‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 285


There's nothing creepy in this jungle...


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i just read all of this in one sitting and i love it already!


Ditto I found the website from vgcats. I’m adding it to my main comics list. I feel like i just watched two seasons of an anime. Really great story line it keeps pulling you in even if you want to take a break.


No wait im sorry i found it on el goonish shiv.


ALL AT ONCE! SO D*** LATE AT NIGHT!!! Came here from dumbing of age, which is awesome… and why do i only find unfinished webcomics!! ;n;

intrepid EVE-il genuis
intrepid EVE-il genuis

would it be better if all you fond were dead or dieing webcomics, or ones that were resurrected and slowly republished? or a webcomic that “finished” with sudden abadonment at the start of a new ark? i say they should continue until all of their stories are told and no ark is unfinished.


Her expression is so great in this one! 🙂


… She’s not very good at this Game, is she? >.>


This IS supposed to be a TUTORIAL, the name of which implies it is supposed to teach the necessary skill to play the Game. Doing so should be it’s only job. And Danni’s situation illustrates that it’s failing horribly at it.


oh no, don’t turn around


remember that they skiped the whole ‘moving and attacking’ portion of the tutorial pretty much they skipped to the first ‘boss’ type of thing. so it will make danni’s experience an interesting one.


The lesson may be something along the line of “The environment is sneaky/unpredictable or something like that.” I pretty much agree with you but it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.


I think too early to say tutorial is failing. Just because everyone else knows ways to ace the tutorial doesn’t mean it won’t work for a newbie… may be designed to be repeatable experience so that mixed teams aren’t bored.

Game is testing her alignment first, as a newbie uses a different method.

Game may have some way to rescue her for example.

This may be better model for a mixed group of experience than our standard “kill rats” or other absurdly easy tasks


i am really happy to see your art skills are really improving since the beginning of this comic i am really impressed by it! it makes me feel happy and impressed and stuff, and i cant wait to see it evolve even more! 😀

… that is all.. you can go back to eating now.


It’s like she’s never played/seen a game played before..For her sake, i hope this game isn’t like the one in Sword Art Online.


8 backers. I had to wait til the 1st for my pay day before I could pledge (mutters something nasty about washers and dryers). Plus, it seemed like a good way to start the month.


I checked the last previous pages twice and still couldn’t find any red eyes.


Did the same and also didn’t find anything. 🙁


I didn’t see them either until I got close and moved my head around to look at the screen from different from different angles. Funny that we didn’t have this problem on CRTs, LOL!

I just stared the comic today and read everything and then got to today’s comic and was disappointed I didn’t have more to read and now have to wait for updates. Your comic is very good at capturing the audiences attention through mystery. There’s soo much of the world and the protagonist that needs explained and I always want to know the answer to a mystery. I have some idea where you are going but the fun is the journey. Keep up the wonderful work. Can’t wait to read more. I also like the shift between art styles as the… Read more »

Panel One is one of the most beautiful things you have ever produced. The way your lighting effects from the ‘glowing grass’ mesh with your shading and color choices, and the framing from the ‘tall jungle grass’…

By far my favorite thing I’ve seen from you so far. Beautiful. I want that panel as a print without the speech bubble.

Your art has come a long way, I love it and am very impressed. Bravo!

One sitting read HOOO! I’m a story person, and I feel your story was d*** interesting. I’m not much for art so this worked well for me. What caught my eye was an AD of Kat in her new Avatar/Uniform thing. That got me intrigued h**la quick. The site crashed consistently, but didn’t annoy me in the slightest. Complaints time! Our male heroes are boring, lame, white, and generic. The bandit could be renamed “Mr. Exposition” as that’s all he’s done, there is no character here. Bloody Mary however is extremely interesting. She already looks different, and has more character… Read more »
Be fair, we are not very far into the story. It can be hard to have a sense of that cause of all the pages to get to this point, but take notice that the party just formed and they are not even in the Game yet. Still just the tutorial. So you gotta expect there to be some exposition from someone who would know this stuff(ie, Bandit). Also, its stated that the Game still has not been upgraded to allow different skin shades. The only reason Sandra has pigmentation in the newest pages is cause they were in her… Read more »
Other characters don’t suffer from the exposition problem. When Kat or Sandra give exposition it’s expected. They fill the audience in while still being their characters. The Bandit, with some massive screen time, isn’t nearly as established as he should be. Danni’s cluelessness makes her relatable to the audience, and is a 180 from how she acted upon introduction. That works for me, it intrigues me as to where she’s going as a character and helps clue me in as to where she is now. From what I know is established of Jane, she’s killed her previous party and had… Read more »
When is the guy who is lying to everyone supposed to be showing depth? He is the equivalent of a celebrity, if a minor one right now. He will show the public the mask they want to see, cause its his job. Also, he is a teenager who is talented in his field of work. One who has a lot to hide. From his team, superiors and definitely the public. Only time we see something real is either cause of Kleya or cause of his little conceits. Can he afford to show the world anything but the most superficial side… Read more »
Celebrity he may be, but the majority of his screen time is not on camera. Then theirs the fact that his character isn’t his own, but a tool of his superiors. Acting and being ain’t the same thing. We are shown he’s someone able to play the game. We are shown how smart he can be and how overpowered his character is. We’re told that he’s a super awesome programmer that’s just below Kat and that he’s probably an ex boyfriend. Why is someone so awesome and well, major program status so low on the totem pole? Why is he… Read more »
The Game has different skin shades. That limitation is in L.i.F.e. So that complaint is valid, in my mind. (All the opponents whose skin we could see have been white, I believe. Then again, this is common in anime, on which this art style is based.) The Dude hasn’t got much personality that we’ve seen so far. He’s a comedy sidekick with a few hints of a past. I know what you mean about Bandit, but I think his tendency to exposition is partially personality — he likes to look smart — and partially cover– he keeps talking about what… Read more »
Hero Blob 017 aka Toma
Hero Blob 017 aka Toma
I object most strenuously to the criticism of this story as Bandit is not a hero and as long as I hold breath he’s not getting anyway near my beloved Kleya (who is far too good for him). He can stick that crush of his where the sun doesn’t shine! >.< I haven't forgotten that he created NPCs that went around badgering people until they died. He's completely callous. He essentially kidnapped a little boy from his mother. How is that heroic? Plus, he and Dude work for what is surely an evil corporation and have no problems with this.… Read more »

when are going to see some more of Jane?

What I expect/theorize is that Jane does nothing but Evil The Bandit and The Dude both picked solutions that involve doing bad things (Bandit took the kid NPC while the Dude took the Kid’s item) So they may be flagged as neutral depending on what the game considers an evil action (neither of these actions alone would be considered “evil” but they aren’t ideal nice outcomes. Thedude probably is Chaotic Good) So I expect Danni to stumble through the same path that Kleya already knows the shortcuts to. Though one thing does come to mind, when I played “Wizardry Online”… Read more »
Hey I gotta say I love the story. Read it in one sitting last week and now I can’t wait for more. Your art has improved but if the comic can grow to a point where you aren’t doing all the art you may benefit us by providing more updates etc. I’m not sure about webcomics but regular comics split art with writing, even inking with color. I only say it out of love for the world building and story you’ve got going on. Keep up the good work. May your servers grow ever more burdened. I caught you on… Read more »
um… while i can’t say for aneeka exactly, dividing up the work has limitations. for one she started this as a way to have her art grow, (and has by leaps and bounds). and two in my experience if there is a divide in the work while we might get more updates. the thoughts that we come up with in-between the updates the build up of suspense and such is lacking. considering the type of comic this is, its a needed element to think about things and piece the puzzle together. there’s alot of back story hidden, and if we… Read more »
Sometimes I wonder if I just don’t like web-comics anymore. I go out looking and try whichever ones seem appealing but they just don’t stick in the same way that the ones already on my reading list do and I worry that maybe I just cant get into new ones. And then a random banner add makes me stumble across a gem that sweeps me away till 6am at night. Thank you for that. ^^ This has been such a wonderful comic even when it toke five minutes in between pages it just hooks you in and does not let… Read more »
Dragon Emperor

Hey Aneeka, I saw the post to the novel you’d written and thought it was awesome. I then saw you had it on two different sites: CreateSpace and Amazon, and I was wondering which one gave you more money so I can buy it off that site. That’s all thanks, and keep up the awe inspiring work.

Hero Blob 017 aka Toma
Hero Blob 017 aka Toma

If Aneeka had put the book down as a reward for donating, she’d have gotten 95% of the money. 😛

Actually, I kind of think she should have done that. A bundle of book 1, 2 and her other story. Or just the story . No reason not to have the option even if it’s not a part of the NAV franchise.


I just found this and read all the way through! (staying up a bit too late, as usual)
I’ve really enjoyed the changing art styles and character dynamics. Already can’t wait for more about the game, the past/Hacker Attacks, or just updates in general.
Keep up the good work! 😀


In case you’re interested, I found your comic through a banner ad on another webcomic’s site (Erstwhile)


Just finished reading it start to finish.

Story is excellent, with good pacing and the various layers of the game, life, and reality are handled well. The mentioned-but-not-elaborated history of reality is a great motivation to follow the story.

Art rapidly increased in quality.

Originality is good, could have fallen into a bunch of tropes, but didn’t.

All in all, a really good webcomic. Really, the story carries any of the weaker elements.


I just found this comic the other day and have been binge-reading it until now.
the database errors were endurable, and today everything seems to run smoothly, or maybe it’s just the time of day that does it.
either way I’ll subscribe to the RSS for future updates 🙂

Phoenix Fantasy Fox

I really love this comic! I think it is really cool to see how the art evolved overtime too. The story is great, and I love the main character. I really like Kyela’s Game outfit too! She wants to be a ‘Hero’, and she has a little cape! Hehe I wanted to say that before but I think commenting is disabled after awhile. I started reading yesterday and finally caught up!
Anyway, great job and keep up the good work!

Hi, I’ve really liked the comic so far. There is just one thing bothering me, which I am pretty sure you haven’t thought of and partially breaks a lot of the plot. It has to do with speaking. How on earth do the characters input voice into the Game/LiFe? If it their natural voice… Obviously, Jake and Kleya know each other very well, having been friends(?) for many years, until about two/three/seven years ago. It seems hard to believe that after such long a hiatus, they wouldn’t still recognize each other’s voice that long afterwards. Not to mention that Kleya… Read more »

Uhm, I’m pretty sure the voice is something inbetween mechanically generated and natural voice. The key here is Mina: she was a singer before, and in L.I.F.E. she states she had problems singing since she couldn’t obtain quite the same result due to the voice, so it’s safe to assume voice in L.I.F.E. is altered, though we don’t know to what extent. We do know Kleya was programming for Mina exactly what you said, voice enhancers if i remember well!!


Am I crazy or did the site’s background color change? Also, sorry Aneeka, I looked back through pages from the intro of the jungle and still couldn’t find the glowing eyes….


Came for the great story, stayed for… well, for the story actually. But the art is really gorgeous too now!


lol just found this from another comic got so wrapped up in it i read the whole thing in 2 days this is really good can’t wait for the next page

An idle thought about Danni that occurred to me a couple of strips back… Danni really seems like she’d make a pretty good Villain, actually, unless The Game takes the label a lot more seriously than our games do. She really doesn’t seem to care at all about NPCs (like how she saw the dead mother, and her response was just to complain about the tutorial having a time limit), is pretty sarcastic and forceful in her personality, and seems very driven to excel (particularly since she’s, well, dead if she fails to make the cut). Assuming that the rivalry… Read more »

Found this comic through an ad and just read the whole thing. This is so awesome, I love how you use the different art styles to depict where they are, it’s fantastic! Thank you so much for making this wonderful comic. 🙂


One thing different about this tutorial compared to our world, is designed to be interesting to viewers rather than just train players. Watching newbies do easy tasks would get boring, watching newbies get big scare is more fun to watch.


You have both story development and character development. You also have an interesting world created… Well 2 worlds really. Intriguing, nice job keep up the good work.


this won’t end well