The Aussie Bloke

She’s going to stomp them herself, isn’t she?


That won’t work: they’ll just multiply again.

The Aussie Bloke

True, but now she has the option of avoiding their attacks. She can keep stomping and dodging and whittling Jane’s HP down.


Why doesn’t she just avoid the dolls attacks and attack bloody Mary dIrectly? The dolls don’t multiply and it’s a lot faster.


Probably because she is in the heat of battle and isn’t thinking straight. And the first time the dolls attacked, she probably didn’t think that much of them. Their duplicating caught her by surprise and they could do their second attack before she reacted. And now she has 8 of them.

Also, we’ve never seen her do any type of physical attack. It could very well be that she doesn’t know how to do physical attacks.

that one guy
The row of dolls synchronized landing in panel 1, that slight smile in panel 2, the rush and speed of Kleya’s foot in panel 3, the doll who is about to get it’s face smashed in in panel four. It all culminates into Bloody Mary getting her butt wooped! But, it’s probably not as simple as Kleya killing the dolls and then draining Mary of her HP when the dolls duplicate. I would think that, that sort of tactic would have been implemented in earlier fights against Bloody Mary. I’m thinking that Mary has a few more tricks up her… Read more »

Congratulations 😀

They did a pretty good job of summing it up as well as promoting the story without revealing spoilers. I am impressed with this review.

Also, am I right in assuming Kleya/Kat’s plan is to take out the dolls until it drains all of Boody’s health? Or maybe whittle it down and take her out while she’s replicating the dolls? :3


maybe she will get them to attack bloody mary by acident


That’s what I’m thinking will happen.


Looks like she’s going for a field-goal strategy. Let’s hope the dolls don’t have some sort of “defense” against this, or this could get /real/ messy for Kleya.




I have been in love with your comic since it started. Keep up the good work!!


Congrats on your awesomely cool reviewing! Let’s hope the review is equally awesomely cool!


gratz on the reveiw


I’m a little confused. Did she outrun the dolls, and now she’s turned around to face them? Maybe she’s planning to kick them all, football (soccer) style, at Jane?

The Merry Lurker

It looks like she dodged them, and hopped over them.


Congrats on the review! (and it was a really well done and very complimentary review, too.)


Congrats on the review! 🙂


Why is that one the only doll reacting to Kleya? And is the fact it’s messed up the pattern important? Hmmm.


The dolls look like the Lilly sisters.


doesn’t it look like she is running next to the dolls and the doll is turning to watch her run past?

The Merry Lurker

I’m wondering why only ONE of them is turning its head.

Is there some kind of connection? If you do something to that specific doll, does it have some effect on all the others?


the dolls look like that they home it on the target, but if Bloody is in the way…


I wonder if she intends to use Bloody Mary as a human shield?


just read the review and i loved how the reviewer summed up the entire series so far

btw gotta love the fact the dolls do things identically, maybe thats the clue to defeating them.


She’s going for Bloody Mary would be my guess, cause if you kill the dolls eventually you will end up surrounded. so perhaps she get bloody mary with the same atack that she pulled on bandit, if she can re summon her special. Or Fist Fight or dolls on bloody mary?

that one guy

I really hope it does turn into a fist fight. I mean, they’re both primarily special users, a fist fight between will probably be them flailing arms at each other! But before that happens Kleya needs to find a way to disrupt/destroy Bloody Mary’s doll special.


She’s definitely going to kick them at Mary! That’ll do!
But Mary will more than one trick in her bag…


Well. I read the review. This is what it did:

It did a summary of what the comic is about.
It stated some shortcomings of the comic (like in which plane are we?).
Noted the strengths.
Said it was worth reading.

Sure, it’s a positive review. Not spoiling anything yet being informative. Could have mentioned Kleya’s objective/desires, but I guess it’s alright.


Kyle is going to trick the doll into attacking Jane.