‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 163


When attacking, the dolls are rather fast.


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Erm… the Bandit’s taunting me.

It’s totally Tuesday. Why is he accusing me of trying to get a sneak peek?!

I think Kleya needs to hack him a little… /just/ a little…


When websites have automated uploads, there seems to be to be a way to see the next comic that will go up. That page you saw was probably the image that normally greets people that try to use the cheat.

I keep getting a mullet guy flirtatiously telling me no sneak peeks. From the hovertext and the description, something happened. Mullet whatchyamacallit guy, y u no let me read this crappily drawn post apocalyptic cyber punk comic page? It looks like s***** ms paint but you actually try, which makes it sad. Doesn’t help that your main character looks intentionally like s***. She still needed a bit more character design, her skirt and top are fugly. Curved belt line on the skirt? Ridiculous. tube top with an undershirt that has strange intermediate short/no sleeves? The whole ensemble is hard to… Read more »

So, we have another new comer who can’t be bothered to read through the archive and see that at present the main character is in a ‘game’ in a virtual world using a character she drew herself, when her artistic skills are rather lacking. If he did look through the archive any he’d realize that the ‘normal’ art is far better looking, Kat V8 just looks like that as a means of indicating Kleya’s lacke of artistic skills. How sad and pathetic that he felt the need to post a useless comment like this.

Context? Reading the whole thing before whining? Why, that’s for suckers! True art critics never let tiny things like deliberacy and art-shifts slow them down! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to follow Calypso’s brilliant example and go tell Andrew Hussie how sad the art in Homestuck is, and then I’ll go read the first few pages of Girl Genius and whine about how the Foglio’s couldn’t even colour their comic. Non-sarcastic: about time Kleya got to kick some a*** personally! (Or get kicked. In a weird way, either would be equally satisfying at this point). I’ve been looking… Read more »

Kudos, though given the choice of user name (Calypso) and pic (a MLP), I think it might be safer to presume our poster is actually a female.

Regardless… as you were. The entire reply stands. ^^b


That’s certainly not a given. I think the newer MLP has had greater popularity with males, for some reason. That whole ‘brony’ craze, and all. Calypso’s a plausible indicator, though, so I’ll grant that.

And what if the poster is a fan of the Twisted Metal games? I admit that I haven’t played one since the 1990’s (which will give you good odds of which one I’d played), but I would’ve sworn that the ‘Angel’ after guy who rode the motorcycle was male, and his name was Calypso. That isn’t the only time I’ve seen the name used for a male character either, and the others the character named Calypso was definitely male. Unfortunately I can’t think what their settings were right off hand to reference them, I just remember that there was another… Read more »
The only problem with your surmise about the posters gender (and I guess I should’ve said kre instead of he, but that’s borrowed from a language where the odds of finding another person who speaks it on any given webcomic, even one as popular as Two Worlds, would be astronomically lower than the odds of a person being hit by a meteorite while getting out of their vehicle) is that not everyone is ‘open’ about their gender. Although I’m a guy in nearly every online game I’ve attempted to play the first char, or two, I’ve created was female. In… Read more »
The Aussie Bloke

Are we supposed to be getting a “No sneak peeks” image, or is that just me?


Ah, the “my ship is trailing mines” strategy, perhaps?

Squire James

Well, at least she isn’t constrained to “being nice” anymore…

that one guy

So, if Kleya was able to get the dolls to hit Jane, would they actually hurt Jane? Because the dolls have Jane’s hitpoints, I would think that if they hit her then the hitpoints would be absorbed back into Jane. Or the dolls hit her, it does damage and takes away more HP for duplication of the dolls. There is the possibility that the dolls will simply belly flop themselves onto the floor and kill themselves, taking away HP from Jane with no HP loss from Kleya.


I don’t think Jane gets to reabsorb the HP, so if Kleya can get them to hit her, either she takes damage or the dolls self-destruct, but either way Kleya benefits.

The question is whether she can stay clear of the dolls long enough to get them to hit Jane. Since she doesn’t have to worry anymore about being Nice, she can grab Jane and try to turn her into the line of attack, but as noted above, the dolls are *fast*. And there aren’t enough of them to do Jane in right away. Tricky.


If memory serves me (and since I’m feeling to lazy to check this in the archive it might be) it seems to me that each ‘player’ is permitted two specials, we’ve only seen Kleya using one and I’m positive she made a comment a long while ago about having designed two additional specials to be able to set as well to help improve her chances. So the question is, what is the other special she designed and how does she activate it? I’ve got a feeling that that’s how she’s going to win.


Your memory has failed you and needs to be executed. =P A player is only allowed one special for the game trials.


Only one special is allowed in the tournament. She had three that she wanted to bring in. She could only pick one of them. So no, she doesn’t have another special to help her here.


Okay, I did say I was feeling to lazy to go back and check, and I’d remembered she couldn’t bring all three specials with her, I was just wrong about whether it was one or two specials. Well, I guess it’s time to wait and see if she manages to come up with a solution then.

Yeah, moving quick enough to get them to hit Jane will be the problem. If she can manage it though, they’ll do a solid 8×6=48 damage to Jane (Assuming Jane doesn’t have low/high defense or something so they do more/less damage to her), and she has already burned up 4+8+16=28 hp bringing so many to life. 76 isn’t likely to be enough to take Jane out, but it should leave her and Kleya on fairly equal footing. Though, if this is her plan, it seems odd that she would drop her special, because by leaving it up she could get… Read more »

Jane uses the hitpoints to make the dolls mobile. They’re not physical embodiment of hit points so they can’t be reabsorbed like that.


She doesn’t need to get them to hit Jane anymore. With Nice out of the picture, she’s free to chicken dance on the dolls as they respawn until Jane is down to her last hit point, maybe beyond if Jane failed miserably while designing her special.


[Turns to calender on wall]


How come the dolls can fly? They don’t even have wings. I’m pretty sure nothing has flown in the game thus far. Kleya’s special doesn’t count because it’s an area effect. The dolls, however, are physical. I can understand if they can run fast or jump far but with all the abilities the dolls already have, should they be able to fly as well?


I don’t think they are flying. It looks like they are at the top of their arc and they are falling down now. They just have an impressive jump.


yea. the page even says “leap” on it. Guess I totally overlooked it. :/

The Aussie Bloke

Silly Dr Grace, of course she has something else.

It’s called “knuckle sammich”


I think the sound effect for the cancelling should have been “Firefly-ed”


This isn’t Remember OR Erfworld =P


I love Erfworld, but what was the reference there.

I was referencing how the TV show Firefly was cancelled.


Something i’ve recently been told is called an ‘Unsound effect’ – a sound effect that is used as a joke, instead of an actual representation of the sound. Erfworld and Remember are both pretty fond of those. (“Fist of An angry god-ed” from Remember, for instance, or the 4chan crapulear explosion in the battle for gobwin knob.)

I was saying that this is a regular sound effect, not an unsound.


Ok. Fighting. Cool.
How long till the inevitable cheap shock that Danni is about to/ has already committed suicide?
Nah, maybe I’m being unfair. I don’t KNOW that’s going to happen.
My inner cynic is grouchy today.


By lowering the Nice special, does it also lower her HP back to normal levels (I remember it in one of the recent comments, but I don’t remember it from the comic itself)?

Kleya’s got her work cut out for herself either way!


It also bumps up her defense again (Which is why each doll was doing 6 damage to her.) Chances are they aren’t going to do that much damage to Jane, but canceling her special gives her more options. It’s going to be interesting to see her fighting style.