People always have a choice Sandra. It may not be good for them, or anyone else, but they always have a choice.


truer words are seldom spoken (or written) 🙂


That’s why I keep all my knowledge of how to fix things secret from everyone always. You never know when an angry mob could try to murder the talented and educated.

… I totally wish I was kidding. :,(

That is a scary thought, having all slightly computerized systems destroyed/disabled, while all digi-savy people have been slaughtered in the streets. Last week my theory was that Sandra is perhaps a representative from the ‘defunct Germany city’ that was mentioned before. Because of her dislike for Tenka. However, she said that they have no programmers left, that excludes Germany (since they expected hackers to come from there, which implies that its only ‘defunct’ because they do not play by the New World Order rules). By the looks of it she is in an influential position in another city that (probably… Read more »

As long as I have no problems login in… I’d be fine with the forum idea.


Fans could start a site on Wikia. That would require logins, however.

When Aneeka talks about moderation and spam, she isn’t talking about the posts we see. Any web site that allows comments gets targeted by spam bots that post links to sites selling all kinds of junk. Without moderation, the comments section would be flooded with these posts. Logins can help cut this down, but the spambots can get past that, too. A large site like Wikia maintains lists of domains and ip addresses they simply don’t allow logins from.

Tim C
…Wow, Sandra is super unreasonable. Being a player in the Game would already be a full time job, because that’s the only way it makes sense. Celebrities typically have very little time between being celebrities and doing the things that made them celebrities. Even if Kleya didn’t have to fear for her life, there’s no way anyone would have time to maintain a city’s infrastructure while doing that. It takes an IT team with a double-digit staff count just to maintain the computers in a building of 1600 people, let alone a city with tens of thousands, and life support… Read more »

Being in the game is probably why she wants her in the city. So they can monitor her body while in the game because if you don’t log out and take care of yourself you would end up dying. like Danni’s partner did.


heh. Well I’d be double’y d***** by them hunts. A programmer? And a REAL hacker?

Kleya, a hero would go to a big city. ALL the heroes go to big cities. You don’t see Superman staying in Smallville do ya? You gotta go so stop complaining! Hmmm, blobs had the hardest lines to read huh? *reads* Heh, heh, poor saps. No one can fix anything. Hmm, they had robots? I guess that shouldn’t be a total surprised. The AIs are pretty sophisticated. Actually, robots may have been mentioned before I don’t recall offhand if it was. Killer robots are a good way of slaughtering people too. Hmm, also, all the computers got trashed? Whaaaaaa? All… Read more »

What if she no longer has a body to move….


she’d be dead

Lu Quade

Hey. Been enjoying the webcomic so far. Cool concept. Just read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline recently. You should read it. You’ll love it 🙂 Anyway, keep up the awesome work! http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CCEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FReady_Player_One&ei=GN9zUMKsEerwmAW51YDoBQ&usg=AFQjCNGjzIPSsLn9mWhL4OnmL7EgJfiWlA


I get the feeling these “Hacker Hunts”are really a scam started by TenKa for control.


Nah, Deconstruct Me started things, that’s why Kleya needs redemption.

I dont know for sure if we ever found out that Deconstruct Me STARTED things. Was a major player in whatever started the Hacker Hunts, yeah, definitely. Hell, it might have been a hacker war between different parties which started hitting infrastructure. Whatever it was, I think due to Kleya’s attitude towards TenKa they were a major player. In fact, do we know for sure if Kleya saw what she was doing when she founded DM wrong at that time? for all we know, she considered herself a freedom fighter and that she was doing the right thing. Whatever it… Read more »

It’s pretty clear past Kleya was an egomaniac though.


true that. she just “wanted to win”. but agianst what was she trying to win, in what way? she obviously had TENka ties and was DM. why did she start it and did TENka know about her activities in DM? cause lets not forget that good ol TENka seems ruthless enough for machiavellian practices.

Heh. “Plan C” indeed. I seem to recall Kleya would have considered moving to Japan City if anywhere, because that’s where Saisuke might be. Which City is Sandra wanting to move her to? At least Sandra seems to accept that Kleya has good reasons to want to avoid Cities. Just being a decent programmer is a good enough reason to be nervous, never mind Kleya’s own personal history. On the other hand, Sandra is probably hoping to talk Kleya into doing some programming outside of the Game, to reduce her City’s dependency on TENka. It would be good for Kleya… Read more »

TENka is hunting Kleya so going to a city there in is like walking right into a den of ravenous wolfs (not suggested)


incorrect, that was Kleya’s “manager” little sister. Kleya just did what she always does. make a face without commenting or drawing attention to herself.


Tre for the win i just realized that too.

no choice huh? perhaps Sandra intends to use her status as sponsor to force Kleya’s hand? problem is that Kleya would prolly be kicked back out into whatever the local varient of the poison swamp of doom is around there and Sandra along with her for bringing Kleya there as soon as Kleya was imported in. yeah, I keep seeing Sandra learning things Kleya wants to keep underwraps just cause Sandra is so aggressive in her attitude and definitely no fool. also why this talk like Sandra expects Kleya to play the game and work city infrastructure? thats not feasable… Read more »

Indeed, and Sandra has already washed off the diamond and found it to be genuine. It’ll be hard to not fall further into her grasp. : )

I hope she finds out her city is special somehow and she can hide there…


arg,frustrating how little gets revealed about the hows and whys. we know why Kleya can’t go to a city, near instant death. but why is Sandra so persistant about the city thing? guess we will find out next comic. also, Kleya can’t do cat and mouse worth beans, Sandra has to have her suspicions already. but then that might be why Sandra wants Kleya so bad. a rogue like Kleya is worth her weight in gold in the world they live in.


dead or alive depending on who your talking to.


alive. they can just make sure she no longer has the ability to ship in food to kill her. easy. too many way to kill an outsider I suspect.


Ask Kleya why.
Why does no one ever think to ask why a person won’t do something? It would prevent so much miscommunication and false assumptions.


because people are pushy and often don’t give a s*** about other people, even the ones who are about to be used.


While you’re at it, ask Sandra why. Aneeka told us we were about to learn more about the interface. At a guess, being remote slows down the connection to the Game and that delay will end up getting Katv8 killed in the long run. Or Sandra knows that Kleya won’t have time to scrounge for food Outside if she’s in the Game. Or Sandra figures real-world threats will go after Kleya’s body because they want someone else to win in the Game.

Dramatic enigmatic declarations are the stuff of fiction, but this kind of thing drives me crazy in real life….


about the food issue she’s shown as being able to order it early on, spending her money on other stuff instead


Oh LOL, Plan A, B and C are hilarious. Sandra is indeed a paragon of intimidating rationality (interesting how she’s both nice (well, she could work on that) and mean at the same time). 🙂


Nice job on making her “Bristle” like that, it’s a very nice visual effect adding to the story


Riots where they killed all the hackers, huh?

Let’s be honest, what we REALLY need are some riots to kill all the people creating spam and spam-bots.


It wouldn’t end there, because a LOT of people can’t tell a programmer from a virus-writer.

Tim C

No. No we really really really don’t. Not riots.

What we need are stronger laws about what is/isn’t lawful to put on other people’s computers without their informed consent, and a willingness to enforce those laws.

The problem with a lot of spam and spam bots is that no one knows where they come from. Some of them can be found with a little bit of research, others would take a serious investigation, and a riot wouldn’t do either. It really would be a witch hunt.


it would be like the Salem witch hunt with a touch of world war 2


more like WW3 😀


oh right… nvm, in our world, thought you meant NAV history


Character development never ends with this webcomic…
I’m so very glad I found NAV a year ago. 😀 Thank you, Aneeka!


I wonder how well Sandra suspects…

anyho, it just occured to me that perhaps the reason Jane is kinda psycho is because she knows a bit of designing too, she must’ve had a hard time.


though not by far and wide as good as our heroine of course : )

Justin Allen

does this mean we might possibly see.. the outside world? O.o