well thats nice you wanna give all you money to Danni…
but what about the 1000($?) you “stole” from Mina for that voice upgrade.


Well, she did say ‘extra’ money. Presumably repaying comes first.


hm, to me it sounds like Mina considers that a retroactive investment that gives her an opportunity to share in Kleya’s success. I am guessing that is the form she would want restitution to take… provided that Kleya keeps winning.

Fire Hazard

“Retroactive Investment.” Best Phrase Ever.

I think Mina might feel a bit left out if Kleya gives Danni *all* the money. If she finds out, that is. Isn’t Mina trying to support a family by singing, including a sister who’s crippled in Reality? Could enough money get someone out there to pick the family up and bring them to a City? And I’m not sure how Danni will feel about taking the money after a while. But it’s a good hook for now. Poor Bandit. Looks like Dr. Grace is speeding up his confrontation with Kleya. I thought he was supposed to be patient? I… Read more »

That was something I thought of, too – Kleya just giving the Game-earned money to Danni. But would she accept it?


Intuition jump: he wants her to become the leader, to catch her red handed as it were..


i think the fact that kleya is willing to think about helping out Danni shows that she feels bad, and its a good start. Im sure she is goin to pay Mina back as well.

i love how this story isnt black and white, its about choice and what happens after that. Its almost like real life lol no pun lol


“That would make everything better, right?” It’s such a simple minded thought from such a clever person. She must be really desperate to make amends.

Tim C
Yes and no. It’s a totally reasonable thought, given Kleya’s character. Maybe I’m projecting too much, but I think Kleya is slightly autistic. She’s a genius with computers, but avoids people and avoids noise. She’s very good at making calculations based on facts and considering hard evidence (“If they get the code, they’ll know it’s me”), but not so great at accounting for people’s feelings. In this case, she considers the fact that Danni needs money to stay in LiFe, but doesn’t consider the hurt she inflicted by knocking Danni out the way she did. Again, maybe I’m projecting, but… Read more »

I’m not so sure its as simple as that. To me, it almost seems like she wants it to be enough. But that look on her face almost makes me think that she knows its a simple and naive thought, and that in order to make things right again will take more than just money.


Actually I’m thinking that he’s holding back Bandit so he doesn’t get killed by Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary is a brutal opponent afterall, and putting Kleya against her might make it too intense so that she has to hack if she wants to take the leader position.


See, being selfish does have it’s benefits.


uhhh…im i the only one who sees the people giving the nazi salute to the leader on the first box?


What has been seen cannot be unseen…


omg…im marked for life…lol


No one is asking the obvious:
What happens if/when Bandit forfits?

obviously, his opponent moves up 😛 but who is that? For some reason, I’m recalling it as Danni… which would make things… _quite_ a bit more interesting

Tim C

The Bandit’s spot is guaranteed already, as is Kleya’s. If he loses (he won’t forfeit), he loses his chance at becoming Leader.


I absolutely love how Kleya looks in panel 4, her feelings show through really well there.


Aneeka, you get MASSIVE high-fives for this comic right here.