YES! I had been hoping she rides it! Now for an explosion of stars in the background as they bound away, flower clenched in her teeth!

Stomme poes

No no no, stars in the background, a rainbow shooting out of that thing’s backside, and an annoying repetitive song! 😀


nyan fendi Gif? oh gawd O-o someone make it happen NOW!!

Derrick White

how many routes are there…


How many routes are there dude?
.. in a park playground?
.. in like a party?
.. in life?

Perhaps the most complex and rich games are those that paint an open world rather than multiple choice or a few closed endings. That does not have all the answers, paths, and rules figured out, but leaves these things up to the players, dude. Gives them a space to play in, rewards to get, and issues to solve.

Katrina S



It’s written as malereve in panel four instead of malerve… other than that minor typo, fantastic page :). I love that kleya’s riding the monster, heh. Riding dogs are fun ^_^. Wonder what the flower does…



It seemed the only appropriate response.


Good people? So it won’t work with Kleya? ^^

By the way, is anybody else wondering what Danni is doing? When I would watch the Games channel, I would be most curious about the person with no playing experience at all.


She keeps getting eaten by the fiendi and having to start over.


I have a hunch that Kleya is making that face on the last because she fears not being able to handle it. For her, she’s faking it before she makes it; what if the flower shows what she thinks are her true colors?

I bet next panel will have her happy and proud as something (even if just a game gimmick) recognizes her as good and a hero.


*last panel
**next page



It propably uses the game stats to determine “good”, just like her Special from the Trials did.


Well, presuming the “handled by good people” test is really just that the woman gave Kat the flower, will this still put Kat firmly on the “Hero” side of the pie chart?


I love the disconnect between her good actions and her thoughts. “Yeah, yeah. Hurry up, NPC.”


Well, it is an NPC with pre-set dialouge, and that’s all kat sees.

Stomme poes

*this* is what Kleya wants. She wants to hold that flower.


Use malerve on fiendi ? fiendi becomes friendly.
Use malerve on NPC ? NPC becomes friendly.
Use malerve on Jane ? ?


Jane laughs then attacks the Dude.


“Use malerve on Jane ? ?” Jane becomes friendly, she hands you a dagger and invites you to help her attack the Dude.


Those question marks were supposed to be arrows: → or -> …


I’ve been reading for few years now (I don’t even remember when I started), but I think this is my first time posting. I’ve been watching your art style mature and improve over that entire time, but for some reason this page just made me want to post and say “good job.” The perspective, the shading…it all looks great.


Giving them some Malerve doesn’t seem like a plan that will last too long…

Jonathan Barrett
In regards to the comic, she’s getting impatient, and Aneeka saying they wilt when taken by force… I hope Kleya can control herself just a little longer to Not snatch the flower away… Now my true reason for posting. There’s a problem with the contact page. My Maths may be a little rusty, but I’m fairly sure that 16+1 is 17, but it just continually tells me my answer is incorrect. Which is a shame, I wanted to tell Aneeka about a game I found on kickstarter that has a similar setting (online game that’s there to let people “escape”… Read more »

She will ride the Fiendi across a rainbow and he will be the flower princess!


Won’t the people watching this get suspicious that she pretty much blindly walks into shortcut methods without so much as a second thought?


This is really cool! It’s been a while since I commented, but I love the way the programming for the flowers is shown in the 5th panel (That’s what it is, right?)
I thought you should know that on topwebcomics, the Banner for NaV isn’t showing up.
Keep up the great work!


Post pentad panels:
Passive pilose puppy ponders pink passenger perched perpendicular to posterior while pleased parent passes propituous pink plant to penitent player.

Stomme poes

I thought you meant pertinent at first, but penitent indeed works. Pilose I didn’t know until finding pilous.