If The Virus is D, and if D does attack The Bandit it is not going to be pretty, then again if it works we get to see what Bloo…I mean Jane’s Special really does. The Build up is killing me!

“You can make me proud” No pressure there. >_> Considering that no one has been able to disable D, I don’t think it’s a wise move to assume you can hack other people without it catching you, especially if the person you are hacking has their own defenses, which Kleya clearly does. The fact that Bandit is worried means, to me, that no one has figured out how to reliably hack around it either. What kind of a line is that anyway? Make me proud? Don’t be a screw up like my son was? Is this a typical boss employee… Read more »

Oh, I know this song, it’s one of my favorites!

Interesting emphasis on “your.” Bandit is not Dr. Grace’s son… he’s somebody else’s son. Kleya would be too young, based on what we know about her age from the Kickstarter. Is Bandit Kleya’s brother, perhaps? (I’m really talking about Bandit’s user and Dr. Grace’s user, not their Game characters.) But in any case, how could a virus in the Game cause damage to a user in Reality? Would it only be a risk to those with some kind of neural implant? BTW, it would be nice if there were more character pages, even if they only provide tag links to… Read more »

Sometimes in cyberpunk fiction there is this thing called black ice, which harms people in the real world as well as the virtual world by providing too much feedback in the rea world.


Yeah, I’ve read plenty of William Gibson. I suppose putting in surge protection would slow down the hacker’s reflexes or something… Not a risk I’d want to take, but then I wouldn’t be in a hurry to put a live wire in my brain, either. I’m just not dedicated enough to be a “real” hacker, I guess. 😉


Oh, and the rest of the finalists must really be hoping Kleya wins this one. otherwise they get Bloody Jane for a leader, right? If TENka disqualifies her at this point, there are going to be a lot of unhappy contestants who lost to her earlier and might justly think their progress in the Trials could have been very different if she’d been eliminated earlier.


I love bloody mary’s design! Its really nice and creepy at the same time


Jeeze, Virus gives off major creepy vibes for me, that’d be scary to fight against in a game like this with some mysterious dark looking character, dark colors and face covered by messy hair just…standing there. I feel if one took their eyes off her for just a second she would do that typical ghost scare by appearing just slightly closer to you XD


“The old woman who swallowed a fly?” what’s the significance? Confusing choice of words is confusing.


They’re actually the first lyrics to a nursery rhyme. I can link you to the lyrics…
I’m not sure why she’s using this song in particular, but I guess it’s a little creepy that she’s reciting a random nursery rhyme, and the lyrics are actually a little bit gross(she swallows a spider, man. Ew.).


I wonder if it’s meant to be a threat since the next phrase in the song is “perhaps she’ll die”.


It won’t be a real threat until she brings out a horse.
She’s dead, of course.


Imagine if her special(four programs together) has some way of creating some of the creatures from the rhyme, putting them inside her opponent. That’d be some serious crazy voodoo. Take the first 4 for example…a cat to chase the bird, a bird to chase the spider, and a spider to catch the fly…not exactly four things I’d want to have inside me. Though this is a PG comic so…we’d only see them jump out of her mouth at most and somehow I don’t think that’ll be it…but the thought alone is creepy enough.


I love Kleya’s expression in the second to last panel. I can almost read her thoughts: “Your special takes wayy to long to activate.”

Also, great job with the Dr. Grace expression, Aneeka, it did exactly what you wanted it to do.


Jane isn’t activating a special. She started her nursery rhyme BEFORE the time-out was done


Isn’t that assuming that she needs the entirety of the nursery rhyme to activate the special? What if she only needs one small key phrase from it, a phrase that hasn’t been said yet. “I don’t know why she swallowed the fly, perhaps she’ll die” is the next part of it, which part do you want to bet triggers the special?


I have no clue what expression The Bandit is showing in panel 4.

But Dr. Grace’s expressions are perfect. And I never noticed before, but unlike off the shelf comics the bold words are not random and are used well.

Actually I think the seemingly random bolding in newspaper and many off the shelf comics is some sort of printing error. Yeah, I know, that ‘error’ seems to be in the exact same spot on every copy, until you find a new print edition of course. The biggest reason I think it has something to do with the printing though is that I deliver newspapers and since my local paper only runs 4 days a week two of the comics in it I read online, and I don’t hit that random bolding in the online editions, just the print editions.

I’m pretty sure the Bandit’s expression is saying something along the lines of “You *insert swearword of choice here*. I’d kill you if you weren’t my boss.”


I don’t know why… she swallowed that fly… perhaps she’ll die ^_^


it would be hilarious if the virus was the BLOBS lol ha ha ha


Just what kind of professional gamer is this, to wait out the special blackout when facing someone with an overpowered counterattack special?


Well, I know in at least one game system that had magical martial arts, they had relevant phrases of a poem included with each manuever of the powerful styles. Read the maneuvers in the right order, you get the entire poem, which is about the style’s concept.

It’s an in-theme thing to do for esoteric combat, anyway.


…and the plot gets an entire barrel of flour dumped on it.


Probably the virus is D. I think.


Meeep. We’d all heard that Bloo–err, Jane was kinda unstable, but the nursery rhyme just kicked the creepy-meter up a couple more notches.


Did Dr. Grace kill his family or am I reading too far between the lines?