‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 204a


Behold, the other side of this room.


My books are in!! Both my Not A Villain and The Wanted Child paper editions are now available!

*happy dance*

A HUGE thanks to all those that participated in my Kickstarter this past May/June. I'll be getting your books out to you as fast as I can. There are three people who still haven't given me their address, though! Please log into Kickstarter and fill out the survey!

To everyone else: I am now taking pre-orders. If you weren't able to participate in my Kickstarter but would love a paper copy of Volume 1, now is your chance! I'll start shipping the pre-orders out on Friday, Dec 14th.

There is also a very limited offer of buying a Kleya bookmark with the book. I only have a few bookmarks left so it's a first come first serve thing. The site will say when they're sold out.

My prose (ie: no pictures) novel The Wanted Child is also now available as a paperback! You can buy it on Amazon or at Createspace (the POD service I'm using). If you want a digital version, that can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who supports me in my creative endeavors! And most of all, thanks for reading! Seriously, the greatest joy is knowing my stories are being read 😀