Aww, common Anneka, the woman is a phyco. There is good and there is “good stupid”. As far as I am concerned, this isn’t so much revenge, as it is making sure I don’t end up getting killed when my back is turned.

Also, I really do think it’s suspicious how she came back this fast. There were FIVE members on that team. Why didn’t we see any of the other 4 during this tournament? What happened to the former leader and the others? Why is is that only Bloody Mary got a second chance when she murdered everyone?


To be a hero means to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds in order to protect some virtue. Sometimes this means choosing to do the strategically stupid thing because it’s what’s right. If you act out of revenge or self preservation, even if you have good intentions, then you are not a hero.

Depends on your definition of ‘hero’. Classically, heroism had nothing to do with virtue and everything to do with a person being larger-than-life, who performed great deeds. Achilles, Herakles and Theseus were all heroes, even though they were often complete jerks. In the modern sense of heroism, I think either choice COULD have been the right thing to do, depending on why she made that choice. Voting Bloody Mary out to vindictively get even – wrong. Voting Bloody Mary out because she’s a frickin’ psycho with an obvious history of destructive action, who shouldn’t be allowed to stick around just… Read more »
N/A, you are right – you can define ‘hero’, ‘revenge’, ‘intentions’, or whatever you want to mean whatever you want and my statement could mean anything. However, I assume everyone has come to something of a modern consensus about definitions of words like ‘hero’. This would be the modern sense of heroism that you mentioned. She’s definitely no Odysseus. Also it’s not true that either choice could have been heroic. The bandit makes an excellent point: She broke no rules and it was agreed upon before the tournament that whoever won would be the leader. If you just ignore the… Read more »
It matters not one whit that she broke no rules. Following orders or the rules or even law is not the same thing as doing the right thing – that’s why law is constantly updated and revised. If I set up a tournemant of martial prowess to decide on a king for the country, and Evil Mc Darkdoom, the most black-hearted villain in all the world, turns up to compete and to have the martial swat to win, then… Well, firstly I’m an IDIOT for thinking that martial prowess somehow translates to leadership ability. More importantly though, breaking my word… Read more »

Maybe a leader *should* be more than that, but the Game is set up exactly that way– the biggest stick rules. This is the equivalent of a reality tv show, not a process of choosing civic governance.

On the other hand, usually there aren’t five openings at once, so I’m not sure how leaders are normally chosen. Do new players get assigned to whichever existing team has a vacancy, and wait for the more senior players to die off to become the leader of that group?


Ehhh I’m not sure I agree. I can certainly see why she would seek to emulate a merciful hero, but given how obviously shady and dangerous “Jane” is, I don’t think it would have been anti-heroic (for lack of a better word) to have voted her out. Kleya really seems to be aiming for that Hercules sort of hero approach right now, hopefully she can wise up in the future without going back down the dark side.


Nitpick: Herakles (the original, Greek spelling of Hercules) was a jerk. The guy murdered his music teacher over nothing, killed or kidnapped most of the royal family of Oechalia because they stiffed him on a deal, and generally reacted with violence whenever anybody ticked him off. He’s not a very good example of a modern hero for Kleya to follow.

Glorious, yes. GOOD, no.

i don’t agree that kleya’s choice here is ‘heroic’…while it could be viewed as ‘vengeful’ because jane beat her in fair/legal combat, that doesn’t mean jane is in the right…being merciful is a trait of a good hero, but there’s being merciful in a smart way and doing it when it will gravely endanger you and others(in particular ‘innocents’ which al heroes try to protect at the peril of there own lives if necessary…not speaking against bloody mary would be like letting Hitler rule Germany after world war 2(this is assuming of course he hadn’t killed himself) because his governing… Read more »
The Merry Lurker

Bravo, Kleya. ^_^

I can’t say I would have made the samechoice, myself >:P


Hm. It only just occurred to me. Players can affect who is in the Game by petition? Is that a loophole that could be used for Danni?

I also note Jane’s response: “I reset as demanded.” people assumed she was banned, but maybe not. If she really is the same person, that is.

Its likely easy to petition players out, but not in. That is what the game trials are for. And the Norm for the trials is only the winner gets in (this time was a special case)[p84]. So if they lose/kill a player, there would be another Trial to replace them. As for a loop hole, Danni did get 6th, so if the replacement is really soon, before the new group plays or does much, then bumping her instead of a new trial could happen. But Danni has some negative (plainness) stigma for her avatar. Sandra as game sponsor, thinks Danni… Read more »

Heroes don’t get even, they get mad.


Don’t make lemonade!
Make life TAKE the lemons back!


Hopefully Kleya doesn’t regret her decision…


As a Heroine Kat does what is right. Even though she personally doesn’t care for Blood…er..Jane. But then she has to stop other people from doing wrong. So she can’t vote Waterman out just because Jane doesn’t like him. Although I am confused by her not listening to Jane’s petition and the response that she is not allowed to abstain from voting. Hoping page 182 will clear this up. 😉


Hm… hopefully Kleya didn’t just vote *by* abstaining. I don’t think that would be very heroic. Besides, what if Jane (for reasons unknown) included replacing Waterman with Danni in her petition? Perhaps the bot will just hang around until Kleya comes out of the University again.

And I still think the differences in personality between Bloody Mary and Jane are peculiar.


I’ll just say, Bye Waterman, Hello Danny =D


Not that I think Waterman should go, but..
Its interesting to note that this page and last page, were Waterman oriented, yet he didn’t seem important enough to get a TAG on these pages (in “Featuring”) so his role may be a minor one and his time in the story limited….


Actually, it occurs to me that since the votes are apparently public, not only Waterman but The Dude may need to watch their backs around Jane. (More than any sane person would already, I mean.)


I doubt they’re public to anyone but those it touches, which here is just the 5 players. If the vote had removed Jane from leader position, then it probably would have been made public, but I doubt it will, if nothing happens.


However, because the person they’d have to be careful around is Jane, and Jane can view it, that doesn’t matter.


i think Kleya is actually kind of cool not only does she not think of herself at the moment she is actually showing that she isnt bitter. Jane only fought her becuz of the match, who is to say she is goin to kill off her teammates this round. Doesnt everyone deserve a second chance? I think Kleya is only thinking how she wished ppl would treat her….like most of us.


I think she is bitter, angry, jealous, wanting to be a b**** and vote Jane out… but she doesn’t do it, because she wants to do the right thing. I’ve been in her situation a thousand times, choosing what I viewed as the right thing despite my personal feelings on the matter. Insincere? Maybe. Making the world a better place? Hopefully.


New reader here and after finishing up all 181 pages I am begging for the next comic. Already bookmarked you and eagerly waiting for tomorrow