:-)! I like the somewhat-complexity of their relationship, and the development of Jake in these recent pages.

Kimi’s interesting past and semi-perceptiveness is intriguing so far, too.


She is actually quite perceptive. She is simply not a freaking genius is all. Also this matter can’t be the only thing she has on her mind. Kimi has a sound head on her shoulders. She just has quite a few pans in the fire that she has to mind.


Ha! 😀


I take the last and this page to mean, then, that only impatient teenagers play the Game anymore (and Jane) – because I find it very hard to believe that no adult players would’ve chosen the Erbana route. Heck, it’s obviously the perfect hippie role to play.

Ignis Maximus

Bandit: “…. Does that make me evil too?”
Kim’s prompt unhesitating reply: “Yes.”


… but a necessary one ?

Or one they know rather than one they don’t ?

Dragon Master

Or mayhaps he’s not really evil so much as he’s manipulative, mischievous, and bored out of his skull?


…Isn’t that one of the definitions of evil ? :-p

By the way, I don’t actually think he is evil, but his hidden agenda can surely make him look like a threat for paranoid people…


Well, YEAH…


Doesn´t look like Kimi is familiar with roleplaying games. There are ALLWAYS player, who would prefer the “good route”, me most likely included.

The only problem I really see with the Erbana route is, that probably no one knows about it. At least it doesn´t look like the plants got itemdescriptions.


I would probably do a good rout, though Cardista seems a bit more fun. Erbana is merely the “saintly” rout, there are other good ones.

No one would likely know about it. Which might make it MORE interesting, not less, it’s different. We’ll see. As far as the icon, plants, especially an olive branch are old symbols of peace and mercy. The olive branch was used to symbolize peace all the way back to ancient Greece.


To me, to be honest, it seems like Aneeka is not very familiar with roleplaying games XD
Or maybe she’ll amend this expressions. This seems like barely a start.


Way to go Jake! Playing Devils Advocate in more ways than one and giving Kat some much needed deniability.

My thoughts are this. Jake still has the hots for Kat’s user and one of the things the end made clear to Jake, there are no other hackers with the same abilities – also ability is transferred as were wizards of yore. Thus, he wants to have mutant hacker babies who will rule the world with Kat.


And their progeny will rule the wasted world as it’s dark sovereigns! XD


She isn’t a hacker. She IS the “virus”.


I’m gonna go with “the virus is a baby AI and thinks it’s playing a game, and because it learned it from *her* it only knows how to play in the most brutal way possible”.

Windmill (big fan)

Her thoughts, her reactions, her emotions. What’s the only thing that could defeat Her? Or should I say deconstruct her? The virus is her mini-me… thus ene-me. There can be only one.

Note how D stops to ask if he can or should do things, like an adult getting advice, instead of just the rebellion and anger of a younger teen Her. D is Virus version 2.0, now with wisdom and patience.

And ditto the comments about the art.


Just wanted to say that watching the art evolve in this story has been amazing, and this art in this page is truly incredible, especially Panel 2.