‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 209


And so end the Reality pages.

EDIT: This is highly embarrassing but I totally uploaded the wrong version of the page. The above is the correct one (the earlier one was my initial concept page and I apparently forgot to delete it :oops:)


For those that happily got to see the correct version first but still want to see the horrid earlier version, I put it up as a vote incentive.



I managed to turn this into three different sizes for a wallpaper. Visit the newly instated Walllpaper page for more details!


The wallpaper page does not say what sizes of wallpaper there are. Is there a version for phones?

Missed a few pages due to travelling through a pre-information-era country. Great welcome back gift to read them all in one haul.

Looks like Kleya has some daddy issues :P.

PS how is Ki doing?

Reed R Gale

Let the surreality begin again.


*sniff* Goodbye, Reality. Hope you’ll be back soon.

But of course I’m curious how things are developing in L.I.f.e.!


Still thinking about the info you gave us last time about the Kido units. Have any of the Kido units ever involved keeping the user fed, e.g. with an IV? You’d also need a catheter for outgoing liquids….


I’m not saying this from any silly fanservice perspective, but she didn’t take the opportunity to wash up and stretch or anything? *laughs*

I mean, she’s been logged in for however long and is going back in…


Maybe that’s something it does along with handling feeding and waste. It wouldn’t be good to come back to find that your muscles had atrophied.


or she has no access to self cleaning methods. or is filled with self loathing and feels no need to make herself presentable.

as for a potty break, I doubt that algae looking crap would actually prduce alot of waste. so its possible she goes long stretches without having to need to use the bathroom.


I was hoping for such a sign of self respect as well.

Exactly how obsessed is she? How much does she still care about taking care of her real body?

I think that the complete absence of any of such actions says a lot… poor girl.


I don’t think the first one was horrid, but I do like the added information in the corrected version. Now we know for sure that she’s using some sort of forcefield generating bodysuit thingy so that she can match mind and body in the game…which means she’s keeping physically fit in reality while she’s in virtuality.


Same with Jean, I liked the first version, ut -really- like the added info. 😀
Also? Kiiiii… _>
I love Tavk. XD Can’t wait to read more. ^^

Until I read the extra text bars, I’d thought the only difference was the added ‘Life’ logo for Resume. XD
Even though D seems to never talk, I like their interactions. :]


Was surprised when I got back here to see a different version of the page. Somehow proud that I saw both! 😉

Mary Shoup

XD I’m one of those crazy people refreshing at 11 p.m. for it to update on Mondays and Thursdays (that’s when it updates for me) so I got to see both!


I’m one of those crazy people who check on other days too, even though I know it’s not updatign yet. XD
Someone invent a time machine so we can see the updates quicker. >.>


Goodbye reality! Hello L.i.F.e! Next stop, The Game? 😀