Weird. I wonder how that hacker could have hurt Mae? Maybe D’s counter-attack did something? If so, could there be others that got damaged too?

Well, my vote goes for talking to Dani first and, hey, it’s not like Mae is going anywhere, am I right? 😀

I suspect the hack on Danni had nothing to do with whatever’s wrong with Mae. Mina says Kleya was able to fix Mae’s avatar before, so there’s probably some kind of bug in Mae’s avatar, or the apartment, or something else in Mae’s L.i.F.e. environment. Possibly that’s where Kleya got the idea for the immobility part of Nice. In any case, Mina is a bit of an alarmist, as we’ve seen. Mae doesn’t seem to need immediate attention as much as Danni. (It does occur to me that Kleya could have tested the paralysis on Mae before “fixing” it last… Read more »

…is that last panel Kleya in the physical world?


Looks like Danni.


Been so long since we last saw her that I’ve forgotten. XD


Kleya got to use her hacking 5k1llz to help someone? I smell a real hero here guys! (Deodorant wouldn’t be a bad idea.)


Ooh… Wonder what’s going on in L.i.F.e


I believe I said somewhere back a few months ago something about hoping this storyline wasn’t building up to Dani’s “shocking” death.
I would like to renew that statement.


I really hope she doesn’t die… But, on the other hand, it would be a motivational factor for whatever it is to come.

The Merry Lurker

I just glanced at this at first without reading the comment above it, and thought you were talking about Mae.

Now that think of it, that’s a scary thought. What if Mae did pass away, and Mina and their Mother didn’t know about it because they were hooked up to L.i.f.e.? It could just look like her avatar froze up- like when their Mom disconnected without going into sleep mode.

The Merry Lurker

Just looked back- her Mom said she was still talking to them. Missed that. *Dunce cap* <|


I don’t see how could she die by now, she losed the match for Keya, now there’s the money problem as Dani need to pay to stay into L.I.F.E., horrible for her but not deadly at all.

Well Dani has a problem [which is ‘Classified’], where she cannot make Money in the real world [p42], and since she is a citizen, she cannot make money in L.i.F.e (other than the game)[p96]. Now she’s lost the game. So now she has noway of generating any income. And her parent’s spent their last 3.5K on Kleya[[p42]. And I’m assuming that Food and water in the cities is not free. Danni will have to live off the generousness of others. Her parents can likely make some money in the real world but if all they had was less than 1… Read more »

My concern is actually that the author might think Kleya needs more pathos.

Dani’s profile actually says “L.i.F.e. and the Game are her only chances to dance now and she’d rather die (for real) than lose that again.”

The way the author is building this up indicates a high probability that Dani (unaware that Kleya might be able to pay for her to stay in L.i.F.e) will turn out to have committed suicide before Kleya could find tell her.

Kleya is a gult driven character already. She does not need this. (Especially since it’s so hackneyed.)

Here’s hoping this is just a red herring.

Good point. But I don’t think Danni is dead yet, just by this one frame. As the Lillys have shown, a disconnecting user leaves their Avatar frozen exactly how they were. Danni is on the ground, on her side. If she just abruptly left she should be standing as its the most likely position for an avatar to be in. Its not a sleeping pose (eyes shut) like a normal logout. Its not a toes up death-like pose (prepared death). And its not a fetal crying/devastation position (no knees by the chin) The other import bit about this snapshot of… Read more »

That’s Kleya’s memory of the last time she saw Danni, I believe, not an image of what’s going on with Danni currently.


You do realize that that is a snapshot from when Dani lost the match vs Kleya, not a current photo.


Yep, Its also a Image of ‘Danni’ the Game/Fighting Avatar (like ‘Kat V8’) and is not “Danni Morretti”‘s normal L.i.F.e Avatar.

So Even if its a current/non-flashback image, shes thus in a fight and not Dead on the ground.


To clarify, I am aware that the image of Dani here is a memory, not a live event. This does not relate to my point.

By the way, why is it that I can’t reply to any of the confused people who responded to my earlier comment? That’s really inconvenient.


I am starting to wonder if hacking (and the way people react to it) is supposed to be a metaphor for something…


Well here’s how I look at it.

If we were to call L.i.F.e the ‘real world’, then Hackers, those that can go around the natural laws and perceptions are like Psionics, who can bend the world around them to there will. Then add a large amount of hate to the existing paranoia, after a large group of these world benders (Deconstruct Me) tried to take over the world. People Died.


Well, it’s possible that the VR interface has a direct connection to a user’s brain. It’s possible that some implementations can allow a hacker to electrocute the brain directly. In the webcomic Mystic Revolution, there is a means of preventing a person from logging out, so they can be tortured in virtual reality.


This was hinted at back on comic 109. Kleya had to ask Mina if she was using a VR head set. Which apparently is easy to remove. The other option was “neron-connected” which I’ve guessing is much more of a Matrix syle connection with corresponding advantages and disadvantages.


Hmm… She can’t move her avatar, but can still talk? Doesn’t that mean there’s probably some form of speech independent of making your avatar use their vocal chords, like some kind of built-in mic to the headsets or a text-based chat interface?

Either way, I really hope nobody dies. Though if Danni is in some kind of danger (as Kieya’s indecision and shock at her location implies), then there’s probably no way anyone can get her out of it before it’s too late, at least not when Kieya has to help Mae first.


“Can’t move” may be a quick simplification of a situation.

Say if just her motor/control functions from the neck down didn’t work, she could still talk and blink and even yawn; but a quick description to a person not present might very well be “can’t move”.

The Merry Lurker

I’m guessing the speech server is somewhat separate from the avatar server, because there was a way for Danni’s watchers (and parents) to talk to her when their avatars weren’t there.


Mr and Mrs Morretti, are broke, and I don’t think are in L.i.F.e.

I think that regular old fashion pc/terminals probably exist, so that those who can’t pay 4k/month can still send text messages and subscribe to feeds.

The counter point is that Mrs Lilly had to logout to talk to Mina in the real world. However the Lillies live in collapsing building and not in a city. They may simply not have a working terminal.

I suspect speech is normally just picked up from a microphone, and the interface moves lips, jaw, etc. to match what the user is saying. In this case, Mae’s speech is still picked up and played as audio in L.i.F.e., but her lips aren’t moving. She’s not actually “hurt” (more than she was already) but her avatar isn’t functioning properly. Possibly part of the point of this scene is to show how people tend to mix that up. If what Kleya did to Danni has somehow affected her L.i.F.e. avatar, as well as her Game avatar, she’t be paralyzed in… Read more »

i love reading everyone’s theories, who would imagine Aneeka that ur comic would be so multi-layered. I mean im a huge fan because its not clear cut like so many comics out there.


This indeed is a webcomic worth reading.


Danni has taken a serious psychological blow.
Mae is stuck on the couch.

Danni takes precedence. Promise to be there ASAP as soon as you’ve sorted out the fallout with Danni, and to help them with moving to a city.


Imagine Mae was the hacker during the fight and D did that to her. Or not, it would be an interesting twist though.