Sir Read-a-Lot

Okay, that was not what I was expecting.


. . .
Something tells me that the Dude has some VERY bad memories associated with that particular brand of mecha. . .


I have feels for Dude at this moment.


Wow, Dude is not amused, why is that? Some bad incidents with giant robots in the past?

The Merry Lurker

Oh crap, flashback time. Something tells me sh*t’s about to get serious. D:

The Merry Lurker

BUTTONS! I thought you meant web buttons, but those are even cooler. I like the one in the middle on the top, and.. all of them. XD Too sweet!


I would guess that is so “Dude, not cool” for the Dude.
Propably so combat robot they used in the world before/during the apokalypse.


I don’t think theDude likes this avatar, unpleasent flashback in 5 4 3 …


Flashback time! Anyone? Flashback Time?


Well someone is having a trauma flashback!


Ok, Brandon apparently has a past. Given how stressed out he looks, I don’t think he’s remembering the nice mecha pilot who saved him after the Ending… More like the hacker-controlled mech that nearly killed him, I’d say. I suppose that would explain some of his hostility and paranoia about Kleya.

Also… Brandon is not the only one who likes to push buttons, and Paddy is not the goofy innocent show-off he’s pretending to be….


Oh, and the buttons look great! 🙂


What makes you think that Paddy isn’t “goofy and innocent”? Maybe Sandra simply likes mechas. Plus the two pictured here are different models. Look at the chest, head, and shoulders; I don’t think this mech was intended to look like the Dude’s dreaded mecha-nightmare.


The shoulders have the weaponry removed. The rest looks like regular avatar simplification to me. I think it’s quite possible that the avatar was originally intended as a gift for Sandra, but I also don’t think Paddy’s motivations in showing it to the guys were all that simple. Check his response to the reactions to the Grape Ape avatar on the previous page. He’s fishing for a response, or for some particular information, like details of Brandon’s and Jake’s pasts.

Or possibly the whole point is to be able to see Kleya’s response when she arrives.


“He’s fishing for a response, or for some particular information, like details of Brandon’s and Jake’s pasts.” Would love a great never suspected the good guy is actually is super genius but secretly has his own agenda payoff to kick in months later when it can blindside us!


Apparently having an avatar that’s a giant evil robot irl is in bad taste.

Techno Gray

Woo! Mechas and PTSD, fun times were had by all.


First thought, Takeru getting pried from his TSF by Izumi after bum rushing a crowd of BETA.


I don’t think the Dude will ever get over [url=] Macho Grande [/url]


Uh-oh. I don’t think the Dude likes that avatar very much.


Robots took his lunch money back in school. He’s had a tough time forgiving them ever since.


That’s funny!


Ah yes, trauma. Nothing like emotional scars to make the plot move. Shall we take bets on whether the Dude goes into the fetal position?


Finally, something he can’t smile about.


Interesting how Dude seems to be having a bad flashback, but the avatar was apparently created as a gift for his wife. Also, I’m a bit surprised that the avatar seems relatively low quality given that it was made as a gift.


I’unno, you guys. I think this is more of a “The Dude has posttraumatic stress, and that was the rescue mecha digging him out from under the rocks” kind of thing. It looks like a trigger, not a slaughterbot.


Did you not notice the gun barrel-like object pointing directly at the Dude in the last panel?


What’s wrong with guns for hands? Lots of nice people have guns for hands.

Plus, you know, it’s hardly a mecha if it doesn’t have a gun for a hand.

(That is also a bit too indistinct for me to call it gun-like.)


Wow maybe we see a part of his past in a city, due to the background.

Jordan Gatz

The art in the last panel is amazing, you can see how much fear he has for mechs and why. Your hand is equally impressive with the amount of shading and details you placed on it. The only slightly off feature is that you placed the thumb too far to the right. Other than that it is amazing artwork. I know how difficult it is making something like this and all of the NAV fans out there appreciate what you do. Keep up the amazing work!


I can’t be the only one who didn’t know the dude had red eyes…