‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 158


Dr. Grace has only a basic understanding of hacking/programming.


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And for the vote incentive, I re-scripted the last panels so that Bloody Mary could play a different type of game... 😈


I’m not entirely convinced that Calamity Jane (as I have decided to call her for no reason) isn’t also Sadako/Samara.

So, yea, Kleya? Um… good luck. o.o;

Tim C

Seven days

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Cute reference. Would that mean Kleya would need to make a copy of Jane or something? Or that Jane is actually the author of the Virus? (Evidence doesn’t seem to support that level of programming skill at this point, but maybe being crazy could make it harder for a sane person to crack one’s code….) Then again, I’ve never seen the movies (American or original Japanese) or read the novels, so what would I know? I’m still not completely convinced D is the Virus, though. I don’t think Kleya in “hero wannabe” mode should have been quite so calm about… Read more »

Yay : )

Justin Allen

Nice design for “Jane”, wonder what will happen next!


“… she dies.”

Run. Run, and don’t stop running. Screaming and waving your arms is optional.


Bandit wants to see how which one reacts? How Kleya reacts to “Jane”? I wonder if there’s any history between those two?

(“Jane” had better not turn out to be Kleya’s mom…)


She ‘hopes’ she dies? Creepy…


I love how Kleya is so nonchalant about this.


She should be careful anyway, though. The Bandit pulled a tough one on Kleya, and “Jane” seems to have a reputation in this world. So far things have been really challenging for Kleya on so many levels, she may end up reacting to someone sneezing or something.


I like the “hacking is not magic” comment – because the way it’s portrayed in the movies, it’s just a few keypresses and you’re done, or else the character has a “program” that produces the same magical effect. And Bandit has to worry about the Virus too. I like. 🙂


I kind of see hacking as like reaching a level of “nervana” or something like that, rising to like “god-level” in the computer world, or like finding away to use the environment to your own advantage by learning the “secret” behind it. Magic and science do tend to be more of the same thing then when you see the basic thinking behind it.


the ‘hacking is not magic’ comment is even more ironic considering it’s almost treated as magic in this world. I wonder if their version of TVTropes has a a trope for “a hacker did it”? (ps, that so needs to be a trope!)


Oh, we missed the “I don’t.”


I *hope* she dies? The original lyrics are “Perhaps she’ll die…” Kleya’s in trouble….


Yeah, based on the emphasis at the end I’m very certain that Bloody Mary uses the phrase “I hope she dies.” to summon her special.


If I had to guess, I’d say the nursery rhyme gone south in its entirety is the ignition.


No, because as someone else pointed out she started it before the special free delay at the start of the match ended, thus the start of the nursery rhyme can’t be part of how she activates it. However, that does make it harder to pin down the exact portion of it that activates the special, while making it easier to create multiple specials with only minutely varied activation sequences, as you’d only need a minor variation in wording to activate a different special.

Scott's Folly
Not necessarily, depending on how the ceasefire and the trigger are implemented. For instance, say the trigger buffers a few seconds’ worth of complex call action before sending the data packet that starts the special. If the ceasefire either doesn’t realise that this is the start of the firing sequence or only blocks the actual start signal, then you could start the firing sequence early. You would just have to make sure that the start signal itself came outside the ceasefire. A more ‘conventional’ parallel would be taking aim before the start of a shooter game so that you can… Read more »

Why do I have a funny feeling this is someone that actually ‘knows’ Kleya. O.o


i hope Kleya realizes not to take this too easy, the girl won all her fights that says something.