‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 150


There's the missing component.

Speaking of components, I started a Kickstarter project to fund the printing of Book 1 and I'll need a whole lot of components (ie: you!) to make this work. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding site where small creators like me can pull off big dreams thanks to heroic people like you. You can read all the details here but basically I'm offering several rewards in exchange for your help, such as signed prints, personally sketched books, and even the chance to become a Blob (ie: background character) in the book!

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing site, though, so if we can't raise the funds within the given time limit then none of the rewards will happen and Book 1 will remain solely on the web. Sniff.

Regardless of what happens, I'd like to thank all my readers in advance for simply reading and letting me tell this story. The honor of being read is by far the coolest thing you guys are doing for me, so thanks!


It looks like The Bandit is falling for Kleya!
(…sorry I just couldn’t help myself)
good luck on your kickstarter!


=D Laughing so hard!


Well crap, it was the hands up afterall.


I’m gonna just have Kickstarter remind me when their’s a few days left, not sure if I’ll have enough money to spare for the $30 tier, but I hope I will and I’d rather wait till then to see if I’ll have enough money rather than have to withdraw my pledge if I don’t have enough at the time.


Yay! New Page also how nice works!


Cheating or no: this is HER game now!


Sneaky sneaky… 😀


Hmmmm, not quite sure what to expect, but I’ve got a feeling that he’s about to get whaled on.


Also, I’ve made a pledge on Kickstarter, it’s not very much, but depending on my finances later I’ll probably increase it. Also, you’re making great progress so far, kinda reminds me of how well TwoKinds has been doing on its campaign.


Hi there, Aneeka.

Been a long time reader, but I think this is the first time (in a while, probably) that I’ve left a comment. Loving the comic so far, so much that I’ve put in a donation on your Kickstarter project. Just a small token on my meagre budget.

Thanks heaps, and looking forward to more!


I guess Bandit will get hit by Nice because he was in contact with Kleya just before she hits the floor? And this time he’ll get it twice? Maybe we’ll finally find out what the second attack does, since Bandit’s whole purpose was to get hit so he could analyze the attack.

Interesting that Kleya thinks she only needs one Nice hands-up hit on him. She’s going to need a new Special after this, I think.

And seeing Bandit look confused and off-kilter really makes up for having to sit through his smug behavior before. 🙂


My, do i love this comic… even the fights aren’t just a display of strenght, tactical choices matter.

And it was nice to guess how te Special worked… it seems there is now a winner, in Karadan ^^


Woo, I called it! Hands up required for the stat damage!


Also called the ‘damage herself with the floor but do something to make it count as Bandit damaging her’. Sure, it was a last second prediction, but I got it. Now back to having no idea what is going to happen next 😛


That’s going to hurt… And inspire a lot of erotic fiction. I wonder if they have a forum for that on L.i.F.E.


Considering the implied society within L.i.F.E., There’s probably already in-universe forums discussing shipping between them. . . Especially since “The Bandit” and “Kat v7” are technically a form of fictional characters. (Or maybe I’m just reading a little too far into the universe to be making these assumptions. . .)


I’m thinking the ‘hand-up’ is more than just a gesture. Perhaps it makes her special think she’s not being aggressive, thus activating on the only other character that could have caused the damage.

that one guy

And then the bandit quickly catches her in his arms, holds her tight as he whispers in her ear “you lose” just as the time runs out on the clock… hmm, it’s not as hard to write fan-fiction, as I thought it would be.


Write fanfiction isn’t hard at all. Writing good fanfiction… well, that’s for the masses to decide.


All the pink-haired ladies put yo hands up! (Hands up!)
All the pink-haired ladies put yo hands up! (Hands up!)


I now have that Beyonce song stuck in my head and wondering about parodying it.

Oh man! I should have got that one: I noticed the hands and wondered about them before this, but I thought Kleya was just taking precautions to make sure she didn’t accidentally hurt her opponents. Also, being hilariously and insufferably smug by giving her opponents a ‘free shot’ (for the record, I’m pretty sure she’s being doing that second one the whole time as well). Also, I want to give credit to Aneeka for proving that she has absolutely no intentions of turning this into a magical hacker story (in such dramatic fashion, too!). Testing whether her hands are up… Read more »

I absolutely LOVE the face she has. You can tell, she plans to really win and win hard!


So Great!


Ooh, I just realized something.

Kleya isn’t just gonna get hurt by the floor.

She’s gonna get hurt when Bandit falls on her as well!

Stig Hemmer

The big hit here isn’t Kat hitting the floor, it is the Bandit landing on top of her. And that hit will certainly be scored as from him to her.


I bought into Kickstarter! Spread the word guys!

And go Kleya! Use that knowledge advantage!


Thats the most smug look I’ve ever seen for someone about to go face first into the floor.


My oh my! I just started reading your comic when my day got dull today. I don’t usually go for graphic stories, but gracious, you’re comic is so good!! Original, well drawn, funny, and downright awesome! Man, this is one of the best! I can’t wait until the next chapter. 🙂


Just read this comic in a couple of hours; it’s awesome.


Hmmmm, like I worried the Kickstarter things seem to be stagnating. Hopefully it revs up, 200 a day will not do.

You might want to try pre-orders instead if this doesn’t work out Aneeka.

Until then let’s try to get more people interested in this comic!