Wow Aneeka I’ve got to say, great job with Kleya’s smile. You definitely made her appear different enough from the usual Kleya to get us to really take notice that this is probably the first time she’s genuinely smiled. Sure, Kat smiled, but it was more of a superior smug that said “mwahaha.”


Yes, it’s… cathartic. : )


I was trawling through the archives, and I think page 101 had her first real smile in that last panel. Not sure if linking will work:


Kleyas close up in panel 4 is gorgeous. If you are still experimenting/searching for the definitive L.i.F.e. drawing style, stick with the cell-shading.

And she seems to feel genuily happy for someone else, progress :).


Poor Waterman, he got kicked but no one cares about him. 🙁

In the end, I am sure he will be proven to have been the true hero here and everyone will have wished they had voted with him once Bloody Jane goes psycho again.

Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten, Waterman!


Apparently he had enough people who liked him to send nearly a hundred messages of hate mail to Danni.


He can team up with the other elements for the next game trial, create some chimera and win the next spot. 😉


Voltron-style I mean


Yeah… I kinda liked his character. He was fairly reasonable to go against Insane Jane like that. It’s what I would have done.


just a note, there was a page up at one point that showed all the differences between bloody mary and jane. I’m not saying they’re not the same person, but I would keep in mind the possibility that it’s a fan that was inspired by Mary to create a similar character. Just a thought.


But in the “kick her out” petition her reply was “no, I reseted as required” or something like that.

The Merry Lurker

Waterman didn’t sacrifice himself, he was voted out by counter-petition.


lol. I never said he sacrificed himself. I just said he was a sacrifice. You might be surprised with how few sacrifices are actually voluntary, Lurker. 😛


The happy Kleya in the fourth panel totally made my night better. 🙂 See Kleya? The world is actually kinda nice sometimes!

The Merry Lurker

Oh. My. Gosh.

Panel four.

Kleya is… SMILING!! 😀 A miracle indeed!


gives a reference about hot places going cold

mister gray

She feels great! The smile says it all 🙂


I find it slightly amusing that the Bandit’s sidekick, and Kat’s sidekick are second to last and last receptively in the team.

I also love Keyla’s smile in the 4th panel, really well done.

With three really strong members on the team, and one unknown, I imgine there will be some collaeral damage, just becuase they compete in trying to wipe out the other groups 😛


That smile really is lovely. So nice to see her win one.


I think it’s actually better that Kleya didn’t vote to give Waterman the shove just to help Danni. Now she can be honestly happy for Danni, without having done something to try to manipulate Danni’s opinion of her.

Sandra probably has just cause to be annoyed, though!


i think sandra really hates danni, i dont know y but she does lol


I think Sandra just doesn’t like Kleya’s attitude. Kleya is, face it, kinda stuck up. she tries, but her ego gets in the way. Sandra is the kinda person to take crap from nobody. so naturally she gives h*** to all who try.


and I should have thought to put this part of the thought in this before I hit the post button…but no, doubt she even thinks about danni in any way unless she needs someone to get in touch with Kleya. its Kleya who is her prize bull, sort of speak. Danni is just a hanger on in Sandra’s mind and prolly doesn’t merit thought outside those times when she can be of use.


Kat smiling, well I guess anyone can smile.

Except Sandra.


Sandra’s smile is a satisfied grin when she has toppled da powah. 🙂

Confident Shy Guy

Yeah this comic has some really nice scenes like this in it, and I really like the overall concepts and where the story seems to be going, you’re doing great in building up future story elements and Kleya is a very interesting main character. Keep up the good work Aneeka, you’ve got a fantastic webcomic here 🙂