‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 208


Kido 3 is the one that Kleya's mom worked on the most. However, Kleya's mom liked Kido 6 the best. That was when they started equipping the Kidos with a massager so you wouldn't have to return to a stiff, aching body after a long gaming session. Didn't always work, though.


Vote for NAV!For the vote incentive, I turned Kleya into a ghost in panel 3 so you can see the maps without her blocking the view.


Also, remember this concept sketch?

I managed to turn it into three different sizes for a wallpaper. Visit the newly instated Walllpaper page for more details!


I think the hair does enough to indicate movement that lines are unneeded.

No, it doesn’t need motion lines. It works perfectly. A LOT of webcomic artists don’t know how to handle hair; they make it hang in strange ways contrary to gravity and motion. What I see in the first panel is what I’ve seen in real life, a snapshot of someone shaking their head quickly. This is the fraction of a second after their head stops, but their hair is still akimbo from the sharp movements they made. Besides this is “reality” as opposed to “L.i.F.E.” In L.i.F.E., you can get away with motion lines, but reality doesn’t have those. Not… Read more »

I don’t understand exactly on what Kleya is tapping in the last panel. Is it this thing her laptop is standing on? Kind of touchscreen? But what is the grey stuff at the side? Is it broken?


Its one of her leg module thingies. Presumably she’s re-engaging float mode to go back into the game.


Ah, I think you’re right. Comparing it to Page 203, it really seems to be one of the leg thingies. But the leg seems to be a bit broad here? Well, perhaps I just don’t get the real look on it.


This is the best Reality page yet. Kleya is adorable.

mmmm, it does look weird since you don’t realize right away she is, or was, shaking her head. but if you want a sharp contrast between real and LiFe worlds, then you prolly should just leave it be. just think of different ways you can catch the position of the head and the flutter of the hair so its more obvious what your intent is. not sure if you have played with cameras before, but its like that. you don’t get to make motion lines with cameras. you just have to plan ahead and decide what angles, positions, speeds, lighting,… Read more »

She shakes her head the same way she does in L.i.F.e. and that is ADORABLE. (Also really cool writing/illustrating because it’s so noticeable.)


The bandit said that she reacts the same way from when he knew ‘her’


Hey Aneeka, guess what arrived on my doorstep today?


Loving the way the story is progressing.


LOVE how the first panel turned out. Looks AMAZING. Best one of the whole page.


I guess you enjoyed our speculation about the maps last time. πŸ™‚

The distribution of the green dots in the upper map is similar to the lower map, but the individual points are different. If the green dots on the first image were food transports, maybe the second image shows some other kind of transport?

The middle of Africa is an odd place for anything major to be happening. If the climate has shifted, I can see a City on the coast of Antarctica, since that’s relatively easy to reach by ship and there’s a scientific base there currently….


I got my book today!!! Its all shiney and new and I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work cos its awesome πŸ˜€


Good point last comic Teanne, the person on the picture is probably her Dad and also Dr. Grace who wants to capture her, but alive.


I love that wallpaper so much already. Thank you very much for doing that!


That second panel…

I just… I don’t know why I love it so much, but it’s beautiful~~


I want to posit that the identity of ‘him’ is the president, and unmentioned is possibly a father or an uncle. I suspect Kleya is a genetic experiment that someone tried to terminate once she found out about it. I mean that more as an experiment rather than unplanned pregnancy.


Wow. I’ve caught up. Such a great web comic!

Walker of the Wheel
I love it, the more I see the more I find I was right or very close. Emulators for her body-reaction/neural interface system, D is a wonderfully complex Agent, arcology-like cities, all seems to be adding up. Now we get to speculate on the exact nature of her relationship with TENka. Dr. Grace is one layer on TENka, Bandit is a different one, and who ever Grace is supposed to report to (also probably who Kleya is referring to in the last page or so) is a third. Where her mother fit into that mess is another side of the… Read more »