‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 319a


Walter doesn't have perfect health. He'd barely qualify for medium health. But he tries to act like he's totally fine.


Random Trivia:

The "green wall" isn't a weirdly colored wallpaper. It's covered in plants. Each deck/floor has different plants. Most are covered in algae while the rest are a variety of herbs, providing food and medicine as well as another source of oxygen.


I figured it was plants, and herbs or food plants make sense… If a bit high-maintenance. (Most food plants have very definite growing seasons and are annuals, so they’d need to be replaced on a regular basis.) Most herbs and food plants don’t grow like ivy on a wall, so I assume they would be stacked container gardens of some kind (like bunk beds for plants. 😉 ) Algae normally grows in water. Are the walls all slimy, or is there a layer of water behind a layer of glass for the algae?


Walter looks like a walking skeleton, and Jake’s not much better – is everyone on the brink of starvation, still?


Panel 1 isn’t a complete disaster. At first glance his arm looks a little weird, but since you said it was a disaster that made me look with a bit more scrutiny…but even then it’s not a disaster. The plant wall thing looks like it goes into the glass a little and the white scratches (or whatever they are) look a little…hrm. But it’s certainly no disaster.

Kessy Athena

It’s a good day not to die, Walter, but the day isn’t over yet.

I think the thing with panel 1 is their posture – they’re leaning way too far left. Think about where Jake’s center of gravity is, and then add in Walter’s weight. They’d fall over in that position.


Then add in the fact that Jake’s body mass is equal to that of a skeleton.


You sure that’s not intentional? It is sort of apocalyptic for them to be a little emaciated…


Oops, forgot to color Walter’s teeth in panel 2.
(I assume you control whose messages appear, so you can update the missing texture sneakily.)
Also, The Game.


Forgot to color teeth? Nah, they’re just hiding behind his lips and it’s a perfect sideways angle so you can’t see them.


Panel 2 Walter


Omg…the angle that Walter’s arm is at…that looks like a horrible break 🙁 Or is it some kind of prosthetic that is falling off?


I think the third panel turned out really well! : )
They look so gaunt and underfed…
At first, because of the brown jacket being almost the same color as the dirt when in the shadows and folds, it looked like Walter’s right arm (on the left) looked like it was just bone.Then again, that’s what I get for keeping my screen dimly lit. : )