Hi, I’ve been here once before. I’m just posting to say I love your comic and I always keep up with it on my rss and always click through your vote incentives. Thanks for giving your work away to all of us. Your site is one of about two exceptions i have programmed into my ad blocker.


KLEYA is scaring people? Mia’s face in the last panel is going to give me nightmares.

The Merry Lurker

Whoa. KILLING last panel. That expression speaks volumes.


That last panel is a creepy smile!

Kleya did some subtle hacking. Is she more careful or less under stress, I wonder..?




Nice code effect in the third panel… I’d suggest making the yellow squiggles just a bit brighter.

I don’t know if it’s good that Kleya punctured Mina’s happy fantasy or not….


Yeah, That Look always means something Good.


They all logged off. Kleya is all alone now. ~maybe


Ok bad bad Kleya scaring all of us

And that face of Mina… looks like she just snaped, hope she don’t break at all >.o


O.o Bad grammar


Not my first language u.u
Forgive me or bite me u.u


I’ll love you <3


The expression in the last panel… it is so perfect…


ah, poor gal. Kleya just ripped away her ability to stay in denial land. that is what that face in the last panel is. trying to keep the smile up when you realize nobody is fooled. very uncanny valley. I am gonna say this causes Kleya to compromise herself in some way soon in an effort to save her friend’s family. not in a Jame’s Bond or superhero way. saying she will likely make a deal of some sort.


man i feel bad for her

Professor Harmless

Kleya doesn’t need to make a deal with anyone. She’s capable of hacking the courier bots, and/or hijacking them. In a prior comic Kleya’s “friend” implied as much while she was scolding him.
The question becomes just how much of her capabilities is she willing to reveal to keep her friends alive?

just cause you can doesn’t mean you should. also, it might help in the short term but it could make things worse for them in the long term. that is what I say she will end up making a deal. Kleya is trying to reform, plus there are major consequences to being discovered for both her and them. everyone who wants her is looking for such breaches, and human nature being what it is she might not erase all traces cause of the detail it would require. there will come a time if she goes down the illegal path where… Read more »
It would be especially bad if the Lillys ended up being accused of hacking. Mina and Mae laid it out early in the story. They need money to apply to move to a City. The building they live in is collapsing and they’re running out of pain medication. Mae is possibly missing an arm– at minimum, her arm is probably mangled so badly as to be beyond repair at this point. She’s still losing blood. If Kleya is going to try to help them in any way, now is the time. But anything she could do will carry risks. If… Read more »

That is likely part of whatever deal that could be struck, but don’t think for a minute Sandra has given up on trying to get Kleya to come to her city. Sandra strikes me as very determined. Something like this gives enormous leverage, even those with good intentions would be tempted by it.

Course we don’t know how Kleya will try to resolve this. It can be hard to see the big picture when you know someone you know is hurt bad and maybe dying. She might…get emotional and try something less then perfectly sound in judgement.

Stomme poes

Mark, Mae, Mina… betcha mom’s also an M. M Lillies. Hmmm


that could be…or maybe it is meant to show she is different from the rest of her family? something to consider.


Oooh, I know. It’s Mary Jane Lilly. 😀


It’s Molly. I think? I recall seeing that somewhere, maybe on a message to Kleya, but I can’t remember where.


For all the comments on the expression in the final panel – yes that’s the centerpiece, but it’s meaningless on its own. It only works because of the desperate denial in “She just blacked out. [snip] everything is good! We’re all okay!” and the panic earlier.

What I’m saying is, the praise for that panel should be spread around some more to the other panels. The expression is nice in context, but the real beauty isn’t really in any single panel.

Squid Mushroom

Last panel is perfect. My impression: “Commencing breakdown in 3…2…1…”


And here I thought it was “Time since breakdown: 1… 2… 3…” 😛