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If you haven't heard of someone in a while, it's common to assume they didn't survive the Ending.


And new outfits! At last! Kat will no longer have mitten hands! Check out the vote incentive to see a concept sketch of her new design!

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Wow, Danny was really popular!

And I like the sketch of Kat’s new design!


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Okay, Dani was once a ‘famous’ ballerina, didnt see that coming. I’m guessing that she is now a quadraplegic, or disabled in some way, and is only able to ‘live’ by using a kido, which explains why the admin wanted to kick her out if she wasnt making money.

Also, why to I have the feeling that Paddy will dress he up in one of her old Ballet outfits?


Also, love panel 4, Dani’s “people think i’m dead?” look. Always funny to see people with that look.


She might also be an A.I. that believes it is the real thing.


Possible, though I doubt it, notaa only is the integilence of
A.I s still limited (as evidensed by the twins), and not allowed in the game, Dani’s personality and motivation are too complex, as well as her actions


It all depends on what kind of brain mapping tech exists. If they could copy a person’s memories and convert it into data as part of the A.I., then it wouldn’t be that difficult.


Allow me to be the first to say…

DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!! (insert dramatic chipmunk)

So, apparently, Katt/leya isn’t the only one that keeps secrets. Basically, we got the supposed leader of the world’s most dangerous hacker organization, a famous dancer thought dead, Saisuke, and Katt/leya’s mother, in the same group alongside a good, old, and possibly hot Afro-Guatemalan shaman and her Tolkien-loving husband.

Now, the bets are: who’s Saisuke? Bandit, or the Dude? I bet it’s the Dude, because nobody expects the L.i.f.E inquisition!

P.S.: should I keep with Katt/leya, K(att)leya, or simply Kattleya?


thats highly goofy. which makes me smile a bit. and your assuming that Saisuke has to be someone on the team. no such evidence exists.

on a side note, what should the L.i.f.E. Inquisition should look like? I vote pink as one of the colors.

Please, call her Kleya, it’s her name after all. Don’t be offended, but all your propositions are just painful to read. I don’t know if Danni is hiding anything. After all, her avatar looks like her true self (she said so herself), she’s using her real name and make dance-based moves. If she intended to keep it a secret, she’s quite lousy at it. But maybe she’s lying about her true identity. I like your idea of The Dude being Saisuke, that would prove that he is an awfully good actor. For the few things we actually know about Saisuke,… Read more »

Actually, we can be reasonably certain that Kleya is NOT her name….

I’ve thought all along that Bandit might be Saisuke, since we know Bandit was a newly created persona and he’s obviously a very experienced player, despite being supposedly new to the Game. It’s a bit too much of a coincidence that Saisuke is “on hiatus” at the same time. But then, that seems a bit obvious….


that is well reasoned. I will grant your arguement has enough merit to keep until new information arises. and as for the obviousness of it…often hiding in plain sight is the most effective means of hiding. its because people don’t even think about it, doesn’t rise in thier consciousness as a question in the first place. so while the link is still thin so far, so long as we don’t go overboard with it then its worth considering.

The idea is natural. First, a name such as “Kleya” is far too abnormal, considering that pretty much everyone around has so far normal names: Danni/ella, Mae, Sandra, Mina… the one exception may be Dr. Grace, but even that’s within reasonable limits. On the other hand, her game avatar is called “Katt”, and while the reference is obvious (she’s trying to look like a nekomata, which is essentially a cat-person), it may just hide something else. Also: note how everyones’ handles, if written completely, often rarely exceed from 11 letters (a reference to old-school RPGs and how they had limited… Read more »
I did say I liked your idea, didn’t I ? Because, just like you, I love the oddballs… But we have to admit, all the hints are pointing to another conclusion. There is, alas, none to feed ours. For now, anyway. Bandit and the Dude being one and the same ? Why would he want to bicker with himself in a PRIVATE room with no witness ? And just like you, I’d love to see if Jane is putting an act to be left alone or if she’s really crazy. And why did she decide to “kill” her former teammates… Read more »

I will eat my pants if Saisuke isn’t Kleya’s father/brother (who says it had to be her father in the picture?). Well, I’m not really THAT sure, but as I mentioned once before, her family member seems to be the CEO/President of TENka, and who better (and sneakier) to serve as a false public icon than the leader himself?

But then again, the lack of Saisuke while the bandit is around is, as Elizabeth said, a bit TOO convenient.


Ooooh, the plot. It thickens. =D


Mind = Blown


Yay for backstory reveal!

Also, go vote, everyone! 😀


I love the sketch for Kat’s new look! Does she get a tail to go with her kitty ears? 😀
And wow…we knew Danni was a dancer but it’s really cool to find out that she really was a famous ballerina.


Could someone kindly tell Paddy that if he was aiming for fat, he overshot and landed on pregnant.
Also no offense to him but, the line between his beard and his cheeks makes his look like he’s wearing a fake beard.
This is the first character who’s art has bugged me. I think it’s because the rest of him looks so good but for those details.


I think he purposely made a “joke” avatar so it was meant to look jokey.


Well then, telling him he looks pregnant could be just the thing then.


he has a pot belly. which I admit would look rather odd regardless. but if Paddy’s fashion sense moves him to look like he should be playing a banjo and eat craydads, then well we should be support his decision. 😀


Also remember that these are supposed to be digital avatars. Those don’t always look like the product of a world-class animation studio, especially if customizable. And since you draw your own, maybe that’s just how he draws?


Wow, wonder how old that makes Danni then.

Mary Shoup

Famous dancers tend to be on the young side – I’d probably say that with the ending two years ago, probably no more than mid-late twenties.


Some of you were waiting for the twist, where THERE it is.

Nice twist for Danni. 🙂 Kat’s concept art is good, but it looks like there’s a cape… NO CAPES! 😉 I would suggest kitty claws, but I’m sure Kleya would veto them. A tail would be fun, but if done properly would give away more of her emotional state than she would want. Digigrade feet would take too much effort to get used to. Assuming she’s staying with pink, stripes could still work. White would work better than yellow as a contrast color on the stripes. Leg Warner’s are fairly classic…. I voted at ComicMix, but you’re up against some… Read more »

I love the backstory!
And I absolutally adore the fact that Danni and Kleya are going to get new avatars! I’ve actually been hoping that would happen. But then I told myself “no, it won’t, Kleya wants to draw her own avatar, she will have to learn to draw than…”
Actually, was D not able to create an avatar for Kat, if she wanted him to?
And I’ll go vote right now!




Ooh, I hope so.


Maybe D could serve as Kat’s tail. I’ve often theorized that cats’ tails are really a separate entity, only partially allied with the rest of the cat. It would explain so much, e.g. why cats often look surprised when they see their tails, why they chase them and even fight with them, why they have to pin them down to wash them, and why they wiggle so much when the rest of the cat is trying hard to keep still. 😉


good points there : )


while absurd, that was well reasoned enough to be highly entertaining. we must make a sound track to how epic you were when you wrote that. and set off fireworks while playing it. there should be awards for hitting comedic gold like that.


No need to be snarky about it…. It’s just a running joke around our house that I thought I’d share while we wait until Friday.


not being snarky, I just don’t always use emotes. I was being honest. and yes, I really am that over the top.


Ok, my apologies for taking it wrong, and may I suggest the short book by Robin Wood titled “The Theory of Cat Gravity”? I think you’d find it entertaining. 🙂


I’m loving Kat’s new avatar concept!


1)Her parents named her after that Daniella Moretti and she happened to develop an interest in ballet.
2) The rumours of her demise were greatly exagerated.
3) It’s an A.I. who thinks it is the real thing.


4) So many people died and so you just assume she’s dead.


Doesn’t that go under possibility 2?


Difference between 2 and 4 is that 2 involves multiple people spreading/discussing the rumour. 4 only involves a single person assuming. At least, that is why I said 4. But they are pretty similar.


I am siding with 2 myself, with 4 being the reason why people would think to be true. remembmer, she is so severly crippled by what happened that she needs life support. so since she can’t dance or even be seen regularly anymore… 🙁


But she has implied that she can leave and interact with the real world. If she were crippled to that extent it would mean she’s either delusional or instead of leaving this virtual space she is transferred to another virtual space that she thinks is reality. The same would be true if she were an A.I. with copied memories; some sort of illusion of reality would need to be created for her.


who says when she interacts with the real world she doesn’t have tubes, wires and lots of parental assistance? she doesn’t have to be moving under her own power to get around in the real world.


Paddy could be lying about being a fan. Danni might not be paranoid enough to suspect that, but Kleya is…


Why would you lie about being the fan of a supposibly dead ballerina?


Flattery, to get on her good side.


But Paddy didn’t know it was actually her until now. I suppose that mentioning it could be an attempt to appeal to her tastes, but there’s no reason to assume that he is trying to manipulate Danni.


He already knew she was going by ‘Danni Moretti’; pretending he thought she was only paying homage would be part of the ruse.

I think he’s probably telling the truth, but I thought I should mention the possibility of deception, since it’s not that implausible.


Kleya needs a tail! Also, I LOVE the small cape. and everything.:)


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I’m betting that Dani doesn’t have a say in her avatar anymore…nor should she have any cause to object with the final product.


You made it through the comixmix seeding round. Congrats!