Oh my g-d. What’s this? Blobs with hair? That’s craziness! I can actually tell one blob from the other. How can they be proper blobs if I can separate them into individuals?

I disapprove of this most strongly. It sets a bad precedent. First, you give them hair and next thing you know they start thinking they are people and try taking over the story.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😛

So this is where Kleya starts to learn that “evil” is a relative scale, and bugging out on your game partners, while in absolute terms is a drop in the ocean compared to initiating something which unintentionally results in death / injury to millions, on a relative scale it’s still “bad”. As we’ve speculated before, if she rejoins the group, carries on with her mum’s playing style, and trains Danni, then maybe she can keep them teetering on the Hero / Villain boundary – possibly even with one or members being flexible enough to use whatever playing style suits the… Read more »

Or it could be someone shoving their opinion about how Kleya wrecked the group by being good.


don’t you know the answer to LTUE is 42.


Her popularity is going to jump after this. A hero who can’t stand being on a villain team is a huge source of drama.


Especially when she has no choice in the matter

Mr. Random

Especially when that hero is prone to outbursts.


Actually, I think her popularity will take a severe hit. The pacifist route is the most unpopular route, and her fans will probably get bored watching her take that route.

Alexander The 1st

Well probably because the pacifist route usually is boring as a single part of the group – here, she has foils that foil her attempts to be pacifist.

Everyone will be watching from everyone else just to see how she deals with it, and how she gets foiled by everyone and her plans get foiled by everyone.


Also, apparent she wasn’t trying to kill everyone. I think this is the first we’ve heard of this.


If Dante’s Inferno is any indication, she won’t get in trouble for unforseen consequences… clearly the real world doesn’t work in the same way…


Is the woman in the hat her sponsor? It’s so hard to tell!


I’m pretty sure hat-lady isn’t Sandra – her hair’s a different shade, she’s wearing a hat, and she doesn’t have Sandra’s enormous hoop earrings.

She has, however, been following the group’s tutorial.


Unless it’s a new character, I’m thinking that’s Jane. She’s the only female character whose LiFe avatar wasn’t shown yet.


Though that “most worst” speaks to me of Brandon, but… It can’t be, can it? Could also be Mina with new clothes, but where would she get the money?


I also thought it might be Mina, in flamboyant new singing clothes, maybe? but yeah… where would she get the money?


Maybe it’s Danni’s mom, and she means it’s the worst thing Kleya could do with regards to helping Danni get popular enough to stay in the Game and therefore stay alive?

DanaA (sorry, you’re too far down the comment chain for me to reply directly to you), both of Danni’s parents were pretty much spending all of their time working to allow Danni to stay in LiFe. A LiFe subscription is pretty expensive, together with new clothes and colors, and now would be the first time they’ve had free time in months, maybe even since the Ending. Even if we ignore Danni’s worries that she may be kicked out of the Game in two weeks, I still doubt her mother would have spent so much money, which she shouldn’t even have,… Read more »

It’s a new character. Aneeka wasn’t sure whether to make her a poor outsider or a rich citizen (or even female for that matter). I just voted on having a rich expensive-in-bad-taste hairdo which became the hat.


Ooh, thank you so much for the reply! That helps a lot!


You’re very welcome. I’m honestly don’t know too much more than anyone else, but I am a NAV Patron Conspirator. So, when she wants some advice she has to tell us a little.

On the one hand I was going to say that she doesn’t seem to understand what being a good person or a ‘hero’ is – it certainly isn’t taking the pacifist route in a game. But on the other hand if something she had done had gone hideously badly and harmed a whole lot of people – as she said; she didn’t mean for it to happen, and doesn’t understand why it did – and then gets declared the worst villain in history, one could understand the desire to change that. Unfortunately she’s reacting much as a child would, worrying… Read more »
Chris Godsey
Well, she doesn’t seem as if she is really very far out of the childhood stage to begin with really, maybe late teens to twenties. So if she doesn’t seem as if she’s fully mature, taking into account traumatic life events potentially causing her to regress in her actions, a childish response mightnot far off the mark. Her doing a “heroic” thing in helping Danny is a good thing, but without it being really seen by the world, it isn’t very likely to change the way she is perceived by everyone, and try to get out of that whole “worst… Read more »
Not the first time someone(myself included) have pointed out how strangely storybook her morality is. She is late teens physically, her mental prowess is incredible, but emotionally she acts as if she has not matured beyond reaching double digits. She doesn’t handle emotional stress or surprises well, she has a rigid and frighteningly naive sense of right and wrong and like alot of really gifted people she believes she should have an answer for all the problems she meets. She usually does have such answers so why not to -all- problems? Can you see why this would be bad for… Read more »

that is most really actual positively the most baddest grammar ever like really


Kleya… when confronted with a team of villains, right in front of you, you shouldn’t run away. You should try to change them. You should try to make them into better people. You should try to save them.

If all you do when confronted with evil is run away, you might be Not A Villain, but you’ll never be a hero.


You know… the blobs aren’t that bad. Defining the face makes it easier to visually portray the mood of the crowd. 2nd-to-last panel is my favourite because all heads are turned her way, which was harder to see with older blobs.

But I partially agree with tomaO2 – the blobs must indelibly remain half-formed greyscale masses. Improve them as your own art style changes, but never give them a face. It makes them too human. And they’re not; they’re blobs.


It just occurred to me that the only other person in the group who isn’t a villain is the Dude. That’s absolutely hilarious.
Anyway, I feel bad for Kleya. Hopefully Danni can change her style so that she’s not evil anymore. But the important thing is that Kleya continues to be a hero even among villains. I think that will make people see her better than if she is a hero among heroes. Because she’ll stand out more. People will root for her.


Kleya, Kleya, Kleya… Don’t worry, you didn’t hurt millions.

You only hurt *billions*!


I find it a little sad that she’s taken this route. Is pacifism really heroic? She’s disappointing a huge number of people, possibly failing Danni… It’d be easier to become an awesome villain than an awesome pacifist, and she’d be accepted more that way. I suppose her obsession with not hurting people is in the way, though.


Could that possibly be the first time we’ve seen Kleya’s shoes? I don’t remember seeing them before…


Oh man you were at LTUE? I wish I could’ve seen you! I found your comic after seeing you at CONduit in 2013, and I’ve been loving it ever since.

I’m really liking this glimpse into Kleya’s past. It gives a better sense of her motivation for what she’s trying to accomplish. But like another comment said, I wonder if this would hurt her popularity more than help it…

The Merry Lurker

I will be so happy if that’s Jane.

Jay bird

I hope that she will become evil agein, or tenka will find her and she will have to run, anything with action.