Hehe, mary’s face… Priceless!
I hope Mary has some kind of backup plan, I’d hate to see the fight end this simply… I mean, I can’t imagine no one else tried to use mary as a shield against her own attacks…


Actually, that may be the primary reason she carries the scythe, to discourage that kind of behavior. Not to mention once the dolls attacks start to become staggered and sorta ‘all over the place’ it becomes rather challenging to attempt to use Bloody Mary as a shield against them.


Muhahahah I think we all saw this one in advance.

Seros Senric

Was there anyone that didn’t guess this?

Although I do wonder if it is enough for Kleya to win this fight. Her opponent still has more HP than she does, and should be able to tank these hits.


* Raises hand * I DIDN’T

Zip Zero

If I counted correctly, then there are 16 dolls now. If they each hit for 6 damage, then that would be 96 damage, plus 64 more if nice takes them out for that and they multiply. Since Bl… Jane has already taken 60 damage from the drain, the total for that would be 220. And if the HP amounts are still halved… I think this fight will be over very, very soon.


Kleya cancelled “Be Nice” in page 163 by putting her arms down (“Swish”, then “Bleeeeeeh”).


I don’t think Kleya has time enough to activate Nice again, so we’ll just have to hope that the dolls on their own do sufficient damage to start putting the hurt on Bloody Mary.


The dolls will NOT do 6 damage each, even if Jane lets them hit her. They only did 6 to Kat because her special drains her Stamina stat to boost the damage she takes.

Number of dolls: 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 = 30 2 HP per doll creation: 60 6 HP damage per impact for 16 dolls: 96 So that’s 156 total damage to Bloody Mary if those things hit – we know that she has a high amount of hit points, but has been halved for the tournament. I suspect that will be enough to finisher her. Kleya has taken 36 HP damage, so far – but no longer has the HP boost from her special. Presumably she has a lower base-line HP since she considers Blood Mary to have… Read more »

Figures… she magically gets out of the way in time and uses Mary as a shield…


Hacking isn’t magic mate…


Ooooh, I like where this is going!


Ooh, that’s clever. Even if she can’t get Nice up in time, she can still use Jane’s special against her. They all hit a 6, and then multiply, draining her 2 hp each… hopefully enough to bring her down?


Nice way to turn the tables…

To add insult to injury, I’d quickly summon Nice to bring “Jane” down for the count.


Gonna hand it to Kleya. She thinks fast on her feet.

“Why hello there human shield”


The expression in panel 2 is fantastic. I look like that whenever someone beats me in trivial pursuit.

Great update, but I’ve got the suspicion that Jane has one more trick up her sleeve: Namely that the dolls will heal Jane rather than damage her. I think that this is the case because 1. otherwise the fight would be over too soon and 2. I think that whoever built that doll-special (Jane? Or the group members she killed, like it was suggested?) must have thought about the possibility that the dolls might be turned against Jane. Otherwise Jane could just cancel the special and the dolls would disappear (if that is a general feature built-in to all specials).… Read more »

Jane looks pretty annoyed in that last panel, so I don’t think the dolls are going to heal her. It’s possible they can’t damage her, though. I could see her still looking pretty annoyed at being grabbed by KatV8, even if she’s not expecting any problems from her own Special.

And ditto the storytelling– others can say what they like about your art (which I think is quite good at this point), but I’ll take a good story with lesser art over stunning visuals with no plot any day.

The Merry Lurker

Who says WHAT about her art! >:(

The art style was one of the first things that attracted me to this comic… ya know… before the story sucked me in like a black hole.


Well, I wouldn’t call Not A Villain the best story telling I’ve ever seen, I started off with webcomics like Megatokyo, 8-Bit Theater, Something Positive, and The Cyantian Chronicles, but it is a well told and enjoyable story, which trumps a lot of webcomics that I have read.

The Aussie Bloke

Clever girl


lets see, there are now 16 of them and they hit for 6 damage each attack, so thats 96 damage heading her way

this is going to hurt an awfully large amount




Remember, though, the dolls will multiply only if they die, aka only if Kleya’s Nice special is up. So they’ll probably only hit for the 96 damage (6*16). I like Oli’s suggestion that they might heal Jane, though. I could see that being a twist, especially since Jane seems smart enough to consider such a situation.


Not all fights need to be epic.
Then again, go Kleya!


…that look like the Lily sisters.

that one guy

The dolls are not going to hit Jane, they are going to grab her climb over her body and attack Kleya. That’s my prediction. Also Kleya has crazy angry face in panel 2.


Me: ha lets see them blame this on hacking.
Some random guy in my head: but she clearly hacked the game to get an alert when being attacked.
Me: um.. n… uh… shut up 🙁


In the real world it is possible to detect something that will give away an opponent behind you making it possible to counter them trying to sneak up on you and giving you the advantage. That is the primary reason I’m not attributing the ‘Alert!’ message to a hack, even if it was in Kleya’s Hacker Vision it was at worst the Hacker Vision translating something else, such as a sound, into something easier to understand.


My thoughts:

1) They will heal Jane like others have suggested.
2) They will phase through Jane and hit Kleya.
3) Jane with slash them all midair with that scythe before they hit her. Thus producing more dolls.

I think there would be some kind of program to stop the human shield thing from happening, but I thought of circling around instead of healing. Of course that only works if they’re not already airborn.

The Merry Lurker

About the human shield thing, I’m wondering if that wasn’t anticipated to be as big of a deal, usually, as it is now. As others have said, Kleya has a rare advantage in the fact that “Nice” made the dolls are synchronized. If someone made Bl… Jane a human shield under normal circumstances, maybe one or two dolls would hit her. No big deal. Only now is it a BIG problem, since all the dolls are hitting at once.

Ryan S

I didn’t see that coming – other people are really good at predicting stuff I guess =) Huzzah Kleya!

Squire James

Essentially any of those scenarios where anything happens except “they all hit Mary Er Jane and take her down” will hand Kleya a loss soon after, which in my mind is even more anticlimactic.

Normal double-elimination tournaments require that the final contestant in the losers bracket must win twice to win the tournament (i.e. everyone must lose twice to be eliminated). I’m not sure if this one follows the usual rules, though.

I don’t think that there will be a second round. to early in the story and we don’t know enough about blood Jane to warrant it in my opinion. that being said I’m not sure if this fight is over or not. Remember that Janes special was three programs mashed together. here’s my thoughts. one program is the simple AI for the dolls. follow and attack. which would explain how there where so easily lined up in a row. all kleya had to do was run a little bit and there you go. the second program would be the doubling… Read more »

You know,they did metion earilier in the story that the loser’s bracket has to win twice in the finals to win…



Mad Gladiator

You know what would be horrible? If Jane programmed the dolls to phase through her.


If Jane has enough time to cancel her special before the dolls hit her, I wonder what chances Kleya has to not be “killed” before she can get Nice up again.

I also wonder what would happen at a draw, if they took each other out? Would it then go to fan vote? As creepy as Jane looks, I’d think she would have at least any horror story fans rooting for her.


Ya know if she pushes mary down on top of the dolls sny that are destroyed are subtracted from mary directly


I don’t think the dolls will hurt Mary.. they will heal her instead! She probably can reabsorb them to regain the HP used to create them, and since they multiplied, she gets back MORE HP then she spent on them. To defeat her, you need to immobilize or ignore the dolls and then go for the puppetmaster. That high HP can be used to absorb a lot of punishment, then absorb enough dolls to heal back to full, while the remaining dolls keep attacking/multiplying. (Mary might be able to kill her own dolls to get them to multiply as well.)


It’s not over yet. The special has four parts.
First part: Animate objects.
Second part: Respawn and duplicate.
Third part: ???
Fourth part: ???


We’ve got a 2 round final. Do not expect to see everyone’s entire list of tricks in the first round.