‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 129


The dialogue in the circles is from Dr. Grace - he's continuing his speech from the previous page.Β  It'll be more obvious in book form.


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Why Kleya? Because you are trying to be someone you want to be at the expense of being the person that you are.


‘Just like…’
Being a bad [s]guy[/s] girl, being a prick, a treacherous non-friend, a selfish person.

Thats right Kleya, you have once again become A VILLIAN.

Except that you now know and feel the difference, and just maybe knowing and feeling that is what makes the difference…


There are no heroes, only villains.


“Even villians are the heroes of their own tales and…” something something something. I don’t remember the rest.


I’m beginning to think Kleya used to work for these guys. They trained and usd her for purposes…. and then she tried to quit. Like the Mafia….. that doesn’t normally happen.


Ah the Guilt…


It’s rather depressing to know that Kleya would do such a thing, yet a complete mystery how she is going to redeem herself. I think that Kleya’s redemption from this would make her a hero.


Redeem herself in whose eyes? Danni’s? Her own? Ours?
Heroes are created by other people. Those who seek to be heroes, never become them.

That one guy

Do I smell some backstory? πŸ˜€


Oh man, Danni voted out. πŸ™ Not that I can claim to be surprised. Too late for Kleya to forfeit now, I assume.


I really hate her right now.


Know what? I like Kleya better this way. It just shows that she is as much human as we are. Not like all the other clichè stories where the main character is perfect and all.
In order to achieve our goals, things get in our way. This time, Kleya herself is the obstacle.


That’s one of my favorite things about this story. She’s just as human as we are, and things get in the way of her trying to redeem herself- including herself. One of the many reasons why this is my favorite webcomic ever. For all the sci-fi aspects, it’s quite realistic when it comes to the people involved.


The past is gone and cannot be changed. All that one can do, is move forward. What will you do now, Kleya? Along what path will you walk?


When prize money is involved, nothing says the winner has to keep it, though.

Tim C


I like the dramatic effect of just having Kleya hear about it, without being able to see Danni’s reaction, and being in total isolation as she realizes. Solid writing (as always).

On the art side, I’m not sure what the intent of the effect of showing Danni’s outline through Kat’s “hands” is, but it’s an interesting effect.


It’s an after image of the shocked look Danni had when Kleya defeated her. She’s remembering it and feeling guilty. It works as is but she may be relating to an expression a similar person made when Kleya did something to her…

Squire James
I imagine Danni has some extra trauma involved here, since most of her RL problems are movement-related, and she LOST from being unable to move. I imagine it didn’t occur to Kleya at all that they would have to fight each other like this. She probably planned to be undefeated so she could safely throw a game to Danni, and/or meet her higher in the brackets when the contest didn’t matter as much. As for “too late to withdraw”, I’m not sure what the rules are on someone who withdraws entirely from the contest this late. Such an action may… Read more »