Oh good, they are going to talk about the Bloody Mary vote. I NEVER would have guessed that the two would have voted differently and was wondering why they did.


Ok, Brandon just went from “mostly harmless” to “definitely creepy”….


To me he went from mostly stupid to ‘interesting’. : D


He when from easy going to incredibly stupid

Interesting that Brandon puts Bloody and Kleya on the same team. I doubt they are going to be really allied. In fact, I think they may more likely be opposed. A point here to consider is: did we ever find out whether or not Bloody Mary ran a Villain team or not? We know via Snowmans group that there are Villain teams. The question is how is this decided? Does the group decide by vote? Does the leader decide? Or is it done by the server? We know Kleya at least, is not going to stand being a Villain. So… Read more »

I think Kleya will prolly have quite alot of persuasive things to say on the matter, should it come to that. not that she has enough guile to indirectly change minds. but I get the feeling that Bandit wants to be seen in a positive light, and so too the Dude. so it likely won’t be that big a deal


Also interesting that he says he “wouldn’t be reduced to this” if Bloody Mary had been kicked out. Why not? Why is Katv8 his enemy as a result? Also note that Bandit doesn’t ask what Dude is doing, or why.

I think they both know about an upcoming purge of some kind. Assuming Dude won’t turn on Bandit and completely discounts Danni, I suspect the plan is to eliminate at least two of the new players, possibly three.

In the case of a battle between Bandit + Dude vs. Kat + Danni + Waterman, I don’t think there would be too much trouble. We’ve never seen Waterman fight, but he didn’t make the top four. Since Kat didn’t fight him, that means either Bandit, Dude, or someone not in the top five must’ve beaten him, which means he shouldn’t be too much of a threat. We know from the Bandit vs. Kat fight that they’re about equally strong, and Kat’s Nice disables Danni. On top of that, waterman wont be well coordinated with Kat + Danni, and Dude… Read more »

Honestly, I think he’s just playing a chess game (against the AI) with customizable pieces. He’s probably doing it to help let off some steam since he probably just pissed of their psycotic “official” group leader by voting to kick her out.

Basically, he’s using the #1 passive-agressive method for handling stress. Well, that’s my take on it anyway.


This is a very informative page!

So people are still dying out and/or things are getting worse…


Mutanie’s a brewin!


It seems like he might expect the Bandit and Danni to be wiped first… ;P


no, he is just making his targets more real for the sake of planning his moves. it reveals alot about his personality. we know why he sees Kleya as enemy, she is thier primary target. Jane because she is an unpredictable factor. no one else is on the board cause Bandit is an ally and he prolly totally unvalues Danni. so, we are seeing him do his plotting, and he does so with a chess theme. so he is prolly good at chess and thus a strategic thinker.


Thanks, that makes sense!


Actually, in the last panel it looks like there are two white pieces on the board, rather than one. Presumably the other is Bandit, and Danni is being ignored (or they don’t know she’s in yet).


I am curious as to Bandit’s reasons to keep Jane. he is definitely the sort to already have a use for Jane if he is going to keep her around. especially since it went against his partner’s plans.

hey hey, hit that vote button guys. the rank is slipping and I for one think we should keep this comic in its rightful spot, 1st. >:3


Oh my, seems someone is playing with his dolls again. >_>


oh bandit its only you. dont you knock before entering a room?


I know, next he will be festooned with ribbons and licking a lollypop.

and for only 100 dollars an ounce, Brain Bleach! get it while supplies last!


It’s kind of cute! 🙂

Alex C

Both sides have a King and a Queen on the board, theoretically resulting in a draw. Hard to be sure from the back, but the white Queen looks like Brandon.