Awww, Sandra actually looks partially concerned (and wondering).


How will she get her investment’s worth now? Maybe make Kleya promise to check up regularly on her messages.

Fire Hazard

So Kidos are virtual reality tanning beds? I want one.


Is the Kido the neural interface they were talking about earlier when the system crashed? That sounds like the sort of thing they’d use for the Game.


I think she is using a Kido (Not a TENka one) already, but it’s heavily modified, so she decided to make it show it self as something else to not arouse suspicion for an outsider having one.


Actually, back in the first comic, it looks like she’s using a laptop. At any rate, she’s obviously sitting, and there’s a keyboard in front of her.


Completely forgot about that one. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t use anything available to her to win. So while she might use the hybrid set for LiFe, I doubt she wouldn’t use a Kido if she had one available.


It’s doubtful she has an actual kido. Perhaps one of her deceased neighbors had one, but it’s just as likely she’ll just find a way to resequence her signal broadcast to project her keyboard/headset as if it were a kido. She doesn’t seem like she’d be the kind to trust that form of full immersion, especially given her intimate knowledge of the sort of attacks it makes you vulnerable to. On the other hand, that would definitely constitute “hacking”. So we’ll see I guess.


What is a Kido, I wonder? If I were to hazard a guess, I’d probably say some sort of VR bodysuit (or at least a headset/gloves/boots combination to track body movement)?

Oh yeah, happy belated anniversary, Aneeka! The comics have been consistently awesome, love it!


That Kido looks like a sarcophagus… a high-tech neural interface coffin :).

If it’s something TENka requires you to use, I bet it is not a completely one directional control interface… Like Kleya mentioned about ‘following’ channels and players, those things work both ways. It might give ‘them’ some leverage over Kleya. Which doesn’t mean anything, unless they find out who she is.

And I bet Kleya is lying about not knowing what version it is, she just doesn’t want to appear too smart. She probably disabled the thing sometime during the Hackerwars when it became a liability.


I think not appearing too smart went out the window the moment she claimed to have her own Kido.


as an outsider no less


I think its liability is not in two way transfer(thats a given, upload and download) but in that she can’t quickly put down the game to deal with real life. she is all alone, in the middle of nowhere, in a world where the outside world is so barren you will die without alot of effort and proper resources.

think antartica without much atmosphere and unknown temperature extremes ๐Ÿ˜€


I didn’t ment up- and download, I meant control.

When using a keyboard, you can always walk away. If you are ‘locked’ in somekind of terminal (physically of by neural link) the ‘other side’ could send malicious code that effects YOU, not just your electronical systems.


I just want to say that your comic is amazing, as is the rate at which you have improved.
The plot of your webcomic is better than that of most books I have read. ๐Ÿ™‚
Keep it up!


NAV is such a convient acroynm for this sort of webcomic.

It’s really been two years? Wow, i mean wow.

Great work on this, it’s really been interesting. Keep up the good work.


Happy Belated Birthday Kleya!



gratz on the 2 year anniversary 2 days ago^^


I’m guessing her Kido belonged to her mother…


uhhhh i hope this means we get to see some scenes from the real world ๐Ÿ˜€


Yep I think you’re right the coffin/kido DOES belong to her mother :p

The “Ending” now that sounds ominous, but I doubt we’ll see any real world scenes, I mean why would we?

Perhaps later when it is really needed when Tenka traces her down and sends a surge through her equipment to cause a catastrophic cascade failure forcing her to relocate her body or die….


they seem more interested in finding her than killing her so i doubt that they would use this tactic but that is just a guess


Being a programmer and an engineer are two entirely different skill sets. But depending on the situation, the second may have become necessary for her survival.

Annaliese Lemmon

Congrats on the anniversary!


The Kido made me think of the avatar interface “bed” in the movie Avatar.


o_0 … I hope Kleya isn’t getting into the game so she can forget her mission to do good (aiming instead for Sasuke), violate animals and hang around evil beer-stained PSCs wearing wifebeaters.


thats…disturbingly specific. any reason why thats what you think she would do if she fell off the wagon, sort of speak?


I think it’s a reference to the Avatar movie.

In any case, I wouldn’t be in any hurry to climb into a full-body interface box that’s “kind of broken”….


but she is gonna fix it! ๐Ÿ˜€
thats makes it all better, with rainbows, unicorns and butterflies!


Let’s hope so, that it doesn’t become a plot point that it breaks down…! ๐Ÿ˜‰


avatar like Elizabeth says


I’m totally not surprised that Kleya doesn’t know what version her Kido is. She is very much a don’t worry about the details until you have to sort of person. Her confidence in her abilities is very impressive that she thinks she can repair the thing – but not surprising. She seems to think that there is nothing she can’t do.


Or she’s lying ๐Ÿ˜‰


The first. Kleya will never stop being excessively self-confident. plus we don’t know what all she did before the end. all we know is she has programming skills enough to decimate digital gods.


so thats the keyboard problem that was talked about earlier now im happy ๐Ÿ™‚


@ken i think she established that she can practically do anything which i find awesome in our heroine. i find her awesome,strong and yes she is flawed..arent we all lol

Btw 2 yrs already lol wow….time flys by when a story is this d*** good


Indeed she is very multi-dimensional despite being awesome.


Wait… NOV’s birthday is the same as my birthday?
Well, that is just awesome :p.
Happy birthday then! And just for the record, I love reading this comic :D. Can’t wait to find out more about what happened in the past of Kleya and what will happen next in the story.


Maybe she is going to build one. She doesn’t trust TENka after all.


Okay, I call shenanigans…

How does Kleya have such a range of (unconscious) emotional expressions (subtle smiles, annoyed grimaces, emotive postures like in last comic) with a keyboard?

I think she has a fairly sophisticated headset, as well, probably with some neural pickups. We have these in the “real” world now. Or it could be a camera that interprets facial expressions and mimics them on her L.i.F.e. character. We’re pretty close to having that, too. And to be honest, even current games like Second Life make it pretty easy to set short codes to be interpreted as facial expressions or gestures, and after you’ve been playing for a while, it becomes pretty automatic. But given that Kleya doesn’t like giving anything away, I’m betting more on a headset… Read more »
Tim C

Hmm… but she was apparently feeling pain in earlier comics. when her training with Danni was interrupted by the twins, she commented, “They turned the pain on.”


That was Danni who said that. And I think we can assume Danni has access to a kiddo or kiddo like device, what with living in a city.

Plus, we dont know if the headsets can transmit a form of pain or not.


maybe. not sure Danni’s family, who are working themselves to death to keep their daughter alive up till now, would have the funds to accuire a kido. but maybe they were lucky and just happened upon one.


They wouldnt need to. The city probably owns it, and is just letting her use it since she is not productive otherwise. We know for certain she cannot work in the fields, so it might be the only way she can do something productive for her city.

Or Danni’s parents could have brought it with them. Though that is less likely.

One final possibility is that whatever lifesupport Danni is on has a Kiddo build in. Would make sense for those on lifesupport to be able to interact.


The Kido units are apparently a rare commodity, though if Danni is crippled in Reality, it might be the only way she can access L.i.F.e. , much less the Game.

That might explain why her parents are working triple overtime, I suppose.

I wonder if the Kido unit also has some life support built in? E.g. an IV drip to keep the user from starving?


haha awsome happy b-day then. i remember when i first started reading this that it was awsome now it just blows my mind on how the story is progressed. keep up the updates! this is one of my fav comics since i first started reading ๐Ÿ˜€

A lot of people are talking about the benefit of using a keyboard – Being able to walk away. I’m not so sure though… consider earlier, when she had a big head. She wasn’t complaining about her avatar looking funny, she was complaining about its weight, and having to support it. This sounds like she’s a lot more immersed into L.i.F.e than you and I with our keyboards. I’m thinking she still experiences all of L.i.F.e as if she were in it via some sort of helmit simulating her senses, but the helmit cannot recieve signals directly from the brain,… Read more »

Hmm.. Iโ€™m placing a bet on โ€œkinda brokenโ€ means โ€œcontains another bodyโ€.

Possibly her mom.