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Yep, Kimi is short.


So, I've always wanted a figurine of Kat and D, something like this:

figurine - kat and D turn around1


Kat would be a normal figurine but D would be somewhat transparent and I especially want to find a way to make him glow cause he's awesome when he glows 😀

Alas, I had no idea how expensive figurines were to make. I'd have to run a Kickstarter in order to raise the funds, but I have no idea if there's any interest in a NAV figurine to attempt it.

Hence, the following poll!

Thank you for your input!


I was sorta just assuming the people we met were the exception, but now it seems the general rule is that people think technology is magic.


Just like the real world


It has been said that a sufficiently advanced technology looks no different than magic. For people whose understanding has gone back a few generations I imagine they would expect the tech savvy to scream nonsense jack Latin before being able to use the machines XD


yeah. poor programmers


Kimi is short in multiple senses of the word, I think. 😉

If the Kickstarter idea doesn’t work out, I can make you a one-off figurine of Kat, but making D transparent would be a bit more difficult. (It would involve either casting in transparent resin, or working up a 3D model, neither of which I have time to take on right now.) Might be possible to make him out of wire or thread, though, and that could glow in the dark. I’ll give it some thought.


It’s been so long since I’ve seen an image of Kat that I’ve almost forgotten how much I like that look.

And D with the usual “mischievous literal genie pet-dragon-virus” expression. Lovely.

. . . da***t D, you’re making Jake look bad.


Short and short tempered, it seems.


The figurine sounds awesome, but unless you could wait until after New Years to run the Kickstarter I just couldn’t afford the full package, and I’m someone who typically isn’t into figurines because of the space they take up.


If it’s over $50, I usually won’t buy a figurine. If it’s super detailed or customized, I might go up to $75. It has to be something I can *do* something with or use if I’m going to drop serious cash on it. If it’s just going to sit there and collect dust, it’s usually not worth it.


These people in Reality look so… gaunt… and… old…

The nose of the Asian lady looks about right… kinda. The tip area could be a wee bit wider and the eyes seem to be spaced a bit too far apart (with the bridge of the nose being too wide…)


Gaunt, yeah. I wouldn’t say ‘old’. (Most of them look like teenagers to me, actually, gaunt or not.) Considering that this is a post-apocalyptic world where people are barely surviving without any sunlight, I’m not that surprised to see them looking gaunt and pale. They don’t look like they’re starving, though, to me they just like they went through some hard times a few years ago… which they did, from my understanding. Less so for Kleya and Kimiko than most, it seems.

I guess if it was a 4 inch figure(just Kat’s height, not including D), it would be under US$100. If Kat was 6-7 inches(roughly 1/10 scale, assuming a height between 5′ and 5’10), it would probably be over(if a statue). Under, if you get enough numbers for volume(at least 5 digit figures for quantity though), or it’s done in cheap plastic. That being said, D would be horribly expensive in statue(rocky/crystalline) form, yet crazily cheap by comparison, in plastic. Just for the heck of it, as a baseline to compare. I picked up a Bandai Ben-10 figure of Gwen in… Read more »

Figurine sounds cool! I’m fairly strapped for money at the moment or else I might give it a shot. 🙂


Whose voting that Kimi is Doctor Grace? She’s in control. She’s Jake’s boss… The question is, who is she and why is she the boss? How is she tired to Klaya? Maybe her mother’s sister. Hmm…..


I think Kimiko showed up as a lady in red during a scene with Dr. Grace before. She might be in control of this sphere, but I think Dr. Grace still outranks her. (Also, I’m pretty sure Dr. Grace would never admit to being so relieved to find Jake unharmed.)