Oh! Wish their avatars would always look like in the vote incentive! At least while in the Game.


Oh wow, what a beautiful landscape! Also, I love the characters’ art style in the vote incentive! I understand leaving them as they are since they’re both amateur-ly drawn, but a little shading goes a long way!


Lovely landscape.

I think the little extra shading you added in the incentive is exactly what it needs.
Cartoony characters in a more realistic world, its being done all the time. It would also inforce the ‘game’ idea.

The flat L.i.F.e. style is a bit too ‘papercut’-like perhaps? This shading is just enough to distinquish between L.i.F.e. and The Game.

Drakanor Dream

And of course Kleya’s body is on high alert already. Don’t actually blame her at this point considering who her other team mates are.


The shading does help the characters fit into the scene. There’s still a contrast between the outline drawing style of the avatars and the watercolor style of the scenery, but that’s fairly common in anime as well.

I seem to recall that shading on the avatar was lef to the avatar’s artist, though… Does the Game have extra functionality in that area? 😉


I actually like the stark contrast in the comic…It’s not like porting a model and texture from one program to another would give it a boost in graphical quality.


Any idea on why Kleya finds it odd?

One thought was that D wasn’t available but her reaction to the boys seems like D is there.

Maybe she doesn’t like the colors?

Tim C

Maybe she was expecting to land in a different region, or was expecting everyone else to already be there.

Drakanor Dream

I’m thinking that she sees it as incomplete in some regards 😛


Caught up finally to a tonne of chapters. Amazing work you’ve been putting in here Aneeka. Loved the reality scenes and everything so far. Looking forward to more!


Shading, it make’s all the difference! 😀

intrepid EVE-il genuis
intrepid EVE-il genuis

congrats on making the top three on top web comics, i love your work.


..Is it a bad thing if I like the new art style avatars for this scene? :/