Seriously, trying to get answers from Kleya is like pulling teeth out. It’s really hard to reconcile her reluctance to do anything related to the game, aside from winning matches, against her supposed desire to become a “hero”. I’m still not sure what being a hero means to her either. She’s got odd ideas about what being one details. Perhaps what she really wants isn’t to be a hero, so much, as being respected, even admired, for her genius programming skills and to show how she can do good with them and rehabilitate the perception of programmers. Actually, I think… Read more »

I think the hero idea is kinda crucial to her character. For some reason she wants to be a hero and refuses to back down from that goal even though she doesn’t really understand what a hero is. It does make you think what horrible thing could have made her so obsessed with that, but now that it’s established I think it’s best to not expect her to rethink it.


remember, she is an arrogant, self-centered genius hacker with other unknown skills. she may have the will to change, but her core personality is what it is. undoubtablely her idea of a hero is rather like you would find in a faery tale. also, nobody sees the same things the same way. its her own interpretation of the idealic notion known as “being a hero”.

Wow, I like your thinking Chikai. Kleya wants to be a “hero… even though she doesn’t really understand what a hero is”. That’s a great line. I have ALWAYS had trouble with this part of Kleya but that was because I always assumed she had some definitive, if warped, idea of what being a hero was. If she instead just has some nebulous, confused, idea of heroism, that be a perfect answer to resolve to resolve my perceived dilemma. If your statment is true then I would like to see Kleya actually sit down with someone that explains to her… Read more »
I think a good short definition of “hero” from Kleya’s point of view is “someone Mom would be proud of.” Unfortunately, Mom is no longer around to validate her attempts to change herself, and she doesn’t really know, herself, what would have pleased her mother. She’s in a tough spot, especially as she can’t really trust anyone else enough to get some outside input on her actions and motivations. Bandit’s player might be able to help, since it seems that he knew both Kleya and her mother, but he’s the last one she would be able to trust right now.… Read more »

yes and no on trusting bandit. its obvious, whatever he says on the matter, that he still is in love with her. prolly a one way thing, considering they both seem to be self-centered people. but then most people are to some degree. anyway, I think she can trust him, but will need him to show her that he can be. he knows its her, hasn’t turned her in, but is undecided on what to do about her. he has to decide, then I think things will get interesting with those two.


One of the things I love about this story is that none of the characters are simple or predictable once we get to know them. πŸ™‚


Wow, some reason from Sandra for a change. Nice.


She’s been pretty reasonable this whole time imo. Their relationship is just a working one–Sandra’s probably used to having to whirlwind organize her clients because that’s just what her job IS. I could also see how Kleya could be difficult to work with given how evasive she is/hard to get contact with.

Honestly if Kleya has that much an issue with it she could always “fire” Sandra, but she’d need to be willing to put a lot more legwork than she has been into getting herself set up and her name out there.


well, their relationship is sponsor and sponsee. with Kleya wanting to get into the game but being such an introverted, anti-social person that she doesn’t possess the skills or the desire naturally to self-manage her image. Sandra just is trying to get the message through to Kleya, but Kleya is an obstinate one.


I sure hope she’s going to pay back the money she scammed


No, I’m pretty sure not. Mae is still stuck on the couch, and Kieya’s first priority is fixing that.


Doesn’t seem very heroic to not pay back her debts. Espeacily if those debts were gotten under deciet. Which, by the way, tarnishes her reputation as a hero


true, but thats a work in progress. sides, its neither been that long nor does Kleya have alot of cash to throw around. give the poor girl time to work off her debt XD


Maybe she could promise to pay it back. Possibly in installments? Plus some for the deciet. Or maybe actually work on some voice program to make her voice sound realistic? She’s an excellent programmer. She should be able to do it. And make her sound better than the backstreet boys, and brittinay spears. Of course it wouldn’t take much to do that. Lol

Tim C

Unfortunately, the voice program she “promised” is impossible. Sound recorded on a low-quality microphone contains less information than sound recorded on a high-quality microphone. Without high-quality samples of Mina’s voice, there’s no way that a program could faithfully replicate it.


Well then. What if Mae did use a high quality microphone? Maybe she could buy one with the money she’ll get from Keyla?


Well Well i seems Kleya could talk herself out of most any problem lets just hope her mechanic skills are as good as her programing skills(or atleast close) πŸ™‚


it would be electrical skills and my bet is its all a programing issue and her being lazy


i think kleya wanting to be a hero is an equivalent to someone wanting to be a good person. Since she is a hacker and that pretty much guarantees hatred from everyone. She is desperately trying to prove to herself and everyone else (unknowingly) that she is someone who can be trusted, relied upon, and sought out for problems but…she has alot of learning to truly be a hero.

mister gray
I think she was like alittle child as a programmer, cruel and wanting to always win. She probably was a prodigy with computers and it made her feel invincible but then one day she went to far and killed her mother and it snapped her back to reality. It made her disappear and rethink herself and what she was and try to be something better. She then probably heard the tale of some hero and wanted to be that so thats what she is trying to be. She is trying to be better than she was and hopefully become a… Read more »

I think it was not just her mother. Given the anger against her, I think things must of spiraled out of control and got a lot of people killed. Her mother dying was probably the catalyst of her wanting to become good though.


I like to think that Sandra is smiling in panel #3.


like πŸ™‚

I am actually wondering about the “special” hero smiley. Could it also work if someone tries to hack her? It would seem logical that she also have a special that protects her from hacking. If it doesn’t, maybe she could have one that completely freezes an opponent that tries to hack her. You seem to focus on balance in specials. This one wouldn’t activate like 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time. So it could be an ultra powerfully one. Or just tack that condition onto hero smiley. Either way, that seems like something she should have. Of course she doesn’t know she… Read more »

She has her AI “D” to protect herself (and others) from hacking… although D has a tendency to go “A bwa ha ha” and do the equivalent of burning your house down to kill a mouse.


agreed. D is obviously there to prevent hacking. he is the “anti-hacking” program TENka boasted about. obviously Kleya made him. obviously they can interact. and being the equivalent of a new born computer diety, he has incredible power and almost no experience. he is sure to overreact and just not show much finesse or technique.