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Ooo, shiny!


NAV is going on break starting Friday, Nov 29th, until the New Year. The main reason? To focus exclusively on the Wanted Child sequel (which still needs a title, I know!). Yep, I'm taking a break in order to get to work. If you want a long-winded explanation, see below.

Now, I'll still be updating every Tues and Fri, but the NAV storyline will be on hold. During the break, though, I would love to showcase any guest comics or guest art if anyone wants to participate. Contact me if you're interested! Otherwise, I'm not sure what I'm going to put up. I may show some process shots like how to do thumbnails or how I've been doing the insane background for the jungle. Or I might do Ask a Character where you can pick any character in NAV and get to ask them questions and I'll respond in their voice. Or I might come up with something brilliant in the next couple of days...(anyone have suggestions?? lol). Come Friday to find out!


Long-winded explanation: Before I started NAV, I often worked on several stories at once. I hadn't really written anything new since NAV (The Wanted Child was finished a year before I started NAV), but I figured I could work on the sequel and NAV at the same time if I managed my time wisely. However, I found there's a big difference between working on several books at the same time and working with an ongoing webcomic. I had no deadlines with the books, so I could put them away to focus on something new, but you can't do that with a webcomic. The constant need to keep the updates going and to maintain a buffer meant I could never fully immerse myself into the world of the WC's sequel. And I discovered it's really hard to write a story when your mind is constantly in another one. It's like trying to date a new guy while still seeing your ex twice a week. It just doesn't quite work 🙄

Hence the month break. I love NAV, but I need to put it aside and dive completely into the WC's sequel in order to finish the latter. If all is a success, I'll be able to finally complete it before the New Year and start the editing process where I'll then be able to get it out to you by February or March. Here's to hoping!

Thanks everyone for reading!


Yeees! I love NAV but ever since reading Wanted Child been eagerly awaiting the sequel. Thanks for providing so much entertainment!


Danni accidentally finds the esone? Oh, that’s perfect.

Her alignment is “N00b”! People will watch her just to see what improbable thing she’ll do next! She’s actually a lot more interesting to watch than Bandit, I think (though I’m sure his fangirls would disagree).

I hear you on the multitasking problem. Character Q&A would be great! My question for Jake (if he’d answer in his own persona for a change): Don’t you feel bad about creating two AI characters that literally bullied someone to death? (Don’t pretend you don’t know, please.)


That is a very good point to make. In fact, I’m honestly surprised that, when the world has been reduced to so very few survivors, people aren’t -more- compassionate about each other in general…and that means that the moment he knew, or within minutes of finding out, he should’ve been wracked with guilt for adding to the losses of life.

…Yeah, I’m an optimist. Shush. Just because they can’t GET to Outsiders doesn’t mean they’ve stopped caring.


Actually, no. The harsher the circumstances, the more likely the people living in them are going to be just as harsh and cruel. Of course this makes it so those in your circle are prized and treated well, but outsiders get to fend for themselves. In a cruel world you learn to laugh at cruelty or cry bloody tears.


Hmm… is the Dude going to stop freaking out any time soon?


Well, he must have collected just about every single fiendy on that rock by now.


it’s all a ploy. now that he has them all gathered up, he’ll nuke em all at once…. or he’s a firm believer in Cardio, it could go either way.


As long as you don’t leave us on a nasty cliffhanger, I won’t mind (not that it matters anyway) you taking a break. H***, it’s holiday season, you can take a break and we all can go and focus on family (or something else, maybe our own creative projects) knowing that when we come back, we will have some delicious NAV waiting for us with a refreshed Aneeka behind it.


I say go for the Character Q&A, I think a lot of people would be interested in that!

Hmm. Maybe a crossover comic with NAV characters and Wanted Child characters? I don’t know, jut throwing it out there.


Wanted Child (first book) character portraits (sketch versions anyway) would also be nice! 😀


While I am sad that NAV updates will be stopping, I’m also super excited for the Wanted Child sequel. I just reread the Wanted Child the other day and got totally hooked… again, I mean. Good luck with your writing!


WC sequel in February or March?! Yaaay!!
I really love NAV, of course, but since I clicked on that link that lead me to the amazon page with WC… I just might like WC a tiny, tiny bit more… I’ve read the book about three times now. I just can’t wait to see what other things Tavk has in mind for Ki. I seriously love his character^^

Maybe it’ll come out in time for my birthday in March…


O my g-d, Dude is so dumb and I can’t believe how much he acted exactly like I would in this situation


Hey, kiting mobs is a perfectly valid strategy! It lets the rest of your tea—

What, Bran’s playing single-player? Well then.

If the Tutorial ends immediately when you pick up the shiny thing in the ground, then this strategy actually works; otherwise, there might be more difficulties.

Hang on, if the shiny thing is the Esone, then as soon as he touches it, he should be able to use his Specials; combine that with his Luck card, and he should be fine.

Owen Smith

Who said the Esone is a small shiny thing? The one in the village is a large totem pole type thing, why would this one look different?