‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 189


Danni may or may not be suffering from shock...


Also, don't worry, we'll be seeing the University area again.

And for the vote incentive, Robot gets his revenge!

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The Dude has the right idea. I think I might come to like him a bit here…


Haven’t been here for over a month and am totally excited by how the story developed. You’re doing great, Aneeka!

Danni, now go on and say Yes! Although Bloody Mary is really scary…


So Danni just saw that Kleya voted “no” and didn’t care, when voting “yes” would have solved her problem. We know Kleya didn’t think it through. Hopefully Danni will be happy enough at the reprieve not to take it amiss that Kleya didn’t try to help her on this one….

Love the vote incentive. 🙂


well technically kleya never said yes or no the bot just aligned her answer to yes


She did say ‘no’. Check that dialog again.


Kleya didn’t say no; either the bot took her statement of “I don’t care” to be a negative vote for the petition without regarding the context, or her vote defaulted to “no” by not giving a valid response.


Also I think she said something like “No” more petitions, the robot might have taken the presence of no in the sentence as a negative vote


thank you lurker and anonymous. 🙂


sorry it was late when i typed that i meant to say aligned her answer to “no”. 🙁 now i feel stupid


And thus the group is rid of the last complete stranger, and (potentially) full of people who have some sort of opinion of Kleya. Doom is pushed off another day.


No no you can’t snap. If you do there will be an overabundance of crazies in he game.


foreshadowing is a wonderful thing. and the fan horde is pleased with danni’s survival.

didn’t see the dude as a coward, but hey, good to know right?


I’d say he’s more of a relaxed, whatever-works type. He already lost a point with her in the first vote.


i wouldnt say coward just doesnt want a potentially deadly player to be after him


what she gonna do? speak leet at him? crazy as she may be, she obviously wants to do something in the game pretty badly to make another go at it. so she won’t put that at risk if he isn’t doing things to tempt her. doubt he would be on her radar if he just keeps his head down.


i knew this was goin to happen and im stoked lol i didnt want us to lose a character we are beginning to know better.

Good I was hopeing something like this would happen! Also it is good cuz now Kat has someone that she can trust in the Game as well and watch her back. 1 thing though can you get to a explaination or put it into the About page cuz I have been wondering…How did all the settlers out there in the great desert wilderness get the tech to go on to L.i.f.e.? and find out about it. cuz if the world really did get destroyed like you put it how did they scrape together the needed supplies? Did the company supply… Read more »

We are all waiting to learn those details. 🙂 Also, we don’t know how Outsiders get to Cities.


Am I allowed to say “called it” now? Admittedly he got voted off by the others not Kleya, but the main point of waterman getting voted out seems true.

The Merry Lurker

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Ricky beam down to the planet. Who’s not coming back?



Good for her and good for the show!

A ballet user isn’t high on my list, but it beats Aquaman’s cousin!


Well introducing art to some post d-day kids may be a good thing they could use some higher form culture here.


Indeed, it’s certainly better than a Megaman reject. 😀

Seriously though, yeah, didn’t think that they’d need culture, but they probably do.


Plus it saves a life, which is by far the most important factor… : ) I just hope Waterman doesn’t regret this for the rest of his life.


only if he was relying on it to survive. otherwise he will just whine that they are noobs, blah blah blah.


Come to think of it, might Jane be a miracle survivor like the blob we voted in? (I know they can’t be the same person though since we saw her as a novice being instructed… though that’d be kewl (well, probably not in the longer term)). I wouldn’t be surprised if miracle cases are crazy more often than others.

Anyway Jane seems very proper with procedure and all, I guess she needs to rely on it to due to some people disliking her.


Come to think of it, Danni needs a proper handle. I guess she’s named Danni, because she likes to self-identify as much as possible with being in a world where she can move, but it’d help her popularity.


I think keyla is the real bloody Mary. Judging by some of her reactions


I don’t think so. I think its the principle of the thing. remember what the story hints at what Kleya has done? how she was before the Ending? kinda hard not to draw a line from Kleya’s past behavior(and some current)to how Mary/Jane acts.

and look, I made a funny.


Did you look closely when keyla was told bloody Mary was in the competition?


Oh. Let’s not forget the convo between bandit and the dude. More evidence suggesting keyla is bloody mary


Actually wouldn’t have minded getting to know waterman.. Maybe he’ll compete in the next trials in an attempt to get in? His opponent could be the blob we all helped create? Lol


thats actually a nice way to get a filler episode, how Annie gets into his group