Smart move. 😀


Hm. I hope Kleya can keep her temper. I think Bandit is going to try to provoke her into giving him information.


D*** information, Bandit is trying to provoke her into taking a swing at him.


He doesn’t need to do anything, he’s done damage, just run out the time and the person with the least damage probably wins.

Tim C

I think it still goes to a vote at the end, regardless of health state.

Any of The Bandit’s fans who haven’t seen Kleya’s fights are probably going to be confused why he isn’t attacking, but Kleya would still lose the vote if it came to that.


I love the Bandit’s reaction to NICE. The look on his face is priceless!


And now I wonder… how do facial expressions make it into L.i.F.e. and the Game? A headset provides input to the player, but is there also a camera on the player’s facial expression? (How would it see the eyes with the headset on over them?) Muscle movement sensors?

I suppose this is another of those areas of detail that really aren’t important to the story… I just can’t help wondering. 😉


Actually, from what we’ve seen so far, it’s a full sensory perception emulator (the player sees, feels, hears, smells, and tastes anything that they do in the game), which would mean that the “controller” taps into a major nerve cluster, or even the brain itself, and intercepts all the electric signals the brain sends to the body while simulating the signals that the body would send back to the brain. In this way, their body is replaced by their in-game avatar. Does this make sense now?


That just reminded me of Tsukasa. Poor girl, trapped in boy’s body in a game controlled by an AI going slightly crazy that no-one even knows exists as a part of the core code of the game.

If anyone here even knows who I’m talking about, and what setting it’s from, I’d be very shocked.

Eddie Striker

Ah, I miss .HACK…Kleya IS kind of a dead ringer for Tsukasa, now that you mention it.


It makes sense, but it doesn’t match what we’ve been told about the interfaces so far. There might be a full brain interface in use, and Bandit, as a TENka employee, would likely have it, but that doesn’t explain how other players’ expressions get transmitted. Mina and Annie (formerly blob # whatever) are both described as having headsets. We even see a (somewhat blurry) screenshot of the one Annie is using.


Very awesome comic. Just found it, and it’s going under bookmarks.

Sir Read-a-Lot

There’s something amazingly funny about the onomatopoeia “Hrk!”


That’s what he gets for having a SIGHT stat of 20.


And now The Bandit is starting to learn why you should be careful what you wish for.

Walter Luís de Azevedo Sabino
Walter Luís de Azevedo Sabino

I’m starting to like this guy Bandit.. He looks cool.. :O

But, of course, I’m cheering for Kleya.. Go Kleya! \o/


Another priceless reaction from the antagonists.


Not really an antagonist, I feel like bandit is more of an anti-hero. I just get the feeling that at some point or another he and kleya are going to end up working together towards a common goal


If she’s who he a certain villain thinks she is, and I suspect so, then they have worked together in the past. Of course, that means there is a possibility of her converting him from the dark side.

Sir Read-a-Lot

I only just remembered that he’s already seen the special – he’s faking his reaction.

Still priceless.


I don’t think he is faking it. Aneeka mentioned in the comments that it is “worse up close”. I bet he really is shocked by it.


So, by nice, I have to wonder if a well placed insult can set off Kleya’s special.

“That insult wasn’t nice!” *thwock!*


That would be hilarious.

Tim C

Only if it does damage. I wonder if insults do emotional damage.


Of course they do! gosh you’re so mean!(wait, is that an insult?) lol, j/k…I know you mean in-game…and of course in this situation the bandit covered up his insult with a very polite response(even praise if you will, faked or otherwise)…I’m guessing his plan is to try to get her to take a swing at him….could be interesting.

Squire James

I’d be pretty surprised if Kleya didn’t set up some kind of contingency in case someone actually followed the summoned critter’s directive. Not having such a plan would make her both a poor hero AND a poor villain, and I bet she’s not both!


Everyone, let’s all be nice! ^_^
Can’t wait to see more of the story!