‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 296


And NAV is back!

A lot of you guessed this outcome. Congrats!

30% predicted he wouldn't survive the Tutorial. The Dude is very disappointed in you. He's the Dude! Of course he'd survive!  😉



Yeah, Dude, we saw that one coming. Haha, I’m sure that move will get him all of the votes.

So happy NAV is back again. I’ve really been enjoying this story!


Oh wow, did that card…? Yes, it glowed in the top panel, just a tiny bit! The Luck Card activated! Just what I thought it’d do!


Welcome back, Aneeka!

I was right about him surviving, but was wrong about how he’d do it. 50% is still a pass mark, yes? 🙂


I take it the ‘crappy’ luck card played off then eh? also How could I ever predict the dude would ‘meet his fate’ he’s THE DUDE he makes his own d***ed fate


Congratulations! You alignment was determined to be: tasty.


D***, I guessed he would die, because he didn’t strike me to succeed by his skills alone. I never thought of him to succeed because he is a Lucky B*starsd or possible just Born Lucky.


Obviously my linking skills are lacking. Aneeka, can you please correct my post?


You, ma’am/sir, are EVIL for linking to tvTropes!


BWAHAHA, someone got sucked into the time hole that is TVTropes. 🙂 Ironically, because I just skimmed these sites for looking for these links (hopefully Aneeka repairs them soon), I got out without losing time. 😀


Oh ho! If you were thinking ’twas I who was sucked in, then you supposed incorrectly! I examined your link good gentle, and AVOIDED IT the moment I saw where the URL actually went. No no, I am much too clever.

…Usually. >.>*

This time!


Figured the dude might pass on dumb luck


Called it. 😉

Welcome back!


Hahaha! I guess that’s what luck can do for you.


Meh, I wanted to see him eaten by the wolfmonsters.


Nearly called it. I thought there would be a bit more comedic relieve involved (namely: accidental crotch shot). And there might have been some influence from the card, if you look at the first panel closely. Which is not something I would have though of, I must admit.


Wait, that was a prediction survey? I thought we were voting on whether he survived or not, thus possibly dramatically changing the comic… so much for my skimming abilities. 😛


I imagine Aneeka has this all wrote out for most if not all of the story. I think Aneeka just wanted to see what we thought would happen, maybe to see if there were any better ideas floating around. Or maybe for luls.


I also thought it was a vote >:] And I voted the same. Because you know a webcomic’s going to be fun if it doesn’t fear to kill off characters that f*** up at random. I mean it can be fun without it but THAT would be SUPER FUN.

Killing: the lethally good plot device.


I still stand by my theory of him getting pounced by the fiendi to his last hit point then having the kid walk up, take his card back, and kick him for his last hit point!


Huh first ever comment well nice job so far but right now I thought dude was going to fall on his backside and win by shear luck I was close


Hehe yay, glad it’s back! I really wanna know what Jake/ bandit looks like in reality now!<3


Glad to see you returned from your break ^^ !

And the luck card is very lucky indeed, it seems.


The Dude survives and The Dude abides.


This is my first time commenting, but I’ve been reading pretty much since the beginning. I just re-read through the entire archive and I’ve gotta say, WOW! Not only has the art improved immensely, but the story flows incredibly well. Well done, congratulations, and keep it up! I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.


Totally called it! XD


I knew it! I knew luck would be involved! XD I guessed that there would be a cliff involved, but meh -_-

Welcome back XD


Well dayum. I actually called it. Love his expression in the final panel.


It’s not the stone you see that trips you, but sometimes it sets you on the right path.


His only way out was to pull a Homer. Everyone should have guessed that.


Ok… I’m ashamed to say.. I just don’t get it. He’s being chased by Fiendi, trips and falls down in front of them.

And this is a good thing?

Please tell me.. what am I missing? (These series of strips are so dark, I am having trouble really knowing what I’m looking at.)


There’s the wild esone on that island. If you touch it, you claim it for you. And through it the island and everything on it. Meaning that the fiendi either vanish or stop attacking you, it isn’t clear from the comic whichever it is. And reaching the final goal of the tutorial.


So.. that’s the glowing blue thing he finds in his right hand? The wild esone?


I guess so.


I feel that I should apologize for my comment aout red gold dragon I have had “the hobbit” on my mind a lot.