‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 204a


Behold, the other side of this room.


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So she’s in a moving craft then, piloted by D, well that explain them not being able to find her. And then there’s the link up to her spine and limbs, that looks like it would of seriously hurt.


Have I forgotten to mention your art is AMAZING for the Reality pages? Looove eeeet. .>

This page looks epic, and there’s the laptop!
And wht looks like a sack of money, actually. To buy the food?
Can’t wait to see what happens next. XD
As soon as I noticed it was technically Friday I ran on over to see new update. 😀


…That’ll reach me to use the > brackets ever. It snipped my comment of how much I love The Wanted Child and that it’s the first eBook I ever bought.
Also that B&N is a butt and won’t let me change the 2 to the 5 it was clicked to be. 😛



Yeah. Never use what html uses for its tags, lest browsers think you’re trying to code. Usually, though, leaving a space between arrow brackets and the rest of the text should allow it to display fine.


… Or, it could be that the comment system just removes whatever is between the brackets to avoid the issue entirely, as seems to be the case. Tried to use the spaces trick just then, above, and obviously it didn’t work.


you can simply use html-escpae sequences. A little botheresome, but can be done with “search and repalace” function of every text editor.

Of course most ideally the comment system would mask eveyrthing html-style in the comments to escape sequence automatically.

But it’s not nearly as important as the nice art.


For the record, the escape secuences for “<” and “>” are &lt; and &gt;, for “less than” and “greater than” respectively. “&” is &amp;, for Ampersand.

Unless this doesn’t parse those secuences, in which case you will see dumb double escapes. Let’s find out!


Hmm, very obvious spine due to the implants (at birth?, I can’t imagine how much engineering it’d take if it doesn’t modify with her growth). Seems like maybe it extends around her shoulders and hips.

Anyway, looong legs there… nice! 😀


In general she seems to have a very good sense of balance. She doesn’t seem malnourished like I was worried she was early on in this story. Seems like she’s got quite a lot of resources, and hopefully victuals (food, water) are some of them.


Hmmm, it’s a bit barebones in that room though, so maybe I wasn’t wrong. Hopefully she’s got a lot of rooms and space. Anyway, great perspective, human proportions, posture, and the room is lovely!


No wait, the note from the first page shows she probably isn’t eating enough.


spine implants from birth..? er.. xD few problems with that..
1. the spine piece connects to all the rest, its somthin of an exoskeleton really.. if that was there from birth, i dont even wanna CONSITTER how often it would have to be adjusted and refitted.. also, wasent it said she ‘found’ it? along with a kiddo? xD

No, Annie found a headset. Kleya claimed she had a broken Kido unit in a conversation with Sandra, but I think she was lying. I think her interface is something more advanced than a Kido unit, but she has altered its signal to disguise it– she probably has one of the only ones, so it would give her away if the system recognizes it. Now she’ll hack it so it will report itself as a Kido unit. I can see no reason for thinking she has had it since birth. She probably got it while working with TENka. Or perhaps… Read more »

That’s the same thing I wondered about: ‘can’t imagine how much engineering if it doesn’t modify’

she’s still in a growing phase though, so it’s probably adaptive somehow


mmmmm, so D is an intelligent interface of some kind. or something. hate not having enough information to make a reasonablely sure guess D:
but seems whatever she is in is capable of movement.


I can definitely see in the current pages how hard it was to make them. It seems a little forced

Hey, you’re worth reading! And the time you spend interacting with us is also great. 🙂 Now, about this half page. Not knowing where they are says boat or submarine to me. She’s walking, and there are lots of items resting on surfaces (including the laptop we saw on page 1), so no outer space. I suppose some kind of land crawler could also be possible, but that wasn’t on the survey, so I’m guessing a boat. Is D piloting it? What are the round objects laying about? Food? Is there anyone else on this boat to buy food from,… Read more »

Ah. The computer doesn’t plug into her spine, it’s wrapped all around her body to track her movement.



D can talk?!


likely she will just get a read out from D. but I would guess D can communicate if the need arose.

…and now, angle! 😀 lesse… still a nice lil setup, obviously tho not 3 pieces, just 2- havent seen any sign the Tenka device goes down her lower legs, just covering her shoes and up a little ways.. still guessin wireless communication to a degree, but that tech’s gotta be custom fitted. dont wanna know how expensive that woulda been.. xD also, it would appear her L.i.f.e avatar is visible on her laptop. heh. …i almost wanna request a ‘nude’ image of Kleya, just to see the tech.. good l–d, there must be somthin wrong with me or somthin xD… Read more »

NaV is one of the very few webcomics that does not have to resort to fan-service. There is not even a secundairy character with a ‘coincedental’ habit of undressing, nor have there been any ‘accidents’.

Though I can totally imagine Aneeka answering your request in a vote incentive, whith one of those author-character conversations, and Kleya getting very pissed and wrecking something (you’ll still not get to see anything more than a lower leg or an arm).

Nice to see other comment makers catching on. The motion capture frame probably doubles as whatever levitation system it needs (can’t just be the shoes, she’d fall over any time she sat down in L.i.F.e.). Still no sign of a headset so I’m confident the neck piece holds at least some neural interface functions to track head/face motions. I can now say with confidence she’s on a boat/ship. Even if terrestrial civilization was largely destroyed, the oceans are massive and don’t really care what mere humans do (so long as its not nuclear winter or equivalent and even then the… Read more »

my current working theory for the levitation is the shoes are normal shoes, but she has an attachment on them, and we cant see how far up said attachment goes up her leg dew to the danged clothing.. almost tempts me to check for a rule 34, but as it wouldn’t be artist approved for so many reasons, that wouldn’t exactly help..

nice theory on D tho- i want an agent program meself 😀

We can see the frame clearly in this shot. It goes down her spine, across her hips, and down her legs to wrap around her shoes when in use. Walker, the neck piece has to have neural functions, because she’s not wearing any kind of goggles. But the “buy food” note on the first page implies either some sort of contact with other people, or a muffin teleporter (see my comment above). So either she’s not alone on the boat with D, or they were docked at the time in a place where she could buy food. (Actually, the round… Read more »
ooohh, baozi, need to make some of those. I really can’t say what those are. The art is good, but its art, not photography. Jeez, didn’t even notice the food note clear back on page 1. That actually leaves me with a few more questions and answers. Actually supports the ship idea. First, you’re right, she has to buy the food from somewhere if she/her ship can’t produce it itself, so I’d guess whatever port she’s in at the time. Food purchases are tracked on some kind of information system (location, type, quantity at minimum), so to avoid detection/capture, constantly… Read more »

Looking out for her own security is different from villainy though, but yeah she might be a bit reluctant these days. Good point, I hadn’t thought D is more like how Kleya probably used to be.

Mr. Random
My guess still belongs to space ship, mainly due to the Magnetics needed to achieve gravity. A laptop, I’m guessing the one we saw in the first page. A bag of…rolls? possibly data disks or other storage device. Um…beautiful art, beautiful art, beautiful art, and then the windows. Look bolted on, and the things on them look like monitors. D can interact outside the virtual realm. Nice. And makes sense, since she needed a program to do that as leader of Deconstruct Me. Or was she? Spinal Implants, sticking with the theory of attaching it from the Kido/Kito box. Honestly,… Read more »

Actually, I remember the note from the 1st page, she’s probably barely eating enough to sustain herself.


I asked my friends to get me the paper copy of Wanted Child for Xmas present. ^_^


holy h***s- this is awesome. Also, the detail with the laptop screen is a really, really nice touch. I love it!

Prints? Prints? PRINTS?!