A Person Am I

You know,I really hope Dr. Grace isn’t serious (althought, as far as I can tell, he always is), because the Dude is great! Can’t wait to see the vote incentive!

This may be in part to the feeling of deja vu I’m having… he is SO MUCH like certain aspects of myself and people I know…


If The Dude is fired, does that mean he is dropped from the Game? If so, wouldn’t that make Danni number 5?


Nah, he probably is fired from their organization, not official GAME. As he stated “Hey, we’re already in.”.
He just doesn’t want to be the leader.


Brandon is such a DUDE name. Nice. Now I am singing the “The Brad Song” in my head.

I wonder if Brad’s being fired means we will never see him again, or if he will join Kat’s group of friends/allies or something.


Haha! Dr. Grace’s face is so great!


fired…. as in firing squad.


Wins when he has too and loses when he doesn’t need to win. Pretty laid back. Someone who holds back and doesn’t reveal everything in his first hand can be much more dangerous than people realize.


This is a bit late, but does anyone agree the ballerina didn’t have what it takes to hack it as a TV personality?

I mean I’m not saying she can’t learn, just that her desperation to win wasn’t creative enough in it’s energetic output.


Basically I’m saying she’s better off with Kat if Kat is actually able to send her money.

Anyway, this Dude seems way cool.


His employment at TENka (or lack thearof) shouldn’t impact weather or not he gets to play the game unless TENka owns his avatar. Still, losing his backer (who probably either do his art or make his specials) could very well be a primary cause for getting booted OUT of the game at a later date.


I’m officially starting “The Dude Fanclub”. Now recruiting!


Count me in!

A Person Am I

This comment is my application. Go team Dude!

Alex C

Me too!


Sorry, can’t be a fan of someone I’ve only seen in two pages.


So I’ve read most of the comment sections pretty throughly and I don’t recall Kleya ever getting a shout out for joining her fanclub…yet “The Dude” gets one in 2 pages, and several responses. Interesting indeed.


Some people are just that awesome.

Srsly though: don’t you feel some resonance/identification with this character?
I know I definitely don’t like taking on responsibility unless necessary.


That last panel made me laugh out loud. I love it.


How in the name of the beholder do they do that with their fingers!!?? O.o


LOL! Well, they don’t have any joints there…


Do not try to bend the fingers, that’s impossible. Instead, Only, try to realize the truth…..that there are no fingers.


The fingers are pressing against a “touchscreen” that only that player can see. Push your fingertips up against a solid surface, such as two buttons on your keyboard, and you’ll see that it’s not that hard to get them to bend that way.


i think the dude is awesome lol i hope he becomes a welcome addition to Kleya’s small group of allies


Clearly someone needs to do better checks on the user profiles before hiring.


Dang, we have just seen the comics most passive agressive character to date.


Erm… so passive I don’t really see the agressive side…


There has to be some agressive, how in the world would he have gotten that far otherwise.


Sweet comic so far, reminds me of .hack//sign a little, also mystic revolution another web comic taking place in VR gaming.
Keep up the great work your bookmarked now :D.


Darn, I was kind of expecting he had a anti-special special. That would have been the only way to beat Kleya: she’s not so great in hand to hand combat. Well, she could still figure out a way to exploit you, I guess.


Eeegh, that -would- be horrific for her. I hope later on when more specials are allowed she’s smart enough to make an anti-anti-special special…


The redundancy @.@