Hi! I don’t know if my rescript made it to the vote incentive… I saw the previous incentive (different versions of an earlier page) I am glad you liked the rescript, though 🙂


Yep, it’s up now.


Kleya has a puppy now 😀


now go catch em all kat. like pokemon


Then I suspect that she’s stockpiled a bunch of malerve into her inventory.


Okay…i did not see that coming lol i think the vines just makes the fiendi docile like a dog or a cat or…idk hairy beast lol

Orange Blossom's Violist
Orange Blossom's Violist

I love how each person chose a different route. I can’t wait to see what Danni does.

So far, I suspect The Dude and Jane will get a Villainous alignment, Kleya and Bandit will get a Heroic alignment, and Danni will be the tiebreaker for the team, tipping the scales over to the Villainous, on accident.


But Kleya told Danni to save the woman before, and that’s a less villainous way to go.


I can see that happening on accident. I say this due to the fact that I am having serious doubts she will be in time for a rescue. Last we saw of her, Danni was still well away from the island and the woman was already under attack. She may get a push towards villainy due to “letting” people die. I’ve seen that in games before, where NPCs chew you out for not helping (Skyrim and Aela or Baldur’s Gate and Drizz’t) fast enough, even if it was only due to lack of ability.


Danni will be the first to get the neutral alignment. Letting the mom die but save the kid. Keeping the party 50/50. 🙂

I really enjoy this series and decide to go back and read from the start, as it is always fun to watch art styles over time, more so as you use different one depending upon where the characters are at. That being said, I almost dropped my coffee seeing The Dude’s first appearance in strip 56. Also, I didn’t know there was hover text until today near #52, which means I had to go back again. I think I will miss the drawings from Kat more, now that I know you drew them with your left hand for authenticity. Please… Read more »

I suspect that they’re going to keep the team with fragmented alignments as a way to attract new viewers, by being unique and having in-fighting.


So it’s the opposite of catnip?


catnip only makes them mean when they come down from the high end enter withdrawl. like when crack addicts sometimes get stabby after running out of crack. give em crack and they just happily go to sleep after rubbing it all over their face


Odd, I don’t recall ever seeing any withdrawal symptoms from any of my cats. Perhaps Artificer-Urza simply meant that catnip often makes cats more excitable? This does seem to vary from cat to cat, though.

Iron Ed

Mine don’t have withdrawal, but Chanur tends to lose his inhibitions when playing with catnip. He’s usually fairly careful with his claws, but with catnip he gets more careless. It’s pretty obviously -not- deliberate though.


Kat looks really awesome in the first panel c:
Very good perspective-wise!


huh.. so.. The Guy steals a child.. and Kat makes the beast her slave.. most interesting.


Doing things her Mom’s way must be killing Kleya.


Anyone else notice the weird sound effects like its burning the fur or fusing to the flesh of the fendi creature? im hoping that’s not overly painful or that it will eventually go away pain wise, I hope its not like “holy water” to vampires
it would be cool if she could keep the pet and be allowed to take it with her to the other servers