Ohhh, Kat. I know this is *your* game, and you know it backwards and forwards and probably know *exactly* how to most efficiently exploit the program to win nearly instantly. But… don’t you think it’s a little suspicious if you make a bee line *strait* for the secret spot?


Exactly my thoughts.


Very suspicious, but I’m the kind of player who will read the dialog and then try to go the exact opposite way. Especially if the dialog is badly written! So I’m willing to give her the very tiniest bit of reasonable doubt. (very very tiny bit)


I know I’m late to mention this, but…

It is entirely conceivable that Kat’s hacking prowess enables her to slyly watch what is being broadcast. If she knows no one is watching her, she can go where she wants.

Actually you don’t even need much hacking skill for that; just a second monitor.


wow this page looks awesome,its almost like anime. Is it bad that i can see it as such lol ha haha this would make an crazy cartoon the more i think about it.


Ooh, now I am intrigued…


Does it count as true heroism if she does things for reasons outside of caring for others welfare? I think what she does now is so she can get extra good points later.

I suspect the most heroic thing Kleya has done to date is look out for her friend Danni. Everything else is just acting in a way she thinks hero’s should. Kinda like talking the talk but not walking the walk.


Ooooh. And someone left herself a back door. Now the question is, will knowing it give her identity away?


This is kinda what I thought – knowing all the cheat codes means you’re not just the average gamer.


Oh dear. Kleya is going to give herself away in the first ten minutes, at this rate….


Heh, taken a shortcut I amazing. Kinda predicted she’d do that… XD

Love her expression in the first panel, and the page as a whole. 😀



My brain must have been in another place when I wrote that post. :V


I can’t wait to see what happens, I love this story!


I see that many people are thinking this is a secret area. It doesn’t look that way to me. It looks as if Kat is just taking a sample of the seaweed looking stuff. Since people in Life can see the game participants, somebody might ask for it as a quest item and she can justify her knowledge as “I saw it before in Life.”

This is of course just speculation like everyone else.



Why does it go from brown to green?


It looks to me like the outside is brown but the inside is green? Like, there’s a protective jagged brown outer coating, maybe.


I think that it’s an algae that’s growing on the rocks that hang down.


I think it’s a lighting effect. Have you ever looked at a dark-colored item, then brought a light closer to it? It makes it brighter because there is more light focused on the object. When she moved close to the stuff (seaweed?) wisps followed her, increasing the amount of light nearby.

But it’s just a thought.


Looks like some sort of growth or herb on the jagged rocks below the floating island. I’m guessing it has some sort of benefit when injested. I’m guessing Esone.


:0 I think she’s just pretending to follow the whisps cues~


The wisps are actually trying to tell her to go up instead of down.


Perhaps once you set foot on the island, you loose the ability to fly. so she is picking up a quest item before it is needed when she can fly down here instead of climbing down via some internal Maze of Monsters.