Wait, is mea or her mom sick? I’m confused.

Sir Read-a-Lot

Mea’s sick. Kleya’s mom was sick. Emphasis on “was”.


The background of panel 2 appears to be a flashback to Kleya’s mom being injured/sick. Mae’s the one who’s sick now.


That’s a flashback. It’s Kleya’s mom.


Is Mina’s expression supposed to be annoyed with Kleyas doubt? or is it more like an intrusion of unpleasant thoughts?

I’m sorry, I can’t get the feeling straight in the page so I want to be sure. Also, I sent fan art for you~


I’d say a mix of Annoyance, at Kleya pointing out the Elephant, a little determination to make it not happen, and a bit of Betrayal at her ‘friend’ for even considering that it won’t turn out all right.


I’d say pointing out the elephant in the room is the biggest part of it. Mina seems to live in that country know as Denial. She gets upset at anyone who points out her flaws in logic and doesn’t let her believe it will turn out to be all rainbows and butterflies.


As a witticism I know goes, “The(De) Nile isn’t just a river in Ejypt”.

Long ago I learned that it takes you someplace, but not necessarily where you want to go.


nice. I had heard the first part, but the second ties it in with the conversation in a delicious way. I am pleased with your addition, I give you the gold star of approval! *
(not being facetious, just my usual odd self)


Only a month to get famous? Perhaps she’s a little naive…

It takes only a moment to become famous. It takes even less time to become infamous. Kleya could even manage the latter with just a mention of who she is (was?), but that mention helps nobody, would probably kill tenka (“Death to the hackers!”), and the cities fall with them. A hero does not destroy the world. So… The infamous option is out. More seriously, Kleya has a purpose presented to her here. What happens if she fails to achieve it? Sure, she can hack the system to send aid, but it may be a move to the city that’s… Read more »
There is. She could start by offering her skills to help cities in need, fix up broken systems, etc. She will also need to swallow whatever she wants and do the right thing and become famous, even if just for a little while. So she can get money to help those around her. So she can slowly change the perception of the people around her. It’ll be a long road. But she can do it. Unless you mean the hero of a fantasy. Then she just needs to throw herself blindly into a fight and come out victorious, beating the… Read more »

I get your point, although your approaching my level of rambling. back off, only I get to ramble XD


I don’t think she needs to become famous at all. If she were willing to help Sandra’s City with their programming issues, they’d probably take the Lillys. The Game is a distraction from what she really needs to do if she wants to be a “hero.”

The first page of the comic sums it up. She wants to be a hero, but thinks she doesn’t have the right skills in real life. She’s completely mistaken. Her skills are desperately needed.

In the Game she can be “not a villain,” but that sets the goal way too low.

Well said. Of course, I get the feeling that is part of the point of the story. Kleya has no idea that skills she already has can be used to great good. She has to learn that she can affect great change for the better as the person she already is. It is that pesky self loathing thing. Seems to make her think she is vile and unforgivable and can’t help people as she is. As well as not see she already has been helping people by just being herself. Not that the people she has chosen to help are… Read more »

She’s sp busy looking at how much of a hero she will be, she’s missing the chance to be a hero. Kinda says a lot. 😉


heh, Kleya in a nutshell, so obsessed with trying to be a Hero, she doesn’t realize that Heroes don’t get to be Heroes by Trying to be Heroes


Hmm.. A month can be a loong time, all things considered.. Think of the virals in RL.. A youtube clip going viral can make you an Elebrity overnight (relatively speaking).. Find a way to utilize that, like in The Game and you could very well make a ton of money..

All that aside, this is a great comic.. (Just read it through)

Thanks for giving us a gripping story, a mystical world with enough twists and turns to keep a rock confused with its purpose in life and entertainment of the highest order..

– Rob


Acutally Mãe is the portugues word for mom.(and maybe spanish too) 😉


Mãe may be the Portugese word for mom, but it doesn’t mean anything in Spanish. The Spanish word for “mother” is madre, and the Spanish word for “mom” is mama.
And Spanish doesn’t have tildes over any letters besides “n.” Even if the tilde wasn’t there, I’m pretty sure there are no words that end in “ae” (though there are words ending with the “ah-eh” sound, like calle).