Wow, I wonder if I could remember these movements – I would get stuck all the time! 😀

A future without chocolate is very hard…


Well, she managed to make it look amateur. Mission accomplished.


Hahaha, I love Mae’s expressions!


Not a very common word “thrice”. Everyone thinks to just stop counting at “twice”.


Yea, usually if it’s more than two people just say “three times”. I have a room mate who uses archaic words all the time. It makes talking to her… er… well, it makes it onerous.


Perhaps “thrice” has become more common again. Mae doesn’t seem surprised by the word.

It’s interesting to me that D offered Kleya a chance to reroute some different food, but Mae’s mom doesn’t seem to know that any other kind of food could be shipped around. I wonder how bad the food shortage really is, and whether some other kind of more palatable synthesized food could be available if the Cities wanted to provide it?

Squid Mushroom
I wonder that too. My imagination would be that a world that is this unstable would probably have an unstable ecosystem and therefore limited wild plant and animal life. All potential food sources are probably grown in limited areas as there would be little suitable soil available (possibly use hydroponics with limits on even suitable water), limited protein sources, and may even result in eating recycled or less suitable items (less than fresh food, insects, hopefully not soylent green but who knows) to meet nutritional requirements and supply. They also would probably focus more on nutrition and long term prevention… Read more »

I love the word “thrice” and feel I don’t use it enough in casual conversations, which I will henceforth remedy.


You should not do that. Use words that say what you mean quickly and precisely, and don’t use words just because they sound pretty. See my reply to JSmith’s comment.


However, if that idea is applied then my extensive vocabulary (which I have spent years of study to accrue) will be rendered obsolete! Besides, variances in linguistics tend to present ideas more succinctly than presently, an example being ‘thrice’ and ‘three times’. Thrice is much quicker to say than three times, which makes me wonder why it was removed.

Also, I apologize for using larger words, it’s merely because using a large vocabulary is rarely relevant.


Heh…I have a bad habit of using the simplest words I know when speaking. Makes me sound like a 4 year old when talking about something technical (or “thing what do stuff”).


Single words when used correctly tend to beat out multiple words for both speed and precision. Older and less commonly used ones even more because people have not added more meanings and/or twisted them so as to make the more likely to be misinterpreted. Thrice definitely conveys its meaning in a full sentence better than three times.


and thus did english die. not with a bang, but a whimper as it was oh so slowly starved.




The instruction for something as simple as standing up remind me of the time-travelling jetpack in Bob and George: “Jeez George, it’s only one button!”


For those enjoyed theorizing on the world map we saw a few pages back, I’ve uploaded it onto the wiki ( and I’ve started a forum to discuss it (


Well if the cities have the means to deliver goods to remote outsiders, they probably also have the means to trade amongst themselves. I’d imagine the stuff they send to other cities would have to be of higher quality because of what they expect to gain in return.

good point. trade is what drives relations between people of different areas and creeds. considering how dismal the situation for all is I say trade is more important for them now then ever. you give the better stuff to those who can not only afford it but may have something you want that is of good value in return. as for the unvoiced question why they ship anything to outsiders…it has to do with two things I think. one is that outsiders could in fact have some skill that is valueable, or develope such. so they can’t totally ignore them.… Read more »

That, and human decency. In-universe things do not appear to be bad enough (yet?) to completely strip people of their charity.