Really loved the Reality flashback in this one; it looks smooth and real, like an old sepia-tone movie.

As as aspiring programmer myself, I hope to be as enthusiastic as Kleya was.


Yes, it really looks like such an old photo!


After all the not smiling, now I just find Kleya’s smiles sorta creepy.

Well, that doesn’t bode well. I refer to the fact that Kleya and her dad used to have a good relationship but its implied now they don’t. Don’t let Bandit’s lame lie fool you, if the dad was dead I think we would all know it. This might be part of the reason why she almost never smiles now. I can count on one hand out of the hundreds of pages this comic has that Kleya has smiled a true smile. The I will leave it up to popular debate whether her evil genius smile counts. I don’t count it,… Read more »

The sad thing about the one-liners is that I check this comic from an iPad (because it’s in easy reach when I wake up on Tuesdays and Fridays) and I can’t figure out a way to see the one-liners on the iPad. 🙁

So Jake’s been smitten since Kleya was 10? And Dad wasn’t always being ripped out of family photos.


Her skin is kind of… SCARY pale. Did she never go outside the lab?


Good chance of that. I suspect it was a bit from two columns. Column A: Being a prodigy in computers and electronics she very likely thought it was fun to tinker with such things and never had the inclination to go out. Column B: Her dad may have been exploiting her genius very carefully.

Stig Hemmer

It is faded it black and white because it is a flash-back.

Techno Gray

Calling it, Bandit is her father.

I don’t really believe it myself but I’m still going to call it.

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

But isn’t Saisuke really Kleya’s Father? Then again, Saisuke is also The Bandit, who is also the Dude pretending to be a different person, who is also Dr Grace, while Jane just happens to be Mrs. Lily, while also happening to be D in disguise.


I know you guys are going for the most BS points, but can it be slightly less convoluted? I think I sprained my brain following the logic XD

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

I was just trying to cram all the previous theories into one to show how silly it was.

Although, RedRose has a point.


What would be funny is if all of it was true. It would be like some dream parody on a sitcom, or a typical soap opera O:D


I think her dad’s Sasuke, too! And he’s looking for her! Some (if not all) of us thought he was a love interest, but is it possible that he really is her dad after all?


Her DAD caused the huge disaster! That explains a lot!


That would mean either:
1. Her Dad had control of the virus, or
2. Her Dad IS the virus.
The Virus only appears to listen when it wants to, and only to people it likes.


I just love the Dude’s attitude towards conspiracies in this page!

Also, calling that her father is the head of TENKA.


Oooh. That… that makes sense.


Agreed. I have had that feeling since about the time we got acquainted with Dr. Grace. The guy can monologue while talking to other people XD.


The hand in the first panel can’t be Kleya’s, or can it? Looks as if somebody is pointing to something she now turns to?

Why does Bandit look surprised when the Dude says “Woah, her dad?!” Is it because he was roused from his memories? Or because he suddenly realizes that he said too much?


Both I would say. He was deep enough in his memories to let slip something he shouldn’t have. Thus the look like someone suddenly threw freezing water on him all of a sudden.


True, which only serves to convince me further that the next panel is a desperate attempt to cover up his mistake. Since Kleya’s mom already functions as a morality pet, I’m guessing her dad will have a bigger role in the story (i.e. a Chekhov’s gunman).


I just realized who’s arm we are seeing in panel one. It’s Bandit’s. That is HIS memory of Kleya. He mentioned they were in the same program once…that they worked together. So…the logical conclusion is we are seeing his hand point to something.

Anyone else got a take on that?


Way to let slip vital information, Bandit.


Conspiracies are fun, dude!