‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 318


Aaa! It's a well-lit Reality scene! The world must be ending all over again! 😉


Random Background Info/Trivia:

There were several Cities built on top of the water, but TENka city was the 3rd underwater City built (or 4th if you count the still-functioning prototype). It was built after much controversy and opposition since the 2nd one had horrifically failed (breach in pressure hull; it imploded and all its inhabitants (nearly 50,000) died instantly). Ironically, despite many people claiming TENka City would follow its predecessor, it happens to be the City that survived the Ending the best.



And it’s Reality-Bandit! This makes my day! 🙂

Fire Hazard

“still-functioning prototype” is probably the most important thing about this update. Any bets where Kleya is? Also important: Cities were Capital C Cities before the Capital E Ending, which is probably something I should’ve already known but just wasn’t obvious to me. Also important: Whatever the Ending was, it was something that was more dangerous on land than in the sea. Also important: Aneeka’s growing art skills! What is UP??? Best webcomic.

I dunno about land being hit worse than under water. Food for thought: Under water, you are living in an armored city. The windows define blast resistant. We currently don’t have under water cities, so an complete and enumerated list of risks isn’t possible… We may be blind to risks in our ignorance. Water is dense. Very dense. About 800 times denser than air. A current of just a few knots (the math fails me right now… Memory tells me its 3 knots) carries the same force as hurricane force winds. If any of this cataclysm created much stronger currents,… Read more »

Having no native food/water/etc production, it would also have had much firmer plans and stricter population controls than surface cities, which would be more sprawling and decentralised.

It might actually be designed around having local food, and water is also going to be available. Drinkable water and more importantly, air, will also be bound to power. The food they might be able to manually harvest, but its hard to manually boil water or convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. On land, the biggest concern would be food. Machinery is used in so much of our food production, if we were to lose the machines millions (billions?) would starve. Planting, watering, harvesting, packing, transporting… At sea, if you allow for strict population controls and locally available food, you stand… Read more »

Interesting trivia. How many aspects of the story were predetermined? This is my first time commenting here, btw, I love nav! 🙂



Why is the seaweed glowing? 😉 (Presumably because it’s not seaweed, but what is it?)

Did any of the water surface Cities survive?


Optical fibre bundles used to disperse light from a central source would be a good assumption.


That wouldn’t seem like a very efficient way of distributing light, though I suppose it could be an artistic choice on the part of the City designers.

I did just realize that the glowing stuff is inside the dome, not outside. I was confusing it with the fringe we see on the outside in one of the earlier images.


The second panel looks amazing!

Somebody Someone

I’m still not really liking your figure drawing, but
– that face close-up is impressive,
– the story is good, as usual… 🙂


Because of your mention of this soposed “prototype” and mention of the “complete anialation”, i would assume this has to do with the story. ( or it is just useless trivia of which I think we all would like to here more of)


I also find the design of the interior very intriguing, after only seeing it dark for the last panels your design surprises me. ( it is no less than an excellent drawing though )


Is that green wall furry? It kinda looks furry.


What bothers me is how emaciated they look. It’s almost as if they’re living underwater with limit food sources or something. Poor Bandit… no wonder he’s always so grumpy. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

Dragon Master

Does he need a Snickers?:)

I am just so happy Kleya didn’t accidentally kill everyone this time :0 So… there were armored, isolated from environment Cities even before the Ending. And some other places/vehicles/constructions/whatever which could offer protection from global apocalypse but left you sealed off… and possibly surrounded by dead bodies. It’s possible that the biggest danger during the Ending itself was some kind of “blast” which accidental cover could protect from, so many people who actually could live normally with the environment as hostile as it is were killed while some survived, though many of the suvivors were injured (like Mina’s sister). And… Read more »