I do see the red eyes! There they are, in the last panel!

So… red…


When she said “red eyes”, I immediately thought she meant the dude’s.


Dude, you better be doing something awesome, or the crowd is going to boo!

Leaving Danni right as the rising action starts….he better by throwing a kid into a volcano or something!


Dude would never do that!

He would be throwing the volcano at something.


Dude looks scared. . . I’m likin’ it.


Oh I love it! Danni’s true colors are beginning to show!


Hahahaha, Danni has spunk doesn’t she? Now -that- is something I can get behind as a factor for her to gain sudden popularity. She may be floundering about, but she doesn’t give up.


Bring it! my sentiment exactly 😉


NOOOOO! You cut away from Danni in her moment of glory? Still she has got to score some bada** points for that line, especially when the Dude is totally out of his depth in the same situation.


Do you have any idea how long it takes to draw a action scene? And this would be a long fight. It will be bada** enough if we just see the before/after scenes.


I imagine that alt text as someone kicking down the door, waving a flashlight around, clothing covered in LEDs, saying “Do you see me NOW?”


I have feeling that Danni is going to be the airhead with the ability to smash things. These usually become quite popular.


I wonder how NICE Kat is going to be.


Danni don’t look scared at all. I wonder how that battle will turn out


Well then… I’ve caught up with the webcomic, and I just clicked it open like yesterday night[11-7-13] and I finished it today [11-9-13 @ 1:14am]. Absurd. XD Can’t wait for more~<333


She’s So going to level with that many mobs.


For the “low” level she currently is in the game. if she didn’t, It would mean one of two things. 1: there are no levels in this game
2: there such a low level that they give absurdly low experience (exp) points.

Karma Squirrel

Why do I get the feeling that when we switch back to the Danni-cam, there’s gonna be a bunch of dead/unconscious creatures and Danni’s leaving? Not that I blame you. Fight scenes are a pain.