You know Kat, you taking that route doesn’t seem very believable if you keep making that face.


She just really likes winning, and taking this path means she wins at the goal she has set herself.


And that’s what makes the followers keep coming back!

The insane Specials draw them in… the really eccentric behavior keeps ’em comin’ back!


also.. the fact that it was her mom’s path means its another homage to her… remember she wanted only pink and yellow since it was her mom’s fave color.


Pink is her mom’s favorite color. Yellow is her’s.


Oh man, I can’t decide of panel 1 or panel 4 is my favorite. They’re both really well done!


I vote panel 4; fantastic action poses for all the characters. 🙂


This… this is my favorite page. It just communicates action and movement so perfectly. Both in the dialogue, and in the slow movement of the characters. The little reverie by Kleya is also great.

Well done! Really well done!

G-ds, you have really improved since the game preleminaries, and the reality pages.


oooh, going for no killing at all! I think I am impressed.


Hmm…the more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to view The Dude as the Comic Relief character. Even if he doesn’t see himself that way, he has been amusing to watch as he hides from Jane…and uses a kid as a battering tool…


I don’t think that is his purpose. I just think that when the rules are unfamiliar he doesn’t think his decisions out very far. So he ends up looking like a goofball. Once he is sailing in waters he knows how to navigate you will see a far craftier character.


Panel 4 is really good; I love the pose.

Owen Smith

Having a Comic Relief character (or two) is a fine Shakespearean tradition. And The Dude definitely fulfills it.


I hope Kat invests in nice-based background explosions while riding a Fiendi. That aside, I REALLY enjoyed this page.


The Fiendi is disturbingly cute with the pink coloring.
I agree with everyone that panel four nails it perfectly!

P.S. Panel four is missing the ping claws on the front paws. I first thought that the Fiendi had hooves until I looked back at panel 1.


They looked like hooves to me too.


ouch.. yeah now that you meantion it it is missing something… even if it was the claws retracted and such a small line would help make it look like it had digits instead of hoofs..


pinK not pinG.
pinK pinK pinK…. wish I could edit my post.


Kat’s gonna wrangle a fiendi, let’s see how this goes…


woah. I LOVE the way kat is posed in panel 4, it captures the action soooo well


Is it nicer to subdue and imprison a beast or kill it? Life can be torturous, death can be peaceful. Perception is everything.


Perhaps they will treat the creature as a pet? Teach it to do tricks and feed it table scraps. Anyone with a dog knows that people food is superior to animal food.


Except if people are food. Then you’re just asking for trouble.

Orange Blossom's Violist
Orange Blossom's Violist

I’m liking Kleya’s Mom more and more as time goes on.

It’s such a cool and creative idea.


oh heck yes, which makes me wonder more and more what really happened to her.


It takes a bit more creativity to code.
Props to the Dev.


Long time reader, first time commenter. 😀

I really love your art on this page. The perspective is getting really good. I haven’t seen any of your more realistic stuff – but you seem to be learning well (and pulling off poses that look natural). Keep it up!


Is anyone else thinking this might become a lead-up to Kat being discovered, if that was always her mother’s route?

Derrick White

Kat referred to it as ‘her game’. I assumed that means she wrote a large part of it one way or the other. If she refers to a route as being her mother’s, I suspect it was more than just a playing preference.

Katrina S

It will definitely make them more suspicious.

However it sounds to me like this is the route her mother made. Not used.


It could confuse them even more. Considering that Kleya doesn’t even like this route and probably rarely played it before The Ending, it would be hard for the searches to believe it is really her. I don’t think they believe she can change that much.

Tim C

It probably won’t go without some kind of notice, though.