Kat says the game hasn’t changed too much, but wasn’t it noted that TenKa manages to update the game regularly despite not patching LiFe?


Maybe she meant the Game Engine (code) itself, and not the in-game content (story, models, etc.)?


I believe she means the tutorial level that she designed. The Game is regularly updated but the tutorial doesn’t need to change much.

Depends on what ‘update’ means here. * Bugfixes. Those will definitely be done & expected. Unless there’s some exploit she is planning to make use of… * Balance issues. Even Tenka will most likely not want their game to stray too far away from being fair, since they still want customers. This is usually an ongoing effort in current MMOs. * New areas. * Changes to existing areas. I suspect this was what she was worrying about with the “didn’t change too much” comment. * The Game engine itself. Apart from bug fixes I don’t think they’d do too much… Read more »

I just read all the comics starting from the beginning in the past 4 hours… Gotta say, I’m in love. I would like more than anything to live in such a world. Somebody needs to make this happen… Gotta say, it’s inspiring.


Read her book. I like it better than the comic. (I like the comic, I just like the book (on a completely different subject and in a different world), better.)

The virtual world does look fun, but remember the cost at which it came. If you lived in this world; probably everyone you love would be dead, and L.I.F.E. would be your ONLY escape from a brutal world of trying to survive. Several of the people here have been shown to have mental problems and debilitating injuries, everyone has to slave for hours to survive, and disabled people aren’t valued at all. Look at what little we know of Our Heros’ back stories alone. Kleya seems to have lost her family, and to be dealing with serious mental instability. Danni… Read more »

Nah, leave the “Meanwhile” in. It’s perfectly legit in graphic novels, and it shows/reinforces that they aren’t anywhere near Kat/Kleya. It’s a good reminder that each person is having their own unique experience…and a great way of showcasing their personalities and experience levels.

Also–wewt! Full page update!


P.S. You’re getting better at feet. 🙂

Fire Hazard

Beautiful page. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for our heroes. And will she help the woman?


Love the last page and this one. And I would like to float as well! 🙁 :p


wow this page is awesome….and so beautiful, i want to play THE GAME

Techno Gray

Too bad, you just lost the game.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


Aww! Cat’s smile is SO cute 😀 I like this side of her.


I agree, floating is wonderful.
I would have thought Danni would have an easier time with the physical challenges, given her background. She may not be able to dance in Reality, but she still has the coordination and muscle memory. I would think she also has a high strength stat.


Also, Danni knows what the Chaos Mists are?!?


I think it depends on the situation if the “Meanwhile”-box is important or not. Here, I think one understands that this happens at the same time. It could just be necessary to show that they are not at the same place in this moment.


Well, yeah, obviously you should be able to fly. 😉

So does everyone get the helpful little voices? It is a tutorial, after all…

Also, I got Kleya as my quiz face when I voted! first time! 🙂


Chaos Mist. The new generation of loading screen.

Tadd Mencer

Love the floaty hair.

Been reading the comic for some time. Great stuff. I’m really diggin it. Keep up the great work!


Gah! I hate tutorial text in games. Why not make tutorials more intuitive people…then again, when done right, they can add to storyline. Maybe a mix

Typhon Grey

I love the page, but is it just me or does Danni’s head seem to be out of proportion to her body in panel 4?


love her expression in the first panel! big fan of the comic: keep up the good work!


She programmed it, but surely someone else wrote the dialogue and quests? They have whole teams of writers for that stuff.


I love this comic, and this tutorial is pretty awesome. Great art, love the concept overall, and you’re telling a very interesting story

The real reason I had to comment now was the “do do” in the last panel, of course. Somebody had to make a poop joke.


“Think different” – a brilliant way to start the tutorial.