There ya go. It’s all falling into place. I was skeptical that Jane would be able to hold onto to her leadership position, considering her past. Even better, once Jane is ousted, a new spot opens for Danni. All Kleya has to do at this point is retroactively “remember” that it was her original plan to lose to Jane in order to get her kicked out, thus making her able to make Danni a finalaist! And don’t tell me she can’t do that. It’s well known (by the power of science!) that our memories are not always reliable and we… Read more »

It isn’t heroic to lie, unless you like that silly beguiler class (just play a straight out good-aligned thief already, none of that rogue business :)).


So then our ‘hero’ will never be a hero as she is lieing just to be here and have the friends she currently has…


Giving Jane exactly what she wants (to get into the game) would lessen her ability as an antagonist.

Theory: the biggest complaint that can be lodged against the Bandit is the twins whose surnames escape me at the moment (circle and diamond) because they not only bully newbies, but in at least one case KILLED one… albeit indirectly. Maybe Jane made the twins herself as a TENka programmer to get back in the ga-
…no, never mind, wrong time frame… *grumble*


Looks like my hunch was right. Waterman was up to something. Something that seems like the only logical action.

Actually, is it deliberate that Water tried to force Bloody Mary from the group? Because in hindsight, it’s a groanworthy pun.

Anonymous (no affiliation with 4chan)
Anonymous (no affiliation with 4chan)

Hm. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty to assume that Bloody Jane is Bloody Mary, in light of those differences. She may instead be a student of Mary’s, or have merely copied her special.

Mind, Kleya might sign the petition anyway, since she can’t give apology money if she doesn’t have any money.

Anonymous (no affiliation with 4chan)
Anonymous (no affiliation with 4chan)

I didn’t think of it until I posted, but signing the petition could get that girl she stepped on in her haste to get into the game in too.


Perhaps a more relevant question is, “why is the university under construction to the point of being unstable?”

Then again, every university I’ve ever attended or worked at has been perpetually under construction….

About Jane… I wouldn’t have expected such radical changes in behavior between two Game characters being operated by the same user. Now I have to wonder… What happened to a bloody Mary to cause her to snap? And/or… Is Jane really operated by the same user? Are the dolls the only thing the two have in common?


Better question. Why are Avatars allowed in there AT ALL if it’s that dangerous?!


I’d assume because they are basically trying to mirror reality, so they can’t exactly disable entries but instead warn. You know, to keep the illusion going.
I mean, every time you find a invisble wall, or a door that does not open (isn’t even a door in the game, just the image of one)… It is annoying until you learn: these are the doors that are doors, and these are just part of the scenery. You can’t do that if you’re trying to mirror reality, me thinks.


Can’t they just construct a VISIBLE wall in front of it or something?


Most construction zones don’t have any kind of way to keep people out that people can’t just climb over, so it would seem unrealistic to make one in LiFE. In real life, most people would stay away from construction zones anyway, but in LiFE the worst that will probably happen is you have to reset yourself, so people might just go in.

Hence, the makers of LiFE probably figured there was no point to making a realistic barrier, and didn’t want to make an unrealistic one, so they just warned people.

Okay, I’m getting an odd vibe here. Up until now, it’s been treated as common knowledge that Jane = Bloody Mary. If you look at the two pics, you can see that Mary has a pair of dolls on her shoulders. That and the knives say they use the same fighting style and specials. Soooo… here’s me wondering how this is going to turn into an issue. Seems pretty straightorward… banned player returns under an alias without going to much effort to hide their identity, is called on it, so banhammer again, right? So why do I think that Kleya’s… Read more »

Alternatively, common knowledge is wrong and Kleya, in order to not be a hypocrite about her own past, is going to be willing to give her a chance?


So the only reasons that they believe that Jane is Bloody Mary is because of the dolls and because that announcer person kept trying to not call her Bloody Mary?


WEll but Kleya want that mutch to be the leader? I mean she would prefer to not be the focus of everyone atention as she hides her true indentity, maybe even being holded to lose from Jane also to dismiss the suspect of her.

I mean, would be good to Jane get out and so Danny would be in the team, but maybe not TOO good?

Also what Bandit and Dude gonna say about the Petition?

So many questions =D *scraching from curiosity*


She has three possible ways to vote, and it’s all a matter of what Kleya is thinking at the time:
1. Sign the ban petition
2. Deliberately refuse to sign the ban petition
3. Abstain…for many different possible reasons

Any one of these can EASILY be made to work. And they all can easily spiral off into unintended consequences!

I’m excited to see what Kleya decides. Also, Jane and/or Bloody Mary’s backstory has quickly risen to the second most facinating thing in this comic. The most facinating thing here is: everything to do with Kleya, of course.


Wait… Was the line “It’s avatar suicide in there.” just added, or did I just miss it earlier?