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I want to try something for the month of September. See, I’ve been thinking of doing a subscription thing like a members’ only area where you can help support my webcomic plus obtain extra content in 2014! Alas, I have no idea if there is any interest for this. Neither do I know if I could handle the extra content and it’s definitely no fun (and totally unprofessional) to offer a bunch of cool stuff and be unable to fulfill any of it.

So, enter this trial period of the AneekaChannel! From September 10th to October 5th, I’m going to see if I can handle juggling a membership area as well as see if there’s enough interest to merit it.

So far, the plan is:

-Annotations every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The annotations are like the director’s cut of a DVD. You’ll find thumbnails, original scripts, discarded versions, and other stuff as well as plenty of commentary. Click here for an example.

-All old incentives (yes, ALL of them, including the ones from Book 2) are up, set up like a webcomic so you can easily click through them all.

-All old wallpapers. Ideally, in 2014, I’ll put up a new one each month. But for now, you can browse and download any of the old ones.

-Catch behind the scene news and give input like for the upcoming Kickstarter for Volume 2, and see the in-progress shots of Volume 2’s cover.

-Participate in this trial period and get January of 2014 for free! (assuming this trial period is a success, of course).

-Maybe more? That’s up to you! I’ll have a blog in the member only area where I’ll be asking for suggestions.


How to sign up?

In 2014, I'll probably use a professional service, but right now, everything is going to be manual (meaning, a slow human being (me) will be doing most of the stuff instead of a computer) for the signing up process. So please, be patient.

Okay, first, the trial period is $3 and will last from Sept 10th to October 5th. That's 4 weeks.

If that's okay with you, then click this lovely little link that will take you to paypal (paypal account isn't required - it gives an option for just a credit card instead). If you have a specific username you'd like, please specify in the notes.

Second, you'll wait for me* to manually set up your account and send you an email.

Third, you'll get the email with your login details where you'll promptly log in.

Finally, you'll get to play in the members' only area and bug Aneeka.

*Please Note: I sleep at night. Which means there won't be any activations or setting up of accounts until I wake up. Just giving a heads up on this...


Thanks everyone!



Yeeeup, selfish, self-centered…

…Poor Kat/Kleya. Looks like this group will be headed to the Villain side of things.


Yup looks like team evil it is also what is this thing called sleep you mention


YOINK! And away. 😛


And that’s how you get your alignment. For popularity’s sake, he better have a good plan for that card.


Oh, but with how he fought the fendi, and then negotiated to get the card…. He’ll be popular. Chaotic neutral, him? Always a question of what he’ll do next, I wager, which will keep viewers watching.


Ironically, even after stealing from a child and using the child to kill a monster, he could still be the moral compass compared to the lady who killed both the villagers and the guy who stole the child…

I’m willing to pay for AneekaChannel, but I think $36/year is a little steep for what you’re offering. If that’s the quarterly price, I’m in. (And I don’t mind $3 for the trial 4 weeks, because I know you’ll lose a lot to PayPal in processing fees– they’re terrible for small payments like this.) Maybe you could do a discount for a year in advance? I’d rather pay a bit more at once, knowing that you’ll get more of the money, and take my chances on whether the channel will last all year, than make monthly payments where PayPal ends… Read more »

What happens to the accounts after the end of the trial period, should you decide to scrap this subscription model? I’d dislike paying for stuff which I can’t access at some point ever again.

Erfworld did a good variation on the membership idea. Basically the trick was to have subscribers pay a monthly fee that would be usable to buy things later on. Such as t-shirts or new books. Seemed a viable model. Personally, I don’t like subscriptions but it can work. As for the update, I thought the Dude was pretty darn funny. You know, when Kleya gave her advice, I thought it was pretty useless after I saw how easily they found the town. I still think Danni would have managed to get it without help but it’s clear that the route… Read more »

WOOT i think i will be signing up for this asap… unfortunately no mula at the moment… but i will latter on in the day. i’ve been wanting to help support the site/comic for quite awhile and so am very glad to have this opportunity.


Now that’s just evil.

Tadd Mencer

First time commenting. Been reading, and enjoying, the comic for a little while now. This page, however, made me laugh literally out loud. Good work.


HAHAHAHA, so the dude is a coward. Guess this confirms him for villain status of the least cool sort. Anyone wanna bet he will be surprised by his alignment?

Mmmmm, interesting. A cool kids with money room. I’ll have to think on this.


Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed meeting you at the Con on Saturday.


That heartless fiend! Truly we have found the most evil of villains on this team.


I think they might be doing this on purpose. Maybe trying to force Kleya into a role she dose not want, stepping back and looking at the results.


What? Yearly subscriptions? Sadness.
Oh well. Hope it works out! Just let me know the next times physical books come out. You can always count on me for those!

Stig Hemmer

Hmm… The kid was about to offer him something else when he pounced. I wonder what?


G-d d*** he is funny.
I hope that was broadcasted because that would make me vote for him.


The other question I’m left with at the end of this page is… Will the Dude actually solve the real problem before moving on? That floating jungle is going to continue to rain fiendi on this village….


He might. He will prolly feel guilty later. Cause, you know, he stole something important from a child.


Like stealing a trading card from a small child….


I prefer the sort of donation bucket where you can donate towards extra updates of the main story – side content not really being what I come for.

That said, I hope you make lots of money so you can spend more time on the comic.


What a d***.. XD

Jan Jansen

running of going Mwahaha! and a big NOT A VILLAIN written right below. Boggles the mind it does:) Wonderful.

Librari the Wizard

Loving Dude’s ‘Mwahahaha!’ here. Oldest trick in the book still works, it seems.