only about literally repeating the moves of your perfomance. First of all, it’s about learning new things – you have to practice something before you show it on-stage, and you can’t really go forward by repeating all the same old stuff.
Second of all, I think it might have something to do with just straight-up keeping yourself healthy. Endurance, keeping all muscles equally fit, stuff like that.

The result is probably that she overworked herself really hard and all came crashing down )=


The “They claimed I had a gift.” text box has a slightly different shape than all the others (Rounded corners). Not sure if that is intentional.


Makes it really powerful, doesn’t it? Yet also remains subtle. I’ve seen other comics use bold to put the emphasis on a specific word or phrase, or else to reflect the cadence of speech; but i find this to be really effective. I hope it was deliberate, and, considering the phrase it emphasises, I can’t imagine it wasn’t.

And Aneeka, i love how his page has come out, too! I think it may be my favourite yet, I’ll re-read the archive – for science 😀


Oh my gosh! Does this mean we’ll finally see Danni’s current Reality?!… Unless, of coarse, she gets logged out before she can complete that thought.

Hrod Ruck

This page’s art is fantastic! Finally there is a reality page which is not gloomy. Way to go, Aneeka!


And then Life happens. See what I did there? No? Uw ok…


I’m making a wild guess, Danni’s favorite color is blue isn’t it?


This seems like Danni’s and Kleya’s stories are basically the same… it’s just that it was dancing for Danni and hacking for Kleya.
A kid prodigy who is really good at one thing and bad at socializing, whom adults only encourage to overspecialize in that one thing she is already good at and neglect all the rest of the areas of life, like getting along with people and making good decisions. And who eventually got to see the flip side of the coin )=

kit ramos

yep that does seem to be the way it’s going, though it does get me to wonder if a lot of the people in her inner circle where also bad at socializing. since they aren’t able to help her socialize as they don’t really know how to either so any help they do give is really more on using the talent as that’s the only area they have any Idea how to help her with. so with the best of intentions they accidentally lead her up to the cliff never thinking for a moment that she’d fall off it.



Okay, I’ll stop ruining the mood now.

Amazing page! Although I hate to be an art critic, as a ex ballet dancer, the directions of her feet are bugging me. If the leg that is extended back is her right, then I feel like her grounded foot should be facing her left and if her grounded foot is actually her right foot, then on the extended leg we should be seeing the sole of her shoe, not the top… Apart from that though, the art’s amazing 🙂 I really like all the silhouettes. Danni looks so happy and I get the impression she won’t be smiling like… Read more »

And then everything changed, when the Fire Nation attacked.


I’m glad someone made that joke. I was going to if no one else did.


“And then…”

I just watched “Dude where’s my car?” again and when I read this comic page again I had to think of that Chinese drive-in. XD

Alexander The 1st

Calling it now – the next update is a riff on this.

“Andthenandthenandthenandthenandthenandthenandth-“*Cue heartbeat monitor flatline sound and monitor image*


That was a very unlikely call, dude. 🙂 This IS a serious section after all.


We’re about to see the end of the world, aren’t we?

Iron Ed

I really like the design/composition of this page, Aneeka. Nice job!


Ohno! Is this when she gets hospitalized…..
This is so far one of my favorite comics I’m currently reading.



I see Stars and Stripes, several shots from Swan Lake, one from Coppelia, (I think) one from Don Quixote, and a couple that are either too generic or that I don’t recognize.

Clockwise from the top:

1: Don’t recognize
2: Stars and Stripse
3: Swan Lake
4: Swan Lake
5: too generic to tell
6: Swan Lake
7: generic (Don Quixote)
8: Coppelia
9: Don’t recognize it

Can you tell me if I got it right (ish)?

Hey…. So I’ve been reading your awesome comic of a long time now… And there’s only one thing that I don’t like… This does not happen with any of the two dozen other web comics I read, but with yours alone… It has an annoying tendency to send me to porn ads. In fact it’s pissing me off. I don’t like normal ad banners, but I’ll deal with them since I like your content, but I do not want it redirecting me to PORN ADS. I MEAN WTF. SERIOUSLY? Is there ANY reason you think that’s a good idea? Besides… Read more »

Are you sure its not on your end? If its a redirect, that’s most commonly some sort of malware encountered somewhere on your computer…


I should mention that I know this because I had an issue with a similar problem myself that I fixed just today by resetting everything in Chrome.

Alexander The 1st

Another option to consider, albeit not ideal at all, is that it might be a very specific type of hack. This is one type of example of someone dealing with such, though apparently it only triggered for Internet Explorer + Windows 7 combination in that case.

Alexander The 1st

(This said, it doesn’t appear to be that particular variant here. If it comes up more often on multiple machines though, it’s possible it could have happened.)

Stomme poes

I definitely don’t get porn ads…. mostly Project Wonderful (I think?) ads for other comics, and at the top is usually rotating either an ad for a computer game, or right now it’s a local ad for tourism in Zwolle (Netherlands).

What does bother me is my back button doesn’t do anything on this page, and I’m assuming it’s the combination of old Opera12 and the redirect.


Nope all the ads I’ve clicked on go exactly where they claim to go. Must be a redirect on the computers you are using. Try clearing your web browser cache and run a good antivirus/adware software 🙂