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And we're off! To who knows where...

And this page didn't split well, so full page! Next two will be the same and then it's back to split updates (with maybe a quick break so I can catch up a bit)


Language update:

Wow! I'm still trying to get through all the emails, but I received over 40 of them, with offers of around 20 languages. You guys are awesome!!!

Alas, I only have room to showcase maybe 2-4 languages in this Reality Scene. So, I think I'll put everyone into a hat and then just draw a lucky few. But thank you to all who offered! Really, it's so cool to see all the different languages you all speak! When we go into Sandra's City, I can showcase a lot more languages (especially the European ones) since they run their translators much different than TENka City. But, to be honest, that scene probably isn't going to happen for a long while. Lots of plot to get through first!


Random Info on the colored cloths:

Despite the translators, there was still a huge language barrier issue post-Ending. Lot of people were agitated and different emergencies were going off all the time. It was hard to figure out if the person was just freaking out and yelling at you in their own language or if there was a legitimate concern they needed help with. So, TENka City developed a system with colored cloths (often derived from ripped clothing). If someone waved a blue/green cloth at you while yelling, that meant a system was down and they'd really like some help or to at least alert somebody about it, but nothing was life-threatening. If someone waved a yellow or white cloth, that meant a life was at stake (ie: someone was seriously injured and needs help asap). But if someone waved a red or orange cloth, that meant the entire City was threatened with whatever system had gone down (or if someone was going nuts and hurting others). As things became more routine and stabilized, the red/orange color soon was used only when life support systems went down. That meant either retreat to the emergency meeting point or, if you actually knew how to fix things, you rushed to fix it!



I could help out with German, if you need! 🙂

Besides, my Chinese is good enough to translate that:
Deng yixia = Wait a moment!


I hope whatever Kleya and D did has nothing to do with this emergency.

Let me also just say that while it might be jarring, I really wouldn’t be disappointed if Kleya would just come to her senses and work on fixing City life support systems instead of playing the Game. She starts the story by saying she hasn’t got the right skills to be a hero in Reality, but this clearly is incorrect.

I doubt that’s how the story is going to go, though….


Sometimes it’s more about perception than ability. If she has problems perceiving herself as a hero, maybe because of the traumatic mess pre-comic, then even though she may have the skills and ability to be a hero she’d lack the iniative and drive needed to properly utilize them.

Also, I’m glad to hear that you’re getting so much support and help Aneeka. I kinda wish I’d been able to help, but then again I’d also need to create time in a chaotic mess of a work schedule, so at present it’s probably for the best.


I think that D only shut down the game, and that the life system down has more to do with whatever happened during the game group elimination matches, when Bandit said his city had some system issues. Or it’s just completely random anyway.

Alexander The 1st
I think that D *did* have something to do with the life support, but that he shut it down on top of the game to provide enough reason to prevent anyone from investigating Kleya. That is, taking down life support wasn’t nearly as damaging as he could’ve, because he was splitting his power, and he actually doesn’t mind if people come back to the game. The problem with the game group elimination matches being when life support went down is that you’d expect them to have already attempted to solve it earlier – for all that the populace treats LIFE… Read more »
Of course it was Kleya. The timing is far too much of a coincidence to expect anything else. Most likely she knocked out the power, killing both the game and their life-support. How on earth she could do this I don’t know, since nobody in his right mind is going to build a power plant that can be hacked. And yeah, I really don’t get that crap she said about not having the skills to be a good guy in reality. I can’t think of a single skillset that has no positive applications, and they’ve made it quite clear that… Read more »
Random Person

Must say this realistic art looks wonderful! As for European languages, I speak fluent Polish and near-fluent Irish. I guess. I could try my hand at French, but that would be significantly worse ghan the other two.


Yay ok, the last sentence in the previous page makes more sense now (aka “we have an emergency”)

But what I really like is the coloured cloth system! Great idea!