‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 250


I think Dude's going to die from overload shock any moment now... πŸ˜‰

EDIT: Vote incentive is the Dude clarifying that last panel.

Also, full page is up!!



Schedule Change!

I'll still be updating Tues/Fri but the pages will be split.

Actually, what I'd like to do is put up one half and then simply exchange it for the complete page on the next update day. But that would affect my RSS readers and the like since they won't get a notice that there was an update. If you're adamantly against this, please let your opinion be known. If not, then I'll probably go with that plan. That way, the archive will have whole pages instead of half ones.

Also, this temporary change will last until the end of July. *flees incoming pitchforks*

The Reason:

The curse of the quest for better art. That's pretty much what it boils down to.

I'm better at drawing now (something that still amazes me each day) which enables me to draw more of what I see in my head instead of dumbing it down to what my art skills could handle. But I'm still short of what I want. And I really, really want to have awesome art skills when we officially enter the Game as well as when I start to expand on the Reality flashbacks. To achieve that, I've been experimenting more, attempting more difficult poses and angles. Last page is a good example of that. I mean, just look at all the feet that showed up!!Β  Agh!!


I tend to fail a lot, however, and thus waste much time in fixing the many mistakes. And the stress of trying to make a deadline while also trying to make the art decent has been taking a toll on me and my once large buffer. In fact, it has completely depleted the buffer since I now average about 1 to 1.5 pages a week.

At first, I contemplated starting to dumb down the art again -- make it more to what I could produce and sustain at 2/week update. But remember how stubborn Kleya is? Yeah, she totally gets that from me. And that stubbornness REALLY wants to keep the better art style for the Game. But it also wants to keep the same schedule. I have this thing called pride or something...

Luckily, I seem to improve faster when I do art studies. It's like taking a class except I do it myself (classes and me never mixed well together anyway). I outline a schedule, plan all the lessons, and then tackle it. Yay for DIY.

So, for the next two months, I'm going to focus on leveling up my art skill with the extra time provided by the schedule change. I've actually already started and I'm already seeing improvements. Yay! And I'll hopefully regain a buffer in the meantime.

Oh, and there is one more glitch. *eyes the readied pitchforks*

I'm leaving for a two week vacation in Ireland and Scotland. I know: how evil of me to take a long awaited vacation, but I'm doing it anyway (and giving a chance for cheaper international shipping! See? I'm not so bad!). During this time, I will be posting a fan comic I received some time ago. Cause let's face it; I highly doubt I'll be very productive while on vacation. Plus, I think the fan comic is hilarious and well done and the author agreed to let me post it up while I'm vacationing. So it'll start going up next Friday and I hope you all like it as much as I did. More about this next week.

Anyway, that's my long and probably unneeded explanation. But I wanted you all to understand why I'm scaling back a bit. And hopefully, come August, I'll have a large buffer and AMAZING art skills. Wouldn't that be awesome?? *ohpleaseletitbeso!!*

Thanks so much for reading my story!!

*resumes quiet creator mode*


Studies? Have you thought of letting us see those as well? I am sure more than a few would like to see your efforts as you stride forth towards your goal. Might be worth letting us see on the main site rather than vote incentives, although I will leave that to a vote of my peers. Also, for all that is holy, do take that vacation. The few times I have taken a holiday for myself, I never regretted it. Work might pile up, but its worth it. Treat yourself and come back with vigor and inspiration! πŸ˜€ Oh, and… Read more »

Dude needs to calm the farm…
Would you be able to post a note (for lack of a better term) when the full pages come online? That way us rssers can know about updates and you get to have full pages in the archives?


Plan sounds good to me. πŸ™‚ Feel free to post examples of your study projects for vote incentives– I’d love to see them!

Meanwhile… why am I not surprised that the mecha designers, victims of the hackers, we’re persecuted along with the hackers themselves?


I think it’s great that you’re still trying to improve and you can definitely see it! Too many artists get to a certain point and plateau/get complacent.

So, like, do what you need to do. πŸ™‚


Just now I noticed: “The hackers hunt” sounds very similar to “the witch hunt”.

The Merry Lurker
Ohmigosh YES dooo ittt! Splitting HURTS but it’s so, so worth it. I recently made the decision to cut down on the amount of stuff in single pages of my webcomic, after receiving some negative feedback about how my art and.. frankly.. readability was suffering from it. After making the transition, and experimenting a little.. I’ve never been happier with the output. Your new art-style is beautiful, and I’ve been noticing you going outside the box lately too. The feet didn’t escape me (I remember the thing with Jane’s intro-panel XD), and I loved what you did with the perspective… Read more »
The Merry Lurker

Um, “suffering from it” with “it” being the amount of stuff in one page. Sleepy brain forgets to use proper sentence structure when it wants sleep. <_<


New schedule works for me, Aneeka. πŸ˜€

H***, if nothing else better something than nothing, IMO.


well considering that i haunt this page typicaly every time that it updates, i think replacing it with a full page is fine. and you going on vacation is an awsome thing of course. so enjoy yourself. defantly intrested in the june 1st info on IHI we hardly have any real world info so it’ll be nice.

Tim C

Hmm… given Sandra’s complete lack of technical knowledge… she was probably on the business or HR side of things, rather than an engineer. Maybe an accountant?

*agree* Her city wouldn’t be looking to Tenka for help if she were a skilled programmer. She’d instead have been brought into Tenka, and Tenka would have seen to things in her city. Though, there may be politics- Tenka withholding aid until she joins their ranks? I’m honestly thinking more janitorial, food service, or otherwise non-technical. Even HR staffers need to know how to navigate a DB. Competent ones can write their own reports. Management too. I’m not sure if clerical would fit her, but I could see mid level ‘grounds keeper’ getting to where she is now. Someone who… Read more »
Get her!!!!!!!! *Charges with pitchfork*. In all seriousness though, be careful Aneeka! Obviously, if need to slow down, then you need to slow down and that’s all there is to it. We can’t ask you to do something that you just can’t do. But I’ve loved too many web comics that have become defunct because the author felt the way you do now. The author “temporarily” slows down for some reason or another (they’re busy, the art here is hard, their cat dies, etc.) and they get lazy. They get used to the slower pace and can’t motivate themselves to… Read more »
Well, if Aneeka is truly having some DIY classes, I doubt getting lazy will be a problem. Because if you are doing DIY classes, you a) have the motivation, b) being still busy, just not on ‘drawing’. I could argue there isn’t any slow pace, just different time allocation. From what I read, this is case of “I want to do better, but I need to work on that so I can make it better AND not miss deadlines”, and Aneeka seems to be the kind of person who won’t use it as an excuse and who has the passion… Read more »

then again this webcomic I loved called WhatDoYouDo suddenly died when the creator said the same thing. diy classes, want to improve my art….and then he died or something and was never seen or heard from again. eventually the hosting ran out and the comic went offline.


First, I’ll opt for the whole pages-option.

Second, I think your art skills really are improving! I look forward to great Game pages and more Reality. So do what you must to match the high standards of your readers. πŸ˜‰

No, really, it’s great what you’re doing here! Take your time and enjoy your holidays! I promise: no pitchforks! πŸ™‚

Achromatic Hue

I would personally rather have one page update per week, rather than half pages and stuff. However, I can just visit the site once a week instead of twice, so I guess you don’t need to change anything. Have fun in Ireland and Scotland! ?:


I like how, whenever anyone learns any pertinent information about another user’s real life, their first reaction is always “holy cow how did you survive this long?”


I read via RSS, that would confuse me greatly. You should be able to rig something up, though, where you swap out the image and then post a news post saying it’s up, which would hit my RSS feed and alert me to go look at it again. Some other comics do something similar, but I don’t know how your site’s backend looks.

Read via RSS too and it would make it hard to follow. Just remembered that you did something similar during the “reality” phase of the comic, what did you do back then to keep comments and still have rss updates? In it’s core a RSS feed entry is little more then a Text and a URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS#Example I do not know how much control the backend allows, but right now it seem to use something suboptimal as GUID (this comic has the guid: http://navcomic.com/?post_type=webcomic1&p=3483). If you could tell it to just use actual random GUID’s instead, you may be able… Read more »

Love the vote incentives with the rescripts. Love them. love love. You rest. Just enough. Please. How do I make that sound like a command from somewhere important?


Another re-script: They’re trying to use Kleya’s Nice special πŸ˜›


As long as the schedule change is temporary, and it’s for a good reason (improving art skills), I’m fine with it. Either way, I’m used to much longer hiatuses. I read Homestuck and Nuzlocke comics.


Maybe you should take the entire month off, put the comic on hiatus (at least uploading) and work on improving yourself, getting a buffer going again, whatever you feel might be necessary. If people are true fans of a series they should be able to wait YEARS for so much as a new chapter.

On one hand I’d be happy with a single, full page update once a week… on the other hand I am aware that you want people to visit your site more often because of ads. I don’t know if splitting the page will work from a story perspective… you’d be limiting yourself to 2-3 panels at a time which could disrupt the flow of the story. Perhaps you could post text updates alternating with comic pages, to explain a little more about the world you created. This works rather well for Erfworld but perhaps you want to tell the entire… Read more »

If removing the half pages later would lose the comments, I’d rather not do that. I love the comic, but also part of what I love is the commentary. πŸ™‚

I am so glad you are taking a vacation!!! I have no idea how you have found time to create a comic AND a book and not die (I would). Don’t worry about splitting the comics, they will be great anyway and the suspense of waiting for the rest of each page will just make me want to read it more! To be honest your story is what drew me in not the art, but it is an honor to see you dedicate yourself to your craft and I sincerely believe that you will continue to improve and make an… Read more »

By all means, do what you want to ensure greater comic quality. I imagine the majority of us are a patient bunch and are willing to wait for slightly slower updates. Heck, if you wanted to go with one update a week so you could update completely in whole pages, I’d be fine with that.

In any case, you’re still updating way faster than VGCats.


Since most artists start publishing to work on their art, I don’t see why it would be a bad thing to want to take the time to improve. I love your comic. I want to see where it’s going. The WORST thing would be if you were so annoyed at it and felt like it was holding you back,that you’d stop doing it at all. So, do your best! And this reader will be here, rooting you on, loving your story and the way you tell it. πŸ™‚


OK, I’ll weigh in…

Basically, I agree with what everyone else is saying.

:: stands around awkwardly, then wanders off ::

…Seriously though, I’m loving the evolving art style (and I’m clearly not even close to the only one), and you do deserve a vacation. It’ll be painful, not having NAV like I’m used to, but I guarantee I’ll survive it. ( I mean, people can survive hacked mechas and violent supervolanic eruptions, so who am I to expire due to delays? ;P )

Hi Aneeka, This is the first time I’ve left a comment, but as someone who likes to dabble in writing and drawing (though so far, not yet in conjunction), I wanted to voice my appreciation of your work as well as leave you some encouragement. To be honest, when I first came across NAV a few months ago, I was a little amused by the quality of the artwork. But then I started reading… and couldn’t stop. I caught up with the entire story in one sitting. Yes, the art might not be as polished as other webcomics out there,… Read more »

I’m cool with whatever update schedule you adopt — heck, adopt OotS’s “pages are published when they’re done, stop asking” schedule if you want!

Having said that, I am an RSS reader — and not good at remember which comics I’m reading let alone when they update — so if you could by any means figure out a way to keep the RSS feed working I’d really appreciate it.


If it works out how you say, I will be pretty negatively hit as an RSS reader. I will not remember to check midweek. So yeah, I am happy for whatever, but if you could make it work with RSS, that would be pretty great, as I love NAV (Been here since the start!) and would hate to get really confused every update. πŸ™‚


No Pitchforks. Promise. a) I don’t know where you live and b) I don’t own one… Half pages are good because it allows people (like me) to come back more regularly. If we have a burning need to see full pages it is easy enough to just check in once a week. It would be nice to get updates when a page is up though. I’m loving your story. I have had days when I have come back three times in a day. I hope you enjoy your study and holiday.


If the content is better for it, people will understand.

I dunno thing one about RSS feeds and only vaguely understand how comic sites manage content… But could you have page A link to page B0.5 with the half page, then publish a new page, B1.0 with the full image? Re-link page A to page B1.0 and make page B0.5 a redirect to 1.0. That should get you a double RSS advert, but I don’t know if the site content management scheme is too rigid to allow for it.

Loyal Reader

The story’s good, the art is fun. We as lucky readers wouldn’t even know you needed a break or to “level up your art” if you hadn’t told us. I think I speak for most of us when I say to go rest. You’ve hooked us this far. We can trust you to do what’s right. Please don’t burn out!


Cool background info on IHI in the new vote incentive!

Could you move the voting link back below the comic? I keep forgetting to click it where it is now.


AAAAAARRGGG!!! I’m glad you’re working on your art, but I’m getting desperate to see the girls new avatars! Curiosity… Killing… Me… blaaagh…


I don’t mind if you need to update less frequently, Aneeka. I’ll keep supporting your webcomic, reading every comic you post here. Good luck and Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚


I read “The Noob” and that seems to update about one page every three months! Still follow it though. (Check it out if you haven’t already!)

I admire your vision and persistence. Go for it.


I like how Dude quickly changed the topic and Jane’s perfect timing ^_^

The gesture drawings look good ^_^ Are you, by any chance, using posemaniacs?


This mood swing! Haha, the Dude is great!

Takes too long to think of a cool name
Takes too long to think of a cool name

I was going to post a relevant comment, but then I scrolled… and scrolled… and scrolled…
This page has a lot of comments. Cool!


So, Jane has no outfit change (maybe slightly shorter hair?) but I guess it’s for the best since her current avatar fits her personality perfectly.

Great job on The Dude’s expressions and poses, especially in the last 3 panels.


Nice studies on the next page, the deletable one.

I just discovered this page chock-full of drawing tutorials and some could be useful for you:



The RSS reader I use shows the page as updated as soon as any text in the message changes. So I saw this page again when you changed the text.

For those using NetNewsWire, you can set this mode by going to “Preferences… ?,” -> “General” -> “Updated items” -> “Mark as unread” and make sure that it is checked.

Annaliese Lemmon

My RSS feeder didn’t show the updated page, but it did show the deletable one, so that works for me. I didn’t realize it showed the studies till I clicked through though. Neat!


My RSS feeder didn’t show the updated page, but it did show the deletable one, so I am happy.


Gah, you’re killing me! I’m dying to know what Kleya and Dani’s new avatars look like.

But, despite that, the new update schedule is absolutely fine, especially since your art is practically improving with every page. Seriously, if I had a webcomic it would be stick figures, and not even decent ones where you can tell what they’re doing like xkcd, and I would still be behind on updates. πŸ™‚

Orange Blossom

That’s so great! I love the next page, with all the drawings of poses. I need to practice those, too.

In fact, I’m probably also going to start practicing poses alongside you, just because I need to get better at them.


The ‘deletable’ page worked wonderfully for me! And that art study thing looked really cool! πŸ˜€


The deletable page was perfect for my update alerts, thanks!


Are you actually going to delete the ‘deletable’ page? I thought it was really interesting. Maybe you could post it in the extras section?

I think you’re improving greatly all the time. I actually like comics like this, where the artist doesn’t wait til he/she has perfected his/her skills and starts when they feel like it. It leaves a traceable track of how and where the improvement is. Another such comic I follow is Gunnerkrigg Court. And I want to say that comics like yours inspired me to write my own, despite the fact I’ve never done one before and I don’t have confidence people will like it. So, I just want to say, You’re doing a marvelous job with this comic, and I… Read more »

– Aneeka has defeated a Pose Sketch
– Aneeka Gains 2 Xp
– Xp needed until Aneeka gains a Level 9476

Keep At it! πŸ˜€


I am beginning to have an idea about the backstory of Bloody Mary/Jane… Although my head is pretty crazy :/